The Last Man - Jack Black
Author(s): User:WilliamMaxwell
Co-Writer(s): Karl "13621" Mjolnir, Brian Coffin, William Siegfried
Warnings: Language, Violence
Status: Completed
Canon: Non-Canon

Backstory for Colonel Jack Black and the fate of the Black Eye Expedition.

  • Warnings: Language, Violence

Chapter OneEdit

Jack was informed that the Expedition Fleet dropped out of hyperspace to take a quick look at the Triangulum Galaxy, and now happen to be orbiting a planet. Truthfully, Jack wanted to get to the Black Eye Galaxy and get this Expedition going, do its job, search the galaxy for technologies and whatever ancient artifacts, dated thousands of years or millions of years old, so that this Expedition wasn't a waste of money. Though, it wasn't his money being wasted, only the governments that funded this Expedition.

Jack stepped onto the bridge, and smiled as he stepped up to the command chair, where Commodore Henry Morgan sat. "Commodore, you do know it has been only fourteen days since we left Earth?"

"Relax, Colonel. We'll get to the Black Eye Galaxy when we get there. We just discovered that this planet has a Stargate." Said the Commodore.

"A Stargate you say?" Jack stepped down to one of the stations, checking the sensors that had the Stargate on it, a simple blip it was. "Very interesting."

"Well you have to remember, the Ancients built Seeder ships to build Stargates, and go around seeding habitable planets with Stargates." Said one of the Scientists.

"What about the planets that aren't habitable, what if they have Stargates on them?" Jack asked.

"Come on, Colonel. You're thinking outside of the box. The Ancients built these ships thousands of years ago, it is possible that a habitable planet that the Seeder ship placed a Stargate on, became uninhabitable."

Jack shook his head, "Well whatever. So we know that this planet, along with many other planets in this galaxy, has Stargates. So... can we go now?" Jack turned his head, asking the Commodore.

Morgan chuckled, "Yes, we can go. Just wanted to write this down into the logs so that Homeworld Command knows there might be potential in this galaxy. I mean, we are going to a galaxy twenty four million light years from Earth, we're bound to encounter a few galaxies along the way."

Jack sighed, "As long as we get to our destination. We have a deadline, Commodore. Earth will expect us to report in, on schedule. And I rather not be held responsible for being late."

Morgan chuckled again, "Don't worry, if anything, just blame me for our tardiness. Helm, resume our previous course to the Black Eye Expedition, match our speed with the other ships and inform them to continue on course as well."

The Helm Officer nodded her head, "Aye sir, resuming previous course, engaging Hyperdrive in three... two... one..." But as she hit the button... nothing happened.

"Um... Helm?" Morgan asked.

Jack walked over to the helm station, "Did you leave the parking brake on?" Jack asked.

She shook her head, "No, I didn't. We should be in hyperspace right now."

"Sir, the Tai Yang and Enterprise are experiencing Hyperdrive issues." Said the Comms Officer.

Jack pushed away from the console, looking at the Commodore. "Could the planet be doing this?"

The Scientist who spoke earlier checked the sensors, scanning the whole planet. "No, we got nothing coming from the planet that could be hindering our hyperdrive."

Jack shook his head, "I'm going to Main Engineering to find out what the problem is." Jack said, quickly leaving the bridge before the Commodore could object. Jack hurried to a lift and took it down to Deck Seven, and ran through the corridors into Main Engineering Bay, just in time to see bunch of the main engineering personnel on the floor, but one doing something at the stations.

"Hey!" Jack shouted, startling the man, only to grab the Zat and fired it at Jack, which he quickly ducked out of the way before the man fired it. Jack ran back, reaching a comms near by and flipped it, "Bridge, Colonel Black. We got a saboteur in Main Engineering!" Jack then went around the corner and pressed himself up against the bulkhead, listening as the man walked on up. Just as he got close enough, Jack grabbed the hand that held the Zat, before shoving his weight into the man's chest, slamming him against another bulkhead, stunning the saboteur.

While he was stunned, Jack grabbed the Zat and elbowed the man in the stomach before backing up, aiming the Zat at him. "Who the hell are you and what did you do with the ship?!"

