USS Florida
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Daedalus Class-class (BC-304)
Nationality: American
Status: In Service
In Service: May 2027 - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: Carrier/Battlecruiser
Task Force: First Fleet
Ship Crew Information
Commander Gina Kowalski
United States Navy
Crew Complement: 250
Type: NPC

Launched in May of 2027, the USS Florida is a BC-304 Mark IV Daedalus-class battle cruiser, the second Mark IV to be launched. It is under the command of Commander Gina Kowalski, United States Navy, and deployed with the First Fleet.


The USS Florida is named in honor of the state of Florida, which houses the John F. Kennedy Space Center, the launch point of many historical space missions. It is the twelfth vessel to carry the name, or some variant of it.

The first USS Florida was a sloop operated by the United States Navy on survey duty between 1824 and 1831. The second USS Florida wouldn't be commissioned for another thirty years, until 1861, when the USS Florida, a steamship was purchased and commissioned on October 5th, 1861. The ship was decommissioned for repairs, two years later, for repairs, before being relaunched; with it's final decommissioning on April 26th, 1867.

During the era of the steam-powered USS Florida, the Confederate States of America operated three separate vessels by the name CSS Florida. The first Confederate States Navy vessel, the CSS Florida was launched in 1856 as a civilian vessel, and acquired on April 22nd, 1861. The vessel was renamed the CSS Selma in July of 1862, and was captured in 1864. The second of these was a blockade runner commissioned in January of 1862, and captured in April, by the United States of America, which recommissioned the vessel as the USS Hendrick Hudson. Undeterred, the Confederate States Navy commissioned another CSS Florida in August of 1862, this time a cruiser. The vessel was captured in October, 1864 by the United States Navy, and "accidentally" sunk in November when it was ordered to be returned to the Confederate States Navy over legal technicalities surrounding it's capture.

The third USS Florida was laid down as the USS Wampanoag in 1863, and launched the following year. Commissioned in 1867, the vessel was only in service for one year, before being decommissioned in 1868. Renamed the USS Florida in 1869, the vessel was condemned for it's design, remaining out of service for five years, before being sent to Connecticut for service as a storage vessel in 1874. The vessel was sold in 1885.

The next USS Florida (BM-9) was an Arkansas-class monitor, launched in 1901, and commissioned two years later, in 1903. It was renamed in 1908 to the USS Tallahassee, to make room for the USS Florida (BB-30). The USS Tallahassee was reclassified as the USS Tallahassee (IX-16), an auxiliary vessel in 1921, before being decommissioned and sold the following year. Meanwhile, the USS Florida (BB-30) was laid down in 1909, shortly after the renaming of the previous USS Florida (BM-9), launched in 1910, and commissioned in 1911. Following the end of World War I and the downsizing of the US Navy's budget due to the Great Depression,, the ship was decommissioned and sold for scrap in 1931.

During the era of the USS Florida (BB-30), was the USS Floridian (ID-3875), a civilian vessel rented by the United States Army Transportation Command for returning soldiers from Europe, in 1919. Launched in 1915 as the SS Floridian, the ship was returned to it's original owners in late 1919, following the return of the last soldiers from Europe.

Following the decommissioning of the USS Florida (BB-30) in 1931, there would not be another USS Florida until the USS Florida (SSGN-728) which was ordered in 1975, laid down for construction in 1976, and launched in 1981. The ship wouldn't be commissioned until 1983, when it saw service until 2025. BC-304


Rank Name Position
USN-O5 Commander Gina Kowalski
United States Navy
Commanding Officer

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