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Werewolf Special Operations Group
Werewolf Patch
Commander: Sub-Commander Alain Menochet
Imperial Brotherhood
Headquarters: Unknown
Size: Unknown, Estimated Around 500
Parent Unit: Imperial Brotherhood
Established: Unknown, Possibly Established Around 2024
Status: Active

Very little is actually known about the Imperial Brotherhood Special Operations Group known as "Werewolf", and it's existence was only known after it's commander, Alain Menochet, was captured during a raid conducted by Stargate Command Team 13 and Stargate Command Team 18 in late 2024. However, what is known suggests that this unit is effectively a "Tier One"-equivalent unit, and eschews the normal Brotherhood practices of terrorism and indiscriminate warfare in favor of tactics practiced by NATO units. This is not considered much of a surprise, as Sub-Commander Menochet has been known to reject the Brotherhood's tactics, and as a former high ranking member of France's special forces community, he carried over much of his experience and training from his previous command.

Information gathered is still scarce, but what was confirmed is that the unit is primarily comprised of former NATO personnel who had defected to the Tau'ri Rebellion and Imperial Brotherhood, with evidence suggesting that former Lucian Alliance personnel are barred from joining, though nothing is known about allowing anyone from the former Royal People's Alliance. Due to the hazy nature of it's existence, there is no confirmation of their size or chain of command. Werewolf personnel have been observed utilizing equipment much like their Earth-based counterparts, including a copy of the American Future Force Warrior equipment that has yet to be investigated to determine it's origin or capabilities.

So far, the unit's activities have been unconfirmed, but it has been suggested that it is highly likely that Task Force 571 may have encountered them more than once and may continue to do so.

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