The man coughed heavily, taking deep breathes to recover from the attack. The man soon chuckled deeply, "Who I am is none of your concern. All that you need to know, is that the Tau'ri Rebellion will not allow this Expedition to succeed. Whatever possibilities or technologies lay in the Black Eye Galaxy will be ours to find, not yours!"

Jack stared at him, "With you in custody, I think your plan is pretty much foiled."

The man laughed loudly, "Really? I doubt that, Colonel. I'm not the only saboteur on board this ship, and the other two ships. Face it, Colonel. Your Expedition ends here."

"We'll see about that." Jack fired the zat twice, stunning then killing the man. Just as he did, four security personnel arrived, watching the man slump to the deck, dead.

"Sir?" Asked one of the Sergeants.

Jack dropped the Zat and waved his hand, "Come with me, we're going to the armory." The five of them stepped into a lift, taking it to Deck Twelve. On the way, Jack flipped the comms in the lift, "Bridge, Colonel Black. The Saboteur is dead, but he said there are more on board this ship, and both the Tai Yang, and Enterprise. You need to inform them of the situation, before the saboteurs destroys our ships."

"I wish we could, Jack. But we just lost all communications. We're being told the communication system is offline, on this ship, and both ships. We can't tell them anything."

Jack cursed, "Dam it! Then send someone, a jumper, I don't care! The saboteurs are the Tau'ri Rebellion! They are going to destroy the ships!"

"I'll see what we can do, Jack. What about you?"

Jack looked at one of the security personnel with him. "We're going to hunt these saboteur's down, shoot to kill, Commodore."

"Understood. Good luck."

Just after Morgan said that, the ship rocked from some explosive being detonated within the ship, and the power starts to flicker.

"Main power is offline!"

"What about Auxiliary power?"

"Online, but systems are crashing throughout the ship!"

"Jack, find those bastards, quick! I'll send more security teams to search the ship."

The lift stopped on Deck Twelve, luckily the Auxiliary power kept the lift going. "Yes, sir. Come on." Jack ran out of the lift, hurrying over to the armory, where him and his team suited up. Jack handed out 9mms to each team member, and four magazines each. Then he handed out SCAR-Hs as well, three magazines each, two reserve, one for the rifle.

"SCARs sir?" Asked a Corporal.

"Dam straight. I want these bastards dead before they do anymore damage to the ship. Anyone associated with the Tau'ri Rebellion are considered outlaws, criminals, committing acts of Treason to their countries. And Punishment for Treason, is death. Understood?"

"Sir!" The four men said all at once.

"Good." Jack shoved a magazine in, and pulled the bolt back, putting a round into the chamber. "Lock and load, gentlemen." Jack then took the lead and brought the rifle up, looking down the sights as he moved through the corridors.

Jack assumed the next target to sabotage is the Mainframe Control System, to really screw up the computers. And just as they got in there, they saw one guy planting C4. "Stop!" Jack shouted. Startled, the man jumped up, lifted his 9mm, aiming it right at Jack. But before he could fire, both Jack and two security personnel put a few rounds into the saboteur's chest, watching him fall backwards onto the deck.

Jack touched his ear piece, "Jack to Morgan. We found one planting C4 on the Remote Mainframe. We're proceeding to search for the rest." The ship suddenly rocked again from another explosive being detonated within the ship.

"Jack, we just lost thrusters, we can't keep our orbit from decaying. You need to hurry! If they take out the engines, we won't be able to save the ship period!"

"Sir! The Enterprise lost all power! Sensors read life support is offline!"

"Dear god...."

Suddenly the alarms started going off throughout the ship. "Commodore, what's going on?"

"Someone brought the Asgard Core back online, but its overloading! We only got five minutes before it goes critical!"

"Can we shut it down?" Jack asked, as he started running towards a lift.

"Negative! Jack, we're losing this fight. I'm issuing General Order Thirteen. We're evacuating!"

"I thought I recognized that alarm..." Jack spoke out loud. "Alright, you heard the man! We got to get to the nearest escape pod, now!" He shouted, him and his team running towards the closest one. Just as they reached one, Jack opened the hatch and waved for his men to get inside. "Go, go, go! Make sure the safeties are on your rifles, I don't want anyone accidentally shooting a foot while this thing launches." Jack said just as he climbed in after the last one of his team stepped in.

