Class Overview
Name: Offical Name Pending
Designation: Z/URS-001
Manufacturer: Ursini
Service Numbers
Active: >1
Destroyed: >6
Technical Specifications
Function: Warship
Secondary Systems: Stasis Pod
For websites with more information: Stargate Wiki

Originally encountered by the Destiny Expedition, little about this class is known. From what little operational knowledge is know about it, it appears to be akin to a frigate-class warship in terms of capabilities, though it seems to one of the few classes (or at least the largest) class fielded by the Ursini. Evidence to back this up is found in only 6 of them have ever been seen (all disabled and holed), though they may have survived what totally obliterated smaller craft. They are primarily used to combat Berzerker drones and drone carriers, and are assessed as having the ability to survive an atmospheric entry.

They have been encountered only in distant galaxies, far along Destiny's path, and therefore are unlikely to reach Earth.

Basic SpecificationsEdit

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