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Classification: Humanoid
Place of Origin: Katon Minor, M-100 Galaxy
Variants: Unknown
Status: Alive
Societal Information
Technological Level: Space Faring
Goverment: Unknown (Theorized: Republic)

The Voroth are a cybernetic species that dominate the Triangulum Galaxy. Their goal is to dominate the entire Galaxy and to destroy those who oppose them. They are half humanoid and half machine. Depending on what they are designed for they could have weapons built on to their arms.

The original Voroth were similar to humans in many ways. They never had any augmentations and were a peaceful people. They originated from Katon Minor in the M-100 Galaxy (Wikipedia) located in the constellation Coma Berenices (Wikipedia). However during the war with their sworn enemy the Shadows, many Voroth were taken and in the course of ten years were transformed in to what they are today.

Before the ShadowsEdit

The Voroth were a peaceful, technologically advance race, equally to or less advanced that the Lanteans, except they haven't discover the ability to ascend. They were considered higher beings, because of their knowledge and their technological superiority. Many races in M-100 Galaxy considered the Voroth the Ancients, in their perspective, as the Tau'ri consider the Lanteans the Ancients as well.

It is also believed that the Voroth are more Ancient than they appear. They have left a mark of their own in the Triangulum Galaxy, their Stargate on Katon Minor being the only Stargate capable of intergalactic travel, especially to Triangulum Galaxy. Their existence in the Triangulum Galaxy is unknown, why they were there or why they had left. Could be the possibility that they have seen numerous races at a technological stage that the Voroth wish to not intervene. Exact reason is unknown.

None the less, the Voroth continued the exploration of their own galaxy, exploring planets that they had yet set foot on. Upon further exploration, the Voroths stepped on a planet in which they called X-221, later renamed to the Shadows Prison. They stumbled upon an entrance to a underground temple, where curiosity got the better of them, they ignored any and all warnings left behind by another race. The group of Voroth continued to explore the underground temple until they reached a room in the very center of the temple, that was enormous, despite the temple appearing to be nothing bigger than upside down pyramid, of the largest pyramid in Egypt. And in this room, is a huge door that had a strange aura feeling around it.

Despite there being more warnings inscribed on the walls, the group didn't waste any time opening the massive door by solving the puzzles and engaging the mechanism that was strong enough to open it. They will soon learn that opening this door was the biggest mistake in their entire lives. The moment the door was open wide enough, swarm after swarm of shadow entities emerged from behind the door and flooded the room. The Voroth group tried to escape but were consumed and corrupted.

Immediately the Shadows spread throughout the M-100 Galaxy, taking control of any organic humanoid they came across. When the Voroth realized that they had done, they were forced to fight and kill their own kind, and the residence of the galaxy that they had sworn to protect. Unable to return to the Shadows Prison, in order to find the secrets in how to reseal the Shadows, due to it being the number one source of where the Shadows were emerging from, the Voroth diverted all their resources from medical, and scientific technology to offensive and defensive technology, in hopes they can fight the Shadows all the way back to the Shadows Prison, so they could reverse what they had done.

But the Shadows, in entity form, were unbeatable. When inside a host, it was either let the host live, controlled by a Shadow, or kill the host and kill the Shadow. Over the years, the Voroth were losing control of worlds, outposts, and bases. And over those years, the Shadows spread further into the M-100 Galaxy, all the way to the Voroth's Homeworld, Katon Minor. Here, the Voroth made their last stand, throwing everything they had created against the Shadows, but it wasn't enough.

In hopes to save their culture, their history and as many of their kind as possible, a team of fifty Voroth stayed behind defending a base that held their own Stargate Program, and send hundreds of their kind through the Stargate. Where they were sent? Not even the fifty Voroth knew, as they were afraid that if they knew where the survivors of their race went, the Shadow would follow. So the last Voroth with the knowledge of the survivors destination went through the Stargate, and the remaining fifty Voroth destroyed every computer and database, so that the address that was used for the survivors, would never be found. It was their last chance in order to save their kind, in hopes that they can rebuild, and fix the mess they created.

After the ShadowsEdit

The Shadows gained control of the entire M-100 Galaxy, as well as its population. There were more entities of the Shadows held inside the temple at Shadows Prison. The entities seemed to never stop growing, which was most likely the reason why they were sealed away, in fear that there was no way in destroying them, or there was but finding it would take too long.

The Voroth-Shadow Controlled, restored the base that held their Stargate Program. The destruction of the computers and databases were successful in removing the address in which the Voroth survivors used to escape. But even then, the Voroth soon restored their Stargate Program, and began their assault on the Triangulum Galaxy.

Survivors of the Shadow WarEdit

The Voroth Survivors of the Shadow War now reside NGC 3031 (Wikipedia) or also known as, Bode's Galaxy.


Not Entirely Accepted as Canon.

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