Jack flipped the safety on his rifle before sitting down and strapping himself in, before slamming the palm of his hand on the big red button. The ship's hatch, and the pod's hatch closed at the same time, just before the pod was ejected from the ship.

"Do we know where the survivors are going to meet up?" One of them asked.

"The Pod has a auto navigation system, it'll track all the other pods and crash onto the planet's surface near each other." Jack told them.

Suddenly, multiple internal explosions started erupting throughout the Daniel Jackson, before the entire ship exploded, the blast radius and the shock wave itself hit the pod hard enough for the computer to start bitching. "Warning! Warning! Navigation systems offline!"

"What is it saying!?" Shouted the Corporal.

"It's says we lost navigation!" Shouted the Sergeant, just before the pod started to shake, as it entered the planet's atmosphere.

"What does that mean?!" Asked the Corporal.

"It means we're not going to make it with the others!" Jack told them. "Hold on tight, gentlemen!"

+5 Hours

The pod had crashed five hours ago, on the other side of the planet where the Stargate was, and where everyone else was gathering. The initial impact, which was suppose to be saved by the inertial dampers, which were partially online, had put those in the pod unconscious... at least, Jack was unconscious.

Jack groaned heavily, as he started to come to, shaking his head a bit before opening his eyes, looking around. He coughed a bit before calling out, "Sergeant? Corporal?" Jack unfastened his straps, not realizing that his weight was pressing into the straps... which lead him to falling flat on his face against the hatch. "Aagghh... son of a bitch." He groaned, pushing himself up onto his knees and looked down. The hatch wasn't completely facing the ground, he could see light from the top part... so a corner of the pod was in the ground real good.

Jack pulled the lever to release the Hatch's seal and started prying it open. One he got it open enough, he started to crawl out of the pod towards the light, slipping on out before getting onto his feet, looking around. He shielded his eyes with his left hand from the sun light and looked around further, before trying his radio. "Hello, this is Colonel Black, does anyone read me? Hello?" Nothing. Not even static.

Jack pulled the earpiece off and looked at it before grabbing his actual radio off of his pistol belt, pressing on the talk button. "Hello? This is Colonel Jack Black, does anyone read me? Hello?" Also nothing. No static to show there was interference, either from the mountains near by or something jamming it. It was as if it was completely dead.

He check the back of the Radio, then pulled open the battery case to realize there were no batteries at all. "The Frak?" Jack dropped down to the ground and crawled back into the pod, checking each men and their radios. All four of them were dead, including the radios not having batteries. Jack couldn't believe this... who the hell would forget to put batteries in these things? Let alone take them out! He then realized that his earpiece had tapped into the ships intercomm when they were on board the Daniel Jackson. Jack tossed one of the radios against the wall of the pod, watching it shatter.

Jack cursed under his breath as he started grabbing things, first a bag which he started filling up with food rations and water rations from the pod's supply and from the men's vest packs. Then took their 9mms, releasing the clips and dropping them into the bag. Next their SCAR-Hs, pulling out their magazines and pulling the bolts back to release the round from the chamber to put the round back into the magazines before placing the magazines into the bag.

He also placed everything else from the pods supply into the bag. Couple months supply of shaving cream with a razor, couple months of shampoo, body soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and toothbrush. Jack zipped the bag up, grabbed a cap to slip onto his head, sunglasses, Computer tablet from the wall, and then noticed something protruding in the Corporal's right pants pocket. He slipped his hand in and pulled out a iPod touch, and headphones. "Well... thanks Corporal." Only good for four to six hours of music, being that the battery was only 3/4s charged.

Jack slipped out of the pod, pulling the bag on out and slipped his arms through the straps before snapping the snaps. Jack looked up at the sun, and thought back to what they had found when he went to the bridge of the Daniel Jackson.

"We just discovered that this planet has a Stargate."

"A Stargate you say?" "Very interesting."

"Well you have to remember, the Ancients built Seeder ships to build Stargates, and go around seeding habitable planets with Stargates."

Jack remembered where the blip was on the sensors, scratching his head as he had also remembered catching a glimpse at the planet's position, rotation, and the sun. So if he's right... going east would take him straight to the Stargate. And if there are survivors, they would be where the Stargate is. But he has no idea how far off the pod had landed, or the distance he has to travel to get there.

