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  • Height: 6.2'
  • Weight: 146
  • Hair: Dirty Blond/ Brown
  • Hair Style: Short
  • Eyes: Brown/Green(Hazel)
  • ATA Gene Status: Negative


  • Primary: Both Elementary and Junior High School
  • Secondary: High School
  • Post Secondary Education: College
  • Military Education Unite states Army


  • Father: John Macqueen, 58
    • Writer
  • Mother: Lory Wyatt Macqueen, Deceased
    • 2006 (Cancer)
  • Brother: Drew Macqueen, 38
    • Martial arts teacher
  • Sister: Kaithlyn Macqueen, 34
    • College Professor
  • Pet: Marcus (Dog)

Career HistoryEdit

  • Black Operation
    • 2012
  • Stationed in Iraq
    • 2013
  • Diplomatic Security Detail
    • 2014
  • Presidential Security Detail
    • 2015
  • Stationed in Afghanistan
    • 2016
  • Diplomatic Protection Detail
    • 2017 - 2024
  • Chief of security, USS Aegis
    • 2024 - Present

Effective Dates of PromotionEdit

  • USA-E1 - Cadet: 2010
  • USA-O1 - Second Lieutenant: 2012
  • USA-O2 - First Lieutenant: 2013
  • USA-O3 - Captain: 2015


Tobias was born in New York City New York to John Macqueen and Lory Wyatt Macqueen. On the 6th of February, 1988. He is the second oldest out of 3 kids. He grew up in an alright neighborhood to a point and had an alright life. However, when Tobias turned 14 he got himself into a wrong crowed because of the pressure he was put by the group of people and when at 15 he almost got himself killed he decided to pull himself out of the bad direction back to the good direction before it got to late. Which he did with help from his family and true friends. Since then he is clean and tries to avoid anything that good be a bad influence on him. Tobias put himself in rehab with his family's help because of the drugs he was addicted and alcohol he was addicted to when he was with the wrong crowed. At age 16 he got himself out of rehab with his family's help and his parents put him back in school. Tobias had trouble to fit in because he wasn't in school for two year but he managed to finish high school with success and when he turned 18 he went straight to college. It was write after high school but a week before he went to college his mother died from breast cancer. It was also when he found out that his mother was sick but because for two years he was struggling with drug addiction and alcohol addiction his mother was struggling from cancer but she couldn't bring herself to tell him or the rest of the family about it so that all found out the day she died. For a while they all were pissed at her for not telling them why she kept that a secret until they realized that it was before she loved them so much. After her death Tobias wasn't sure he wanted to go to college but his brother and sister convinced him to go as well as his father did, which eventually it worked as he went there. Tobias graduated college with success yet again and right away headed to the army. Unite states army to be exact. After he was done with the army became the Chief of Security on the USS Aegis due to the fact that he seemed to deserve the position.


He is naive but less then he used to be. He is way more tough then he used to be as well. He is very kind and sweet as well as friendly. Tobias is hard worker as well as very stubborn and headstrong. He is good guy all in all and can be funny too. He knows when to joke around and when to be serious. He loves challenges just as much as he loves proving himself. He is there for anyone who needs his help no matter what. At times he can seem pushy but he means well just after all he went through he is rather to be safe then sorry. He sees the rest of the crew as his family and the ship as his home away from home. He is loyal to no end and he shows that every change he gets. He has no time for relationships, he never did so his love life is rather complicated but he is fine with that so. One day he plans to fell in love and have kids but not just yet but if it happens sooner then so be it but he still plans to keep his job as a chief of security until it is time to retire which isn't going to be soon. He takes his job just as seriously as he needs to if not more then that. Tobias can at times take the job way to seriously and barely even takes a break and that is shown a lot.

Qualifications & SkillsEdit

He is good with computers as well as martial arts and anything to do with surveillance which is why he is the chief of security.

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