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UNV Epimetheus
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Prometheus Class-class (BC-303)
Nationality: United Nations
Status: Destroyed
In Service: 2014 - 2024
Assignment Details
Assignment: Support Ship
Task Force: UN Defensive Task Force
Ship Crew Information
Pending Assignment
Pending Assignment
Type: NPC

The UNV Epimetheus is a BC-303 (Prometheus Class) operated by the United Nations and currently attached to the UN Defensive Task Force.

The ship enter entered construction near the start of 2010 and was finished in 2012. It entered service as the RFS Gagarin but was sold in 2014 to the United Nations and recommissioned as the UNV Epimetheus. The United Nations keep the ship dry docked for a year while they debated what to do. This was the first ship procured by the UN, and their were many differing opinions on what should be done with it. After that it spend another year and half being refitting and returned to operational status after the Russians.

In 2017 it returned to duty with a mixed crew, the UN had decided to use it as a training ship for new crews, mainly from African and South American countries that didn't have the desire or the funds to built their own ships. The ship was initially under the command of Colonel Allen Crew of the United States Army. However within a few years the Russian Colonel Mikhail Chirkov took command.

Captain Benjamin Shaw of the United States Air Force was assigned as Commander, Air Group and faced the tasked of getting a dozen old F-302s and a mixed bunch of pilots working as a Squadron. A goal he completed in the two years before his reassignment. At the time the Air Group contained Brazilians, Egyptians, South Africans and Japanese.

In 2020 the UN reassigned the ship to their new Defensive Task Force, with plans to pull the ship from active duty in 2024. Possible plans for the ship currently included a possible base on either the Moon or Mars.

In January 2024 the Epimetheus was officially pulled from duty. She is currently dry docked pending a UN review on her fate. The leading candidate currently is as a permanent base on the moon. Which could form the center of the first lunar colony. The main hurtle for this project is long term funding to maintain the base. NASA and the ESA have both displayed interest in participating.

In August of 2024 the ship was rushed into service with an emergency crew to defend Earth during the Enigma Emergence. Due to it's lighter nature and the untrained nature of the crew, the ship was quickly and easily overwhelmed. BC-303


  • No official crew are assigned.

Past CrewEdit

Rank Name Position
RUS-AF-O6 Colonel Mikhail Chirkov
Russian Air Force
Commanding Officer
2020 - 2024
RNZAF-O5 Wing Commander Valerie Robins
Royal New Zealand Air Force
Executive Officer
2020 - 2024
USAF-O4 Major Chris Conway
United States Air Force
Chief F-302 Engineer
05/25/2018 - 01/12/2024
(05/25/2018 - 08/12/2018 as Captain)
USAF-O3 Captain Benjamin Shaw
United States Air Force
Commander, Air Group
06/03/2017 - 03/22/2019

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