Jack sighed heavily, pulling out a compass. The odds of the magnetic poles being similar to Earths are slim... at least that's what he read from one of Dr. McKay's readings... but lucky for him, the compass was pointing north, so he started walking towards the direction of what East would be. "I hope to god I am going the right way." He spoke out loud, only to start running soon after.

Chapter TwoEdit

Sitting on a log next to a camp fire that he personally made, the morning was cold, and the sun was slowly coming up. Jack had just reheated one of the kills he made a couple nights ago, he felt that he should save the food rations as much as possible, and hunt anything that could provide protein and nutrients that he needed in order to stay alive.

Finishing his breakfast meal, he wiped his hands on his pant legs, not really having napkins or paper towels to take the grease off, he grabbed the Computer Tablet and turned it on. Once it finished booting, he opened a document and then pressed record. "This is Colonel Jack Black, serial number three, niner, one, dash, seven, fife, eight, two, niner (391-75829). This is my first recording on this planet in the Triangulum Galaxy, which I crashed on about two months ago.

"I do not know what exactly went wrong. I thought I had picked everyone loyal to their country, and to the Stargate Program. So... I don't know if one of the people I selected for the Expedition were pulling a double... or if it was several members of the Daniel Jackson, Tai Yang, and Enterprise's crew. If this gets in the hands of Command, you are probably wondering what the hell I am saying. I'll just say it then. We were sabotaged.

"All three ships of the Expedition dropped out of hyperspace and entered orbit of a planet in the Triangulum Galaxy. I assumed we did that because it was on the way to the Black Eye Galaxy, and so Commodore Morgan wanted to take a look. Not that I didn't want to, I just wanted to get to our designated planet to establish a base of operations.... Well I guess I can't really blame him... if he hadn't established orbit around... any planet, none of us would be alive. If there are more survivors, which I don't know.

"Me and four other guys, part of a security team as we were searching the ship for saboteur's, when the order to abandon ship was given, we all got into one pod made for six people. I didn't check to see how many pods launched from the Daniel Jackson, only that as soon as we launched, the Daniel Jackson exploded, and we took the blunt of it. The pod's navigation system was offline, and so we most likely crashed somewhere else on the planet, while... if there were survivors... crashed somewhere together so they could get together and... do what is needed to do to survive." Jack sighed heavily, his sigh getting recorded but he didn't bother to delete it.

"The four men in the pod with me all died in the crash. I didn't check the cause, but I'm assuming the inertial dampers weren't functioning properly. I was probably partially protected by the inertial dampers, considering the fact I was unconscious. How long, never checked honestly. But the men must of not had any protection from the inertial dampers, because they were all dead. I took what I could fill a bag up with, including all the ammo that was around. So I got fifteen magazines for a SCAR-H rifle, and fifteen clips for a 9mm. I even took a couple of the SCAR-H's from the marines, in case I need them for parts.

"I am not sure how long this battery will last in this Computer Tablet, so I will be making bi-monthly reports, in order to conserve battery usage. As for how long I will be on this planet... I have no idea. I thought a couple weeks ago that I'd make it to where the other survivors are... but I haven't. The pod must of really crash landed further away than I thought. Oh right... I am also conserving my food rations, and water. Anytime I find a stream of fresh water, I'll fill up my canteens, but drink only what I need to stay alive. I am even using the SCAR-H that I have to hunt. Apparently there are a number of animals on this planet that provide excellent source of protein and nutrients that I need to survive. Even though I got plenty of ammo, I am going to try and conserve them for only hunting big animals, and for self defense."

Jack looked up and looked around a bit before looking back down at the Tablet. "There seems to be a lot of forests, or that I'm in one huge forest. I haven't been in open terrain for over a month, and it doesn't look like this forest will end anytime soon. It sure provides excellent cover when it rains, and when it rains, it rains like hell. Several times I had to put rain gear on, and each time they stayed on for three days. I never expected it to rain so much here, but lucky for me that the pod had exactly what I needed in order to survive... wearing drenched clothes all day would not be the smartest thing to do.

