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    Stuck in Town

    June 9, 2013 by 13621

    So, although it's doubtful anyone cares, I'm stuck in what is not my hometown. It's a town I officially hate. But, there you have it. Which ruins my plans on having a server up for SG:TNG within the few months.

    So, on that note, we're stuck with this wiki. Which has served us well. *Pats wiki* It's done very well. And I'm now in the process of uploading all the old chapters & missions I haven't had time to do, & hopefully will have time to format them all. If not, I'm looking for volunteers. Which I doubt anyone wants to. But, again, volunteers.

    On other notes, I may be busier than usual, as I'm about to be laid off, and have to look for a job; in a town with a very poor job market. But, I've got over a year at my current company, so... ther…

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    Deep Thoughts 2.0

    December 6, 2012 by 13621

    I am considering both adding the USS John Paul Jones and Task Force 571 to the main page (but under a section titled "side sims"), under the proviso that they are, in one sense, a sim!

    However, to do that, they'd both need to more active, and have more oversight. Hrm. And also probably need to be given their own little section on the forums to make them fit in better and stand out more. Hrm.

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    Deep, Random, Thoughts

    October 17, 2012 by 13621

    So, hello and welcome to my blog. Some of you may know me as "Karl" or "Asid", or "13621". I am all of those. And I am more. Or less. Depends on your point of view. Anywho! Yes, this is a place, akin to on the forums, where I will lay out questions, comments, or concerns I might have, in hopes of obtaining answers. Or at least input. Please, as a staff member who puts his heart and sou-Oh, wait, I lack those. Drats. Hmm... let me think. As a staff member who puts his lif-wait, too overdramatic. As a staff member who cares about SG:TNG, I will ask for input. Please, give! Thank you! Please check regularly! AND PLEASE VOTE ONLY ONCE PER POLL! Thank you.

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