Class Overview
Name: Nakai Fighter
Designation: Z/NAK-002
Manufacturer: Nakai
Service Numbers
Active: Unknown
Destroyed: Dozens
Technical Specifications
Function: Fighter/Shuttle
Size: Length: 60 Feet
Width: 30 Feet
Height: ~15 Feet
Standard Compliment: Unknown
Shield Generators: Nakai Shielding Generator
Armaments: 2 Energy Cannons
Carried By: Z/NAK-001 Nakai Fighter Carrier
Secondary Systems: Distress Beacon
Hull Breaching Apparatus
Stasis Pod (Possibly)
For websites with more information: Stargate Wiki

Initially encountered by the Destiny Expedition. This craft has been found both operating alone, and in large numbers. Whilst it appears to be the primary fighter craft of the Nakai, it also appears to serve as both their boarding craft and shuttles, several having deployed boarding teams aboard the Destiny.

It is unique amongst fighter craft (and shuttles) in that it carries shielding, where many fighter craft do not. The Z/NAK-002, when not operating alone, is usually found deploying from a fighter carrier. In addition, while it is unknown if the fighter is capable of FTL (faster-than-light) on it's own, it is capable of surviving exit from an FTL stream and emerging intact from this, rather than being destroyed like many other craft.

Due to the nature of some of it's missions, the fighter appears to be able to operate for extended periods without resupply, as evidenced by a fighter hanging onto the Destiny for quite some time, without being detected or being resupplied.

If the fighter is capable of FTL, than both it, and the carrier are capable of intergalactic travel, allowing them to pose a (very distant) threat to Earth.

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