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USS Defiant
USS Defiant
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Daedalus-class (BC-304)
Nationality: American
Status: Active
In Service: 2017 - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: Battleship
Task Force: Fast Attack Wing
Ship Crew Information
Alexandrous Kendrin
PeaceKeeper Industries
Major Edward Connolly
,small>United States Marine Corps</small>
Crew Complement: 250
Type: Inactive Sim

The USS Defiant is a BC-304 operated by the United States Air Force, one of the few Mark III's in service and currently serves in a Independent Operations. She was one of many Earth ships during the battle of the 'Enigma' over Earth. And she was one of the few to survive the assault. The Defiant currently patrols various number of systems and sectors, as well as travels back and forth between any number of known galaxies, when ever she is ordered or requested to do so.

United States Air Force Colonel Jake Balnor assumed command of the Defiant during the assault of the 'Enigma' at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, after the ship suffered significant damage, in which a beam had killed the former Commanding Officer. After the return of the Defiant, and once fully repaired, Earth Fleet Command has promoted Jake Balnor, and given him full command of the Defiant for further use in the Earth Fleet.

On November 8th, 2026, Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Hankins was assigned as the Commanding Officer of the USS Defiant, as well as the ship given a new role along with some upgrades.


USS Defiants construction finished in mid-2017 and was immediately assigned to the Independent Operations due to rising activities with the enemies of the Tau'ri, under the command of Colonel Rachell Hanson. Immediately after her launch from the Buckley Shipyard, she was given missions to patrol a number of sectors and systems visited and under protection of the Tau'ri.

In August 13, 2017, the Defiant is ambushed by three Ha'Tak Class Motherships, controlled by the Lucian Alliance. The Defiant was able to bring her shields online before the first salvo of staff energy blasts from the Mothership's staff cannons, upon which, under the orders of Colonel Hanson, gave all three Motherships their complete and undivided attention with all weapons at her disposal. During that time, the Motherships were not equipped with Upgraded Goa'uld Shield systems, or any other shield systems to take the full impact of Asgard Plasma Beams, and as such, the first volley of Asgard Plasma Beams tore one of the three Lucian Alliance's Motherships to pieces, causing internal explosions which then later resulted the complete destruction of that single Mothership. When the other two Motherships realized that their element of surprise was gone, they immediately jumped into hyperspace to avoid losses.

In February 6th, 2018, the Defiant received a distress call from a unknown source, at a location of unexplored space. Due to regulations, that all distress calls are to be responded and to assist the ones in distress if at all possible, the Defiant took the chance of entering unexplored space to assist, but Colonel Hanson made it clear to have the shields up at all times, especially when entering unexplored space. Upon arrival, it was another ambush by the Lucian Alliance, this time in larger numbers than three Motherships. The Lucian Alliance has been trying to cripple the Earth Fleet in many ways possible, sending out false distress signals, and ambushing them by the numbers. What they didn't expect, was that it was the same ship they tried foolishly ambushing before, especially with only three Motherships. But the Lucian Alliance was more prepared. Ten squadrons of death gliders were already in space, along with seven Motherships. The Lucian Alliance was desperate in destroying ships of the Tau'ri apparently.

Although the Defiant was prepared this time with her shields up, she still had a lot to deal with. Despite the fact that she could jump away into hyperspace to avoid the fight, the Motherships had her completely surrounded. Launching all her F-302s and F-370s, to take care of the Death Gliders. Upon first reaction, all Rail Guns began firing at random targets, until Colonel Hanson ordered to concentrate on two Motherships at a time, with the Asgard Plasma Beams, and Missiles, and the Death Gliders that break through their Fighter Defense with their Rail Guns. The Defiant however, was successful in sending a distress signal to Earth Fleet, where USS Avalon was in range at the time.

