So, although it's doubtful anyone cares, I'm stuck in what is not my hometown. It's a town I officially hate. But, there you have it. Which ruins my plans on having a server up for SG:TNG within the few months.

So, on that note, we're stuck with this wiki. Which has served us well. *Pats wiki* It's done very well. And I'm now in the process of uploading all the old chapters & missions I haven't had time to do, & hopefully will have time to format them all. If not, I'm looking for volunteers. Which I doubt anyone wants to. But, again, volunteers.

On other notes, I may be busier than usual, as I'm about to be laid off, and have to look for a job; in a town with a very poor job market. But, I've got over a year at my current company, so... there's that.

Yeah, 'nough rambling. Also, ideas for the new Atlantis Expedition operation would be lovely.

Karl "13621" Mjolnir
23:55 (GMT-8), Saturday, June 8th, 2013

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