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USS Tria
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Aurora Class-class (Z/ANC-002)
Nationality: American
Status: In Service
In Service: 2018 - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: Battleship
Task Force: Second Fleet
Ship Crew Information
Lieutenant Colonel Steven O'Neil
United States Air Force
Crew Complement: 250
Type: Inactive Sim

The USS Tria is an Aurora-class Lantean Battle Cruiser operated by the United States Air Force and currently under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Steven O'Neil of the United States Air Force. Currently the Tria is assigned to began long term survey and possible occupations of an ancient outpost in the Pegasus Galaxy that it discovered. It is a sister ship of the USS Trevithan and the Helios.


Found abandoned by an Atlantis team during an off-world, the United States decided to salvage it to make it able to used again as a battle cruiser to aid Atlantis. Originally going to be named the USS Merlin it was changed at the last minute to Tria after one of the previous Aurora-class ships that had been met when the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge was in its first building stages.


Originally led by Colonel Moros Williams, the ship served in a rather unimpressive light, leading to his reassignment to the Atlantis-Pegasus Command, while command of the vessel fell to Lieutenant Colonel Will Johnsten.

After the death of their last Lieutenant Colonel Will Johnsten, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Lennox was given command of the vessel in 2021 and but by the early of 2022 the ship was reassigned to the 1st Pegasus Research Task Force and was stationed for a long term survey of an Ancient Outpost. Lennox was reassigned to become Antarctic Outpost Commander.

Following Colonel Lennox's reassignment the XO, Major Steven O'Neil was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and made 'acting' Commanding Officer. In late 2023 the Tria returned to Earth for reassignment, only to be set to join the Second Joint Expeditionary Fleet headed back to Pegasus. At this time O'Neil was made full Commanding Officer.


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The USS Tria is named for the Tria, a Lantean Aurora Class vessel that was damaged in the Milky Way Galaxy on a return trip from dropping a load of refugees on Earth. Damaged, but determined to continue heading to Atlantis for another load, the ship proceeded at sublight to attempt to reach it's destination, while attempting to fix their hyperdrive. However, due to the relativistic effects of the ship approaching the speed of light, the ship's crew were still alive when they stumbled across the USS Daedalus conducting an inspection of the incomplete Midway Station along the McKay-Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge. Seizing on this opportunity, the Daedalus caught up, and took the crew back to Atlantis, where they banished the Atlantis Expedition, but for Major General Jack O'Neill and Doctor Richard Woolsey, who were the only survivors of an attack by the Asurans.

Basic SpecificationsEdit

Crew ComplementEdit

  • Minimum: 1 (Limited Functions Only)
  • Standard: 250
  • Maximum Capacity: 1000


  • Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Sublight Engines
    • 200,000 kilometers per second (No ZPM)
    • 296,794 kilometers per second (ZPM)
  • Lantean Intergalactic Hyper-drive
    • 75,000 Light-years per hour (No ZPM)
    • 250,000 Light-years per hour (ZPM)

Power PlantEdit

Hull CompositionEdit

  • Ancient Composite Material known to contain Naquadah, Trinium & other unknown compounds.

Sensor SystemsEdit

  • Lantean Short-Range, Long-Range & Sub-Space Sensor Array
  • Automatic and Neural Targeting Systems
  • Galactic Star Map, Depending on Subspace Link

Defensive SystemsEdit

  • Lantean Multispectral Shields System


Auxiliary CraftEdit

  • (36) Z/ANC-006s (aka "Puddle Jumpers", "Gateships")
    • (3) Bays (2 Aft, 1 Forward Ventral) (12 Gateships Each)
    • (1) Storage & Maintenance Bay
      • Capable of supporting an additional 20 Gateships, with maintenance & storage
      • No launch capabilities, lifts to aft bays

Other SystemsEdit

  • Ancient Database
  • Long-Range Subspace Transmitter
  • Stasis Pods
  • Internal Transporter Network


Rank Name Position
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Steven O'Neil
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
USMC-E8 Master Sergeant Robert West
United States Marine Corps
Chief of the Boat
USMC-O3 Captain Edmund Tomkinson
United States Marine Corps
Combat Support Company (CSC) Commander
USMC-O2 First Lieutenant Anthony Lowrey
United States Marine Corps
First Marine Platoon Commander
USA-O3 Captain Carl Ornsdorff
United States Army
Chief Science Officer
JMSDF-O3 Lieutenant Yamashiro Mari
Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Chief Engineer

Past CrewEdit

Rank Name Position
USAF-O6 Colonel Moros Williams
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
2020 - 2021
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Will Johnsten (KIA)
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Lennox
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
USAF-O4 Major Zaine Pendragon (KIA)
United States Air Force
Commander, Air Group
10/02/2022 - 11/05/2022
USAF-O3 Captain Sadie Ford
United States Air Force
Jumper Pilot
03/31/2021 - 03/14/2023
SAF-O3 Kapten Jens Andersson
Swedish Air Force
Signals Intelligence Officer
09/01/2022 - 06/15/2023
USAF-O2 First Lieutenant Keiran Halkaine (KIA)
United States Air Force
F-302 Pilot
2021 - 2022
USMC-O1 Second Lieutenant Jack Saxton
United States Marine Corps
2024? - 2025
GS-11-SCI-US Doctor Fraser Sheppard, PhD
United States
Engineering Officer (Ancient Technology Specialist)
13/10/2022 - 05/26/2023

Out of CharacterEdit

In late 2009 the Tria simulation was closed due to decreasing levels across SG:TNG.

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Ship-Based Equipment
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Command & Control: Control Chair

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