Despite the fact that the Lucian Alliance Motherships were not entirely capable of fighting against a Mark III Daedalus Class, their numbers were proving effective against the Defiant. After two Motherships were destroyed by beam fire and missiles, along with several dozen Death Gliders destroyed, the Defiant's shields were on the verge of collapse, and her Fighter Defense lost eight fighters. Before the loss of her shields, the Avalon dropped out of hyperspace and laid down heavy fire on two Motherships, easily destroying them in two to three volleys. With four Motherships down, leaving only three up against two Mark III BC-304s, the remaining Motherships abandoned the Death Gliders and retreated. The Defiant suffered minor losses, with nine fighters destroyed, shields gone, and minimum hull damage. They were successful in fighting off the ambush with the help of her sister ship, the Avalon, and both ships took in the remaining Death Gliders and thrown the pilots into their brigs for later interrogation at Earth. Only failure, if actually considered as such, was that the three out of seven Motherships survived and escaped, probably to form a even larger ambush for a later time.

In October 12th, 2020, only few months or so before the start of the Tau'ri Rebellion, the Defiant was given a chance to pick their own assignment out of a list of assignments. Colonel Hanson decided to pick an assignment on investigating a mysterious asteroid approaching a Tau'ri protected system. Upon arrival, the Defiant followed the asteroid and soon found it to be a hollow asteroid, full of troop transports of the Royal People's Alliance, attempting to get close enough to one of the planets under Tau'ri Control, and capture it. Before the Defiant could do anything to stop them, an officer who began disagreeing heavily with some actions the Earth Fleet Command has made, decided to take this opportunity to hurt the Earth Fleet, by sabotaging the Defiant and send a transmission to the hidden Royal People's Alliance troops, to allow them to capture the Defiant.

If the Defiant had been captured by the Royal People's Alliance, the result would been catastrophic, as she knew the location of several vessels in Earth Fleet, especially a few that were on lone patrol, such as the Avalon and few others. And with the Defiant, they could easily portray as comrades in 'one big happy fleet', only to fire the Asgard Plasma Beams at critical locations of each ship, destroying them instantly. But, that has never happened, only because the particular officer who had gone rogue, made a mistake in alerting the ship's security. But Colonel Hanson took this as an advantage to capture the entire troop force of the Royal People's Alliance, so before apprehending the officer, she allowed him to believe he had disabled the weapons, shields, and sensors, and allowed the officer to send a transmission to the Royal People's Alliance troop ships.

Immediately after the ships approached the Defiant, landed in the Hangar Bays, and when all the troops had left the troop transports, stun grenades were released, putting the entire Royal People's Alliance unconscious. And then the rogue officer was captured, and put in the brig. Since there were a vast number of enemy troops in their Hangar Bay, it was impossible to store them all in their brig, and as such, they had to make sure that they all stayed unconscious when the Defiant returned to Earth to let Homeworld Command decide what to do with them.

During the time when the Tau'ri Rebellion was formed, the Defiant was immediately recalled back to Earth to resume her main role as Earth's defense in the Earth Defense Fleet. Despite Colonel Hanson's request, the Defiant was not allowed to intercept, capture or destroy Earth ships that joined the Tau'ri Rebellion, like few other Earth ships had. Instead, she was ordered to stay where she was, in the defense of Earth. The Defiant wasn't the only ship ordered back to Earth in defense, the Avalon was also given the same order, and so the Defiant and the Avalon flew together as two of a few or so Earth ships in standard orbit over Earth as it's Defense Fleet.

On August 3rd, 2024, the Defiant along with many other ships of the Earth Fleet began their investigation of an unknown portal, and then the defense of Earth against an unknown race that were soon considered the 'Enigma'. The Defiant was one of few capable in destroying a small number of 'Enigma' ships, but while she attempted to save some of the Avalon's crew, she took severe damage, loosing her shields and main power, only to be left adrift in space. Colonel Hanson was killed upon the initial shot that took out the Defiant's main power, by a beam falling on top of her, crushing her chest on impact. Lieutenant Colonel Jake Balnor immediately assumed command, and established a number of key systems to be repaired first. In matter of hours, the main power was finally restored and the Defiant returned to the fight, only to find most of the 'Enigma' force had been destroyed, and the rest had retreated.