"I best get going, I've been waking up exactly an hour before the sun comes up, which is zero three hundred hours. I know the time here is different, so I try to compare it with our twenty four hour system, and I believe this planet has either twenty six... or twenty eight hours a day. I'm not too positive honestly, the sun is up for almost fourteen to sixteen hours, then its night for the rest. So I could be off. My next log should be sometime around May, either the fourteenth or sixteenth, and it'll probably be shorter than this one, since I summed up the incident, the crash, the supplies I gathered, and what I plan to do to conserve on my supplies.

This is Colonel Jack Black, signing off." He turned off the recording, saved the document, and then shut the tablet down before putting it back into the bag. He threw the bag on and kicked bunch of dirt into the fire pit, putting it out before he resumed his hike through the forest. Right before leaving the campsite, he grabbed his rifle he left rested against a tree trunk and carried it like any other soldier would, rested and relaxed. There wasn't anything dangerous... yet... for him to be alert and ready to fire a round, so he just walked and jogged every now and then through the forest.

Jack honestly has no idea that the Stargate and the other survivors were on the other side of the planet. Even though they were on the same, massive continent, it would take him years to get there. Three at least, five maximum if he takes it real slow, which he isn't. Somewhere in his mind, he believes that he is only a few days away from the survivors, and if he just keeps running every now and then, he'll make it to them.

Suddenly, he heard a strange noise and dropped down to a crouching position, raising the rifle up in a alert state, scanning the area with his eyes. He did a complete three-sixty degree turn, searching the area, only to stop when he noticed some... strange... looking creature. Some sort of hybrid of snake... scorpion... and cheetah. "Oh you got to be kidding!" Jack shouted just as the thing started running towards him. Jack held the rifle tightly, and began firing rounds into it. He fired three rounds, but when it showed no sign of slowing down, he switched to fully automatic and held down the trigger, unloading half a magazine until it fell to the ground right at his feet. Jack jumped up, his back against a tree trunk. "Shit!" He said, panting heavily, looking around hoping there weren't more.

Jack hated the fact that he just unloaded half a clip, he could of probably put maybe five or eight more rounds into it but part of him didn't want to risk this thing getting him, period. Jack backed away from the thing, a precaution in case he didn't kill it completely. He switched it back to semi-automatic and just ran, not really want to risk tasting the meat the thing could provide for meals.

Two Weeks Later
March 28th, 2022

Jack stepped out of the lake, walking on up the beach, then onto the grass where he sat down, letting the sun dry him off. He put the bar of soap into a plastic bag before throwing it into his bag with the shampoo and sighed. He decided that instead of taking care of his hygiene, washing up, shaving, and such once every other day, he decided to do it once a week, to conserve his supplies. Honestly, they were meant to last for a month for six people. He could maybe get a year out of them from conserving as he is, but doubtful.

Suddenly he started hearing sounds of thunder off to the distance and sighed, "Dam it... again?" It had just stopped raining a couple days ago. He must really be on the bad side of the planet, because it just loved raining on him. He quickly got dressed, put on the rain gear and zipped the bag up before throwing it on. He took another look at the storm clouds that were coming in before he hurried on back into the forest and resumed his trek.

Hour later, he was in full force of the storm. Winds gushing from the south, rain drops size of nickles, all coming down like mother nature was pissed off or something. There was just no way he could make shelter, nor find shelter, as he wasn't even near mountains anymore, so he just kept moving, grabbing tree trunks with his gloved hands, in case the wind decided to get worse and knock him off his feet. He had to shoulder his rifle just to brace himself on the tree trunks. "God dam it... if there are survivors, I hope they're enjoying themselves!" He shouted out loud, more or less to keep himself occupied.

Six Months Later
November 20th, 2022

Jack just finished shaving, before picking up the Computer Tablet and turning it on. Once it booted up, he opened up the document and hit recording. "This is Colonel Jack Black, serial number three, niner, one, dash, seven, fife, eight, two, niner. This is my fourth log on this particular planet in the Triangulum Galaxy. Well, from the looks of this, its November 20th. Another month or so, and I would be here for a whole year. I pretty much given up on the thought of making it to the other survivors, and the Stargate. I'm sure I'll get there, but thinking I will in the next couple of days doesn't seem likely.

"I must of landed on the other side of the planet or something...otherwise it shouldn't of taken this long to get there. Oh, a month ago, I reached open land finally. I'm sitting right now, on a rock in vast open terrain. I suppose there really are no natives on this planet, they would of used the trees for cabins and cottages, or if there was a civilization, there be less forests. So no natives pretty much explains the huge forest I walked through... good lord... seven or eight months of hiking through a forest. Man.

