Class Overview
Name: Troop Transport
Designation: Z/GOA-009
Manufacturer: System Lords, Free Jaffa Nation, Lucian Alliance
Service Numbers
Active: Unknown
Destroyed: >1
Technical Specifications
Function: Troop Transport
Standard Compliment: Unknown
Hull: Naqudah
Shield Generators: None
Sensor System: Unknown
Targeting System: Unknown
Countermeasures: Unknown
Armaments: Unknown
Aircraft Carried: None
Carried By: Z/GOA-001 (Possibly)
For websites with more information: Stargate Wiki

The Z/GOA-009 Troop Transport lacks an official name and has only been seen a handful of times by members of the Stargate Program. Among these are the invasion of Abydos by the System Lord Anubis' forces, the invasion of the Icarus Base by the Lucian Alliance, and an attack on a Tok'Ra base.

Little is known about their capabilities, other than that they can withstand a FIM-92 Stinger missile strike. Their transport capabilities are unknown, but they seem to be able to transport at least a company of Jaffa troopers in full battle armor.

System Lords / Free Jaffa Nation / Lucian Alliance
Capitol Ship Classes
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Warships: Z/GOA-007 "Cheops" Warship | Z/G-012 Battleship
Escort Classes
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Bomber: Z/GOA-003 "Alkesh" Bomber | Z/GOA-004B Tel'Tak/Al'kesh Mix
Auxiliary Craft
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Orbital Platforms: Z/GOA-006 "AG-3" Weapons System | Z/GOA-010 "Hasara" Orbital Platform
Emergency Craft: Z/GOA-005 Escape Pod

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