Transport Pod Train
Class Overview
Name: Transport Pod
Designation: Z/GOA-008
Preceded By: Z/GOA-004 "Tel'Tak"
Manufacturer: System Lords, Free Jaffa Nation, Lucian Alliance
Service Numbers
Active: Unknown
Destroyed: >4
Technical Specifications
Function: Transport Supplement
Size: Length: ~30 Meters
Width: ~20 Meters
Height: 10-12 Meters
Standard Compliment: None
Hull: Naqudah Composite
Shield Generators: None
Armaments: None
Aircraft Carried: None
Carried By: Z/GOA-001 "Ha'Tak"
Z/GOA-003 "Al'Kesh"
Z/GOA-004 "Tel'Tak"
Secondary Systems: Energy Coupling
Limited Life Support
Sublight Speed: Variable
FTL Speed: Variable
For websites with more information: Stargate Wiki

The transport pod is a simple box with minor life support, used for the transportation of bulk quantities of cargo. Used by the Goa'uld System Lords to transport slaves, naqudah ingots, and other resources they are now used by both the Free Jaffa Nation and the Lucian Alliance. Use by the Free Jaffa Nation entails, primarily, use for hauling naquadah ore and ingots to and from their planets, as well as resources being exported to Earth; whilst use by the Lucian Alliance entails primarily the shipping of slaves and drugs.

The pods are equipped with an energy coupling system designed to allow a number of these pods to be "strapped" together to form a chain, allowing for even larger quantities of cargo to be hauled, all of these powered by the vessel leading the train.

A number of these pods have been assault by special operations teams from the SGC to weaken the Lucian Alliance and/or sabotage unfriendly factions in the Free Jaffa Nation. Some discussion has been made of trading for some from the FJN for use by the Stargate Program for resupply.

Basic SpecificationsEdit


  • Length: ~30 Meters
  • Width: ~20 Meters
  • Height: 10-12 Meters

Crew ComplimentEdit

  • Minimum: None
  • Standard: None
    • Crew of lead vessel not counted towards Z/GOA-008 crew
  • Maximum: Dozens/Hundreds?

Hull CompositionEdit

  • Naquadah Composite


  • Energy Coupling
  • Limited Life Support
System Lords / Free Jaffa Nation / Lucian Alliance
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