"Oh...the iPod touch I got off of the Corporal... I never got the chance to look at their names, but... well the battery just died two nights ago. I've tried conserving it... a lot... so I could listen to music every now and then. I'd listen to some of it once a month, for half an hour. Well, two nights ago was the last of it, so no music this time. I didn't care much for half of the music he had on it, though. But the other half was decent, and kept me pretty much sane.

"If that starts to question my mental health, don't worry about it. I'm sure some people would go insane out here, being all alone, trying to reach the others. But I'm keeping myself occupied. Truthfully, hunting is the number one thing that I am enjoying right now, hiking being the second thing. Yeah, you think I'd get enough hiking after hiking for almost a year.... My feet are sore for one thing but I don't let it stop me, I even take my boots and socks off every time I go to sleep. I probably shouldn't, but it's the only way to try and keep blisters from forming. Having blisters on my feet will do nothing but make it harder for me to walk, run especially."

Jack sighed, rubbing his temples. "I've expended three magazines already. As I said in my last long, I spent half of my clip in the first... scorpion/snake/cheetah hybrid. But the next six I met, I spent at least ten rounds into them before they fall dead. I tried aiming for the head but honestly, either its brains are in its ass, or it doesn't feel a dam thing when I do shoot it in the head. So, last time I encountered one, I just went for the legs, crippling it then fired a couple rounds into its chest, where I believed its heart is, which I think it is, since it died soon after I had.

"My food rations are running low, and so is my water. I haven't found a stream of fresh water for days, nor animals to hunt either. I think walking in open terrain might be a bad idea if I can find any food to hunt. My other supplies are running very low, almost gone really. I can expect to run out of shampoo... body soap... and shaving cream in the next month or so. After that, I'm going to be needing one hell of a shave. I already need a hair cut, but nothing I can do about it except tie it into a pony tail to keep the hair out of my eyes. I just hope I make out of this alive...." Jake ended the recording and saved the document before turning the tablet off. He put it back into his bag before getting ready for another hike.

Chapter ThreeEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
    • J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy
  • January 12th 2023

Jack was buttoned up tight, even added a few things into his boots to amp up the insulation. He never realized that it was going to snow this bad, or get this cold. Last time it was January, it wasn't like this, so either he was at one part of the planet that didn't snow, like somewhere much closer to the equator, then he wondered how he got away from the equator at all. Jack pulled out his compass to take a look, but from what it says, he was going straight towards East. So if he was near the equator, how did he wander off from it?

Jack sighed and put the compass away, not really caring anymore, just as long as he doesn't freeze to death or anything. Jack turned on the Computer Tablet, opened a document and hit the record button. "This is Colonel Jack Black, serial number three, niner, one, dash, seven, fife, eight, two, niner. Holy balls its cold. Who would of thought this world would have seasons like Earth? Let alone snow so much, and be so cold. I managed to reach another forest by the way, and boy was I happy. I mean, getting wood to make a camp fire is a plus. But I think the wood and the trees sucked up too much water from the rain storms I been through...several times I woke up in the middle of the night having to get the fire going again.

"I decided to make this recording on this specific day because it marks the anniversary of being on this planet for one whole year. My food and water rations are low as previously mentioned, and as for my hygiene supplies? Ha. I decided to save one last month of that stuff for when it is warmer. I dare you sorry ass's to take a bath in the freezing cold while its snowing." Jack shook his head.

"I've had little encounters with those hybrids lately. But last month I had plenty. Three magazines are now empty, leaving me twelve magazines full of ammo for my SCAR-H rifle. Luckily I haven't touched my 9mm, so chances of running out of ammo is slim. One good thing about winter, is that certain animals are easier to spot, and hunt. But cooking them...oh man, that's a whole new ball game in this weather. Took me ten hours to cook me a nice chunk of meat only because the fire kept going out.

" know what? Forget it. I ain't going to talk much on this log. I'm just too bloody cold. I'll get back to this in March. Black out." He stopped the recording, saved it then turned the Tablet off, put it in his bag and threw it onto his back before continuing his trek.

"Days like these, I wish I had stayed home, so I can enjoy a heated room with an ice cold beer." Jack spoke out loud, as he walked.