Fueled by rage and vengeance over the loss of his Commanding Officer, and the number of losses they suffered, Balnor gave the order to intercept. Upon her first intercept, the Defiant dropped out of hyperspace and laid down heavy fire on one of two Enigma ships that she had intercepted, destroying one, and crippling the other. The Defiant took some damage from the 'Enigma's return of fire, but the Defiant soon destroyed the second one, by Balnor ordering his weapons officer to target all guns on the main reactor of the second ship. Lieutenant Colonel Balnor didn't want to stop taking out the rest of the 'Enigma', and his fuel for vengeance was encouraged even more when he heard that the Pillar of Dawn was executing guerrilla raids against the retreating enemy fleet. Balnor was going to give the order to join the Pillar of Dawn in her raids, only to be informed of a single 'Enigma' vessel was retreating outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, instead of following the rest of the 'Enigma' fleet.

By Balnor's order, the Defiant intercepted the single retreating vessel, before it had disappeared from long range sensors. But by the time the Defiant left the Milky Way Galaxy, her hyperdrive broke down from the stress, due to the fact it had been damaged and the coolant systems were having difficulties keeping up. She was then forced to drop out of hyperspace into the large vast emptiness outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. With sub space communications down, the Defiant was stuck outside of the Milky Way Galaxy for over a month, the hyperdrive becoming nearly impossible to repair. Luckily, the Chief Engineer was able to repair the damage to the hyperdrive and make a few tweaks to the coolant system for the Defiant to make the return trip home. The Defiant soon returned to Earth, and was then given the green light to land at the Buckley Shipyard for repairs.

Lieutenant Colonel Jake Balnor was then promoted to full bird Colonel, and made Commanding Officer of the Defiant. The remaining crew of the Defiant attended to the funeral and memorial services of the people that they had lost during the defense against the 'Enigma'. The crew especially attended to Colonel Rachell Hanson's funeral, a woman who had been kind, friendly, and very open minded to everyone on board the ship, who had allowed number of things that were against regulations on board the Defiant. And it was the day that Colonel Balnor will never forget his Commanding Officer, or the day the 'Enigma' attacked.

In December 2nd, 2024, the Defiant was returned to full active duty in a Independent Operation, under the command of Colonel Jake Balnor. She is currently accepting any and all assignments and requests sent to her by any command who sends them, Earth Fleet Command, Homeworld Command, Stargate Command, and Atlantis Expedition.

On April 15th, 2026, the USS Defiant is given orders to deliver much needed supplies to the Ida Expedition since World War III began. The Defiant was also to help bring the Ida Expedition Commander up to speed on the war. After receiving all supplies needed to deliver, the Defiant left Earth, en route to the Ida Galaxy.

On May 6th, 2026, the USS Defiant unexpectedly dropped out of hyperspace by unknown means, and was ambushed by the Imperial Brotherhood Task Force Slasher. The Defiant takes on heavy damage to most of her major and critical systems, but with enough power and her hyperdrive still intact, she manages to escape from enemy. But due to the extensive damage to the ship, she is forced to make stops every so often, thus forcing her trip back home to be rather long. During this trip, it has been realized how underpowered and undergunned the BC-304 Mk III is compared to the Imperial Brotherhood's ships. He read up history how underpowered and undergunned the BC-304's have been long before the Stargate Program was revealed to the world, when going up against various enemy factions, especially the Wraith and the Ori. But when they received Asgard Technology, they became more powerful, and more than capable of going up against multiple ships for a good length of the battle, if the ship hasn't taken on too much enemy fire from evasive maneuvers, before being forced out of the fight to conduct repairs.

But in this case, with the Imperial Brotherhood having just about an equal amount technology, maybe even some advancements of their own compared to Earth Fleet Ships, the crew of the Defiant believed the BC-304 Mk III needed to step up to be put back on the front lines again, to fight the good fight before retreating, to conduct hit and run tactics without licking wounds immediately after. And so, the crew spent time to come up with the Mark IV Prototype during the trip home, as well as conduct repairs on the go. But they had no idea that there are others on Earth who also believes the same way, and had already been working on their own designs.

