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Jackson Class
Class Overview
Name: Jackson
Designation: Z/ASG-003
Succeeded By: Z/ASG-002 "O'Neill" Class
Manufacturer: Asgard
Service Numbers
Active: Unknown
Destroyed: >1
Technical Specifications
Function: Battleship/Science Vessel
Size: Length: 1,000 Meters
Width: 800 Meters
Height: 300 Meter
Standard Compliment: Minimum: One
Standard: One (+Risa Clones)
Hull: Naqudah/Carbon/Trinium Composite
Shield Generators: Asgard Shielding System
Sensor System: Asgard Scientific Sensor Array
Targeting System: Asgard Targeting Array
Countermeasures: Explosion Suppression System
Armaments: Ion Cannon Array
Aircraft Carried: Shuttlecraft
Secondary Systems: Asgard Survey System
Cloning System
Asgard Database
Stasis Pods
Transporter Array
For websites with more information: Stargate Wiki

The Z/ASG-003 "Jackson" class is the standard science and survey vessel of the Asgard. It is named after the Asgard vessel the Daniel Jackson, named in honor of Doctor Daniel Jackson.

Basic SpecificationsEdit


  • Length: 1,000 Meters
  • Width: 800 Meters
  • Height: 300 Meters

Crew ComplimentEdit

  • Minimum: One
  • Standard: One (+Risa Clones)
  • Maximum: Hundreds


  • Asgard Sublight Engines
  • Asgard Hyperspace Engines

Power PlantEdit

  • Neutrino-ion generator

Hull CompositionEdit

  • Naqudah/Carbon/Trinium Composite

Defensive SystemsEdit

  • Asgard Shielding Array
  • Explosion Suppression System

Sensor SystemEdit

  • Asgard Survey System
  • Asgard Scientific Sensor Array


  • Ion Cannon Array

Auxillary CraftEdit

  • Shuttlecraft

Other SystemsEdit

  • Cloning System
  • Asgard Database
  • Stasis Pods
  • Transporter Array

Known VesselsEdit

  • Daniel Jackson
    • Thor's Vessel
  • Unknown
    • Loki's Vessel

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