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USS Daedalus
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Daedalus-class (BC-304)
Nationality: American
Status: Decommissioned
In Service: 2005 - 2020
Assignment Details
Assignment: Earth-Atlantis Transport
Atlantis Defense
Ship Crew Information
Type: Canon
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For the Daedalus Class, see BC-304.

The USS Daedalus was a BC-304 operated the United States Air Force and was the lead ship of its class. It was decommissioned in late 2020 and the UNV Mercury replaced it in defending Atlantis from the Wraith.


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The Daedalus could be considered a sister ship to the USS Prometheus and was the first in the line of the second generation of interstellar capital ship developed by Earth.

It was originally commanded by Colonel Steven Caldwell and was the main support vessel for the Atlantis Expedition until the arrival of the USS Apollo. The Daedalus had participated in many major battles in the Pegasus Galaxy before its decommissioning in 2020. It was Commanded by Colonel Kevin Marks, long time 304 crewman, during the last year of it's career. It was decommissioned and recycled, with several components, such as it's port hanger bay, Ancient Core and Asgard Weapons going on to be used on newer ships.


The USS Daedalus is named for the fabled engineer and creator of the maze of Knossos, home of the Minotaur. For creating the maze, he was imprisoned within a cell with his son, Icarus, so that he could never reveal it's secrets. To escape the cell, he built wings of feathers and wax for he and his son (Icarus), who fell to his death when the sun melted the wax on his wings when he dared fly too close to the sun.

The space-faring USS Daedalus (X/BC-304-1) is the second military vessel to carry the name, the first being the USS Daedalus (ARL-35), a repair vessel for supporting amphibious landing craft. Launched and commissioned in 1945 in the waning months of World War II, the vessel was decommissioned in the years following the war, in 1947. The ship was sold to a private company in 1960, with it's fate unknown after that.

Alternate TimelinesEdit

  • In an alternate timeline, the USS Daedalus (under the command of Colonel Maria Sobel, USAF) was affixed with a prototype drive, and a Subspace Capacitor, causing it to accidentally jump between universes on a regular basis.
  • In an alternate timeline, the USS Daedalus remained in service until at least 2039, where one of its helmsman was Estragon Turner.

Basic SpecificationsEdit


  • Length: 225 meters
  • Width: 95 meters
  • Height: 75 meters
  • Decks: 12

Crew ComplementEdit

  • Minimum: 15
  • Standard: 250
  • Maximum Capacity: 1,000

Standard CrewEdit

The Daedalus Class currently has a crew of 250, not including the air wing, following the following breakdown:

  • Command: 4 (Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Second Officer, Third Officer )
  • Engineering & Operations: 60 (6 x 10 man shifts)
  • Science: 40 (Chief Science Officer & 9 Specialists, 30 Junior Science Officer )
  • Medical: 30 (Chief Medical Officer, Assistant Medical Officer, 18 Nurse, 10 EMTs)
  • Security: 72 (13 12-Man Squad)
  • Tactical: 22 (Chief Gunnery Officer, 9 Gunners)
  • Navigation: 22 (Navigations Officer, Assistant Navigations Officer, 8 Helmsman / Pilots)


  • Maneuvering Thrusters
  • Sublight Engines
    • Max Speed: 77,000 km/s (Mk. I)
    • Max Speed: 100,000 km/s (Mk. II)
    • Max Speed: 125,000 km/s (Mk. III & Mk. IV)
    • Max Speed: 200,000 km/s (ZPM)
  • Asgard Intergalactic Hyperdrive
    • Max Speed: 5952 ly/hr (Mk. I)
    • Max Speed: 6000 ly/hr (Mk. II)
    • Max Speed: 9000 ly/hr (Mk. III & Mk IV)
    • Max Speed: 31,250 ly/hr (ZPM)

Power PlantEdit

  • Mark I
  • Mark II & III
    • Primary: Asgard Power Core
    • Backup: Tau'ri Naquadah Generator (Fuel: Naquadria / Naquadah Mixture)
  • Optional
  • Mark IV
    • Primary: Subspace Capacitor
    • Backup: Tau'ri Naquadah Generator (Fuel: Naquadria / Naquadah Mixture)
  • Optional

Hull CompositionEdit

  • Mk. I, Mk. II, & Mk. III
    • Naquadah / Trinium Alloy: One Foot Thick
  • Mk. IV
    • Naquadah / Trinium Alloy: Two Feet Thick

Sensor SystemsEdit

  • Mk. I & Mk. II
    • Asgard Sensor Array
    • Tau'ri Navigation & Targeting System
  • Mk. III & Mk. IV
    • Asgard Sensor Array
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Long Range Sensors
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Targeting Sensors

Defensive SystemsEdit

  • Mk. I, Mk. II, & Mk. III
    • Asgard Shield System
  • Mk. IV
    • Reverse Engineered Lantean Shield System


Auxiliary CraftEdit

  • Mk. I:
    • (16) F-302s, or similar.
  • Mk. II:
    • (16) F-302s, or similar.
    • (14) F-302s & 2 Jumpers (M-UV), or similar.
  • Mk. III & Mk. IV:
    • (24) Mixed Craft, (CO's discretion & mission objective.)

Other SystemsEdit

  • Ring Transporter
  • Escape Pods
  • Asgard Beam Transporter
  • Asgard Knowledge Core (Mk II, III & IV)
  • Landing Gear

Crew MembersEdit

Rank Name Position
USAF-O6 Colonel Steven Caldwell
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
2005-2008, 2008-2013
Inactive Todd
Wraith Coalition
Commanding Officer
Hijack in 2008
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Marks
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
2013 - 3/16/2018
USAF-O7 Brigadier General Allen Yu
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
3/16/2018 - 1/22/2020
USAF-O6 Colonel Kevin Marks
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer
USAF-O6 Colonel Maria Sobel
United States Air Force
2008 (Alternate Reality)
Crew Members
FAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Anne DuGalle
French Air Force
Commander, Air Group
4/22/2015 - 1/3/2017
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Mel Hocken
United States Air Force
Commander, Air Group
USAF-O4 Major Dwaine Grant
United States Air Force
Executive Officer, Air Group
USAF-O3 Captain Robert Ferrante
United States Air Force
Squadron Leader
5/30/2015 - 9/24/2017
USAF-O3 Captain Jeff Chan
United States Air Force
F-302 Pilot
3/16/2010 - 4/2/2011
USAF-O3 Captain John Carter
United States Air Force
Squadron Leader
14/10/2013 - 11/01/2014
CFLC-O2 Lieutenant Jack Roberts
Royal Canadian Army
Canadian Liason
08/2016 - 03/2020
USAF-O2 First Lieutenant Korin Leonard
United States Air Force
F-302 Pilot
8/14/2011 - 1/14/2014
(8/14/2011 - 2/21/2013 as Second Lieutenant)
USAF-O2 First Lieutenant Estragon Turner
United States Air Force
2038 - 2/03/2039 (Alternate Reality)
USN-O1 Ensign Rachel Newton
United States Navy
12/28/2017 - 11/07/2018

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