On July 30th, 2026, the Defiant returns home to Earth to report a failure in her mission, as well as what happened and the current status of the ship. Upon disappointment from Earth Fleet Command, and confusion as to why the Defiant would drop out of hyperspace by unknown means, a team of specialists were sent on board the Defiant, while she landed in one of the shipyards for major repairs. But the team did not stay on board long after they found certain troubling details, and soon after they left, the former Commanding Officer, Jake Balnor, was informed that there had been ideas thrown around for a Mark IV design, but never had a ship to test on until now. So the crew submitted their own ideas to see if they would improve what Command has come up with already. Finally, the Mark IV Prototype was approved, and the Defiant was selected to be the first Mark IV Prototype, due that it would be cheaper to upgrade the Defiant in its current state, rather than pull one of their own BC-304s and refit them, only to see if the Prototype succeeds or fails. But even when the proposal was accepted, most of the crew of the Defiant are reassigned elsewhere, including the former Commanding Officer.

On November 2nd, 2026, the Mark IV Prototype upgrade, and repairs to the USS Defiant are complete. Currently now, the USS Defiant is awaiting new crew and new officers to bring her back to active status in the Fleet.


The space-borne USS Defiant is the second United States vessel to carry the name. The first USS Defiant (YT-804) was a Valiant class harbor tug, launched in 2010.

Basic SpecificationsEdit


  • Length: 225 meters
  • Width: 95 meters
  • Height: 75 meters
  • Decks: 12

Crew ComplementEdit

  • Minimum: 15
  • Standard: 250
  • Maximum Capacity: 1,000

Standard CrewEdit

The Daedalus Class currently has a crew of 250, not including the air wing, following the following breakdown:

  • Command: 4 (Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer )
  • Engineering & Operations: 60 (6 x 10 man shifts)
  • Science: 40 (Chief Science Officer & 9 Specialists, 30 Junior Science Officer )
  • Medical: 30 (Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Medical Officer, 18 Nurse, 10 EMTs)
  • Security: 72 (13 12-Man Squad)
  • Tactical: 22 (Chief Gunnery Officer, 9 Gunners)
  • Navigation: 22 (Navigations Officer, Assistant Navigations Officer, 8 Helmsman / Pilots)


  • Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Sublight Engines
    • Max Speed: 77,000 km/s (Mk. I)
    • Max Speed: 100,000 km/s (Mk. II)
    • Max Speed: 125,000 km/s (Mk. III & Mk. IV)
    • Max Speed: 200,000 km/s (ZPM)
  • Asgard Intergalactic Hyperdrive
    • Max Speed: 5952 ly/hr (Mk. I)
    • Max Speed: 6000 ly/hr (Mk. II)
    • Max Speed: 9000 ly/hr (Mk. III & Mk IV)
    • Max Speed: 31,250 ly/hr (ZPM)

Power PlantEdit

  • Mark I
  • Mark II & III
    • Primary: Asgard Power Core
    • Backup: Tau'ri Naquadah Generator (Fuel: Naquadria / Naquadah Mixture)
  • Optional
  • Mark IV
    • Primary: Subspace Capacitor
    • Backup: Tau'ri Naquadah Generator (Fuel: Naquadria / Naquadah Mixture)
  • Optional

Hull CompositionEdit

  • Mk. I, Mk. II, & Mk. III
    • Naquadah / Trinium Alloy: One Foot Thick
  • Mk. IV
    • Naquadah / Trinium Alloy: Two Feet Thick

Sensor SystemsEdit

  • Mk. I & Mk. II
    • Asgard Sensor Array
    • Tau'ri Navigation & Targeting System
  • Mk. III & Mk. IV
    • Asgard Sensor Array
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Long Range Sensors
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Targeting Sensors

Defensive SystemsEdit

  • Mk. I, Mk. II, & Mk. III
    • Asgard Shield System
  • Mk. IV
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Shield System


Auxiliary CraftEdit

  • Mk. I:
    • (16) F-302s, or similar.
  • Mk. II:
    • (16) F-302s, or similar.
    • (14) F-302s & 2 Jumpers (M-UV), or similar.
  • Mk. III & Mk. IV:
    • (24) Mixed Craft, (CO's discretion & mission objective.)

