So, hello and welcome to my blog. Some of you may know me as "Karl" or "Asid", or "13621". I am all of those. And I am more. Or less. Depends on your point of view. Anywho! Yes, this is a place, akin to on the forums, where I will lay out questions, comments, or concerns I might have, in hopes of obtaining answers. Or at least input. Please, as a staff member who puts his heart and sou-Oh, wait, I lack those. Drats. Hmm... let me think. As a staff member who puts his lif-wait, too overdramatic. As a staff member who cares about SG:TNG, I will ask for input. Please, give! Thank you! Please check regularly! AND PLEASE VOTE ONLY ONCE PER POLL! Thank you.

<poll> New Sim(s) Based Around Aliens? YES! NO! Depends, what type of aliens? </poll>

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