AG-3 Satellite Array
Class Overview
Name: AG-3 Weapons System
Designation: Z/GOA-006
Preceded By: Z/ANC-008 (Assumed)
Manufacturer: System Lords
Service Numbers
Active: Unknown
Destroyed: Unknown
Technical Specifications
Function: Automated Defense System
Standard Compliment: Zero (Automated)
Hull: Naqudah Composite
Shield Generators: Advanced Goa'uld Shield Generator
Sensor System: Advanced Goa'uld Sensor System
Targeting System: Advanced Goa'uld Targeting System
Countermeasures: Self-Defense Protocole
Armaments: Goa'uld Plasma Cannon
For websites with more information: Stargate Wiki

The AG-3 Weapons System was intended to be an automated system, but, apparently, has a system to allow it to be manually overridden for use against non-threatening targets. Due to the automated nature of the system, it will search for priority targets matching it's parameters before moving on to smaller lower-priority targets. A single AG-3 is capable of destroying a Z/GOA-001 "Ha'Tak Mothership" within a single volley, while a single array of six is capable of leveling a city of the same size as Moscow in 2001.

It is unknown how many, if any, were ever built, though due to the nature of the defensive system around one of the System Lord Ra's supply caches, it can be assumed that several have been built, though it is unconfirmed. It appears that the designs have not made it to the Lucian Alliance or the Free Jaffa Nation, making the ones currently in existence (if any) the last of their kind. However, due to the nature of the original designer, Ra, (who is known to have had a captive ancient or two), it is possible that the design incorporates limited Lantean technology.

The name "AG-3" stands for Anti-Goa'uld, as they were originally seen by Doctor Daniel Jackson (USG) is a vision shown to him by an ascended human child with mixed Goa'uld DNA.


For information relating to plans to deploy the Z/GOA-006 over Earth, see Terran Orbital Defense Network.

An array of 288 would be sufficient enough to surround the Earth (or a similar sized planet) with sufficient coverage from the satellites with overlapping fields of fire in order to assist in overwhelming attackers. They are capable of being remote-controlled, though in standard mode will automatically attack unknown vessels, usually alone, though in groups for a sufficiently high priority (or a particular stubborn opponent). The remote controlled version will deploy as many as needed to deal with their assigned task. They are capable of sweeping a satellite or ICBM from the sky, or leveling an entire city.

Basic SpecificationsEdit

Crew ComplimentEdit

  • Minimum: None (Automated)
  • Standard: None (Automated)
  • Maximum: One (Director)


  • Unknown

Power PlantEdit

  • Heavy liquid Naqudah Reactor

Hull CompositionEdit

  • Naqudah Composite

Sensor SystemEdit

  • Advanced Goa'uld Sensors
    • Assumed to be upgraded with Lantean technology

Defensive SystemsEdit

  • Advanced Goa'uld Shielding
    • Assumed to be upgraded with Lantean technology


Other SystemsEdit

  • Remote Override
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