Other SystemsEdit

  • Ring Transporter
  • Escape Pods
  • Asgard Beam Transporter
  • Asgard Knowledge Core (Mk II, III & IV)
  • Landing Gear


Rank Name Position
Senior Officers
SES-1-DIP-US Alexandrous Kendrin
PeaceKeeper Industries
Acting Commanding Officer
Executive Officer & Chief Engineer
USMC-O4 Major Edward Connolly
United States Marine Corps
Acting Executive Officer
Commanding Officer, Ground Combat Element
Crew Members
USAF-O2 First Lieutenant Rachel Maxwell
United States Air Force
Intelligence Officer
USAF-O3 Captain Guy Stewart
United States Air Force
Fighter Operations Control Officer (NPC)
USAF-E4 Senior Airman Gabriel "Gabe" Dodd
United States Air Force
Team Member (Working Dog Handler), Task Force Stalker (PCNPC)
USAF-E1 Riley
United States Air Force
Military Working Dog, Task Force Stalker (PCNPC)

Former CrewEdit

Rank Name Position
USAF-O6 Colonel Rachell Hanson (KIA)
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
6/1/2017 - 8/3/2024
USAF-O6 Colonel Jake Balnor
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
8/3/2024 - 7/30/2026
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Michelle Hankins
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
11/08/2026 - 12/03/2026
USMC-O3 Captain Burt Gummer
United States Marine Corps
Chief Engineer Officer???? - 11/11/2026
RUS-A-O3 Captain Larissa Koralova
Russian Federation Ground Forces
Commanding Officer, Task Force Stalker
USN-O3 Lieutenant Seth "Hollow" Bastion
United States Navy
F-302 Pilot, OPs-O, Carrier Air Wing Six (CVW-6)
USAF-O2 First Lieutenant Michael Havel
United States Air Force
Executive Officer, Task Force Stalker
JASDF-O2 First Lieutenant Rukia "Shotgun" Akua
Japanese Air Self Defense Force
F-302 WSO/RIO, Carrier Air Wing Six (CVW-6)
SAAF-O1 Second Lieutenant Olivia "Radar" Van Der Berg
South African Air Force
F-302 Weapon Systems Officer, Carrier Air Wing Six (CVW-6)
USN-O1 Ensign Haley Pierce
United States Navy
EA-302G Pilot
2024 - 2026
USA-E4 Corporal Justin Dodd
United States Army
Team Member, Task Force Stalker (PCNPC)
USN-E6 Petty Officer 1st Class Leah Kim-Sook
United States Navy
Team Member, Task Force Stalker
BA-E4 Corporal Joseph Harper
British Army
Communications Technician/Driver - Ground Combat Element
USMC-O3 Captain Adrianna "AJ" Pierce
United States Marine Corps
Commanding Officer, Carrier Air Wing Six (CVW-6) F-302 Pilot

Embarked ForcesEdit

  • Task Force Stalker - 100 Personnel, Special Operations Force
  • Ground Combat Element (Formerly B Company, Battalion Landing Team 3/2, 26th MEU) - 300 Personnel
    • Company HQ
    • x3 Rifle Platoons
      • Platoon HQ
      • x3 Rifle Squads
    • Weapons Platoon
      • Platoon HQ
      • Machine Gun Section - 6 M240G
      • LWCMS Mortar Section - 3 M224 60mm Mortars
      • Assault Section - 6 Mk. 153 SMAW
  • Attachments
    • Javelin Squad - 4 FGM-148 Javelin
    • Reconnaissance Vehicle Platoon - 8 BRV-O Light Armored Vehicles
    • Light Assault Vehicle (LAV) Platoon - 12 LAV-25s (Modified with GROM Vehicle Modules)
    • Tank Platoon - 8 Stingray IIs (Full Applique Armor and Non-Explosive Reactive Armor)
  • Carrier Air Wing Six (CVW-6) - Aviation Forces

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