January 20th, 2022
Phoenix, Arizona, Earth

Couple officers stepped out of the government vehicle, a Major and a Captain, both dressed in their dress uniforms as they walk towards the front door of the Black residence.

"Another one." said the Captain.

"Yup." said the Major.

"I hate doing this."

"So do I, but they must be informed." said the Major before ringing the door bell. After a moment, Benjamin Black opened the door, Brianna coming up behind Ben soon after.

"Yes?" Ben asked.

"Mr and Mrs. Black?" The Major asked.

"Yes. Something wrong?" Ben asked.

"It's about your son, Jack Black. He was suppose to be leading an Expedition to another Galaxy, in hopes to find great potential. The Expedition is late in reporting in, we waited but Homeworld Command has presumed the Expedition and all members as missing in action." Said the Major.

"W-What does that mean?" Brianna asked.

"It means that we have no way of contacting the Expedition. They were given communication stones, but they have yet to contact us." Said the Captain.

"Will something be done in search for them?" Ben asked.

"Once plans are made to form a Task Force in search for the members of the Expedition, it'll be brought to Homeworld Command. But I must inform you, depending on the reason why we lost contact, Homeworld Command may not risk more lives. All I can say is that there is still hope." Said the Major.

Six Months Later
July 14th, 2023

Jack walked as he pulled out the Computer Tablet and turned it on. He opened a document and hit the record button. "This is Colonel Jack Black, serial number three, niner, one, dash, seven, fife, eight, two, niner. The forest is on going again, but I guess I shouldn't complain. The sun is out, shining brightly, and hot as ever. funny, couple logs ago, I was complaining about the cold, and now I'm complaining at how hot it is.

"Truth be told, I been looking forward to recording my next log entry. I suppose speaking out loud, of what I've done or am doing is keeping me a little sane. But I must admit, there has been times I thought there were others with me. I just can't believe I could of landed so far away from everyone else. I mean, what are the odds of me to land on the other side of the planet, while everyone lands closer to each other, where they live together, talk to each other and the like? Drives me up the wall...well...trees since there are no walls here.

"Oh. I am officially out of food rations. I am stuck with hunting anything I see and can get. I even killed a hybrid I first came across a couple weeks ago and cooked the meat from it. I should of done that long ago, it didn't taste that bad after all! Including the eye was like eating sushi. The battery on this tablet is reading thirty percent, so I should really keep these log entries shorter in order to record more. But if I happen to end up with a large gap from my last log entry to...when I get rescued...if I do...I like to apologize ahead of time. Jack Black out." He ended the recording and saved the document before turning it off and slipping it back into the bag, which he tossed back on and continued on walking.

Jack sighed, with no music, and having to wait to record another log in the month after the next...he just doesn't know what to think. He just wished there was more game to hunt, maybe even give him a reason to chase it as if chasing an enemy. But lately, all it has been is nothing but grass, trees, leaves, and more trees. As Jack walked, he thought back to when he was gathering his team.

  • Flashback - June 2nd, 2021
    • Stargate Command, Earth
  • Colonel Jack Black
  • Asid Mjolnir as Colonel Asid Mjolnir (Colonel at the time of date) and Commodore Henry Morgan

Back at Stargate Command, Jack was pacing around in the briefing room with several others in there, while going through the list of personnel to choose from. "Can't believe they're assigning one of the Excalibur prototypes to this mission. I mean, aren't they risking a bit much? What if Earth needs its best ships to defend it?" Jack asked openly.

Asid, as acting commander of the SGC, glanced at Jack, the tall man leaning agaisnt the wall. "You can never get better technology, or a better means to defend yourself, Colonel, unless you take a risk." Commodore Henry Morgan stood, sternly, by the window overlooking the gate. "Are you questioning the capabilities of my ship, Colonel?" He asked, looking sternly at the other man.

Jack looked up from the file in the folder, first looking at Asid then at the Commodore. "What? Oh no, of course not. Why would I do that in front of you?" He asked the Commodore. "But honestly, no I wasn't. I was more or less saying that wouldn't it be better if the ship of that class stayed here? What if Earth was threatened by someone...a Goa'uld we missed...Wraith finding another ZPM?" Jack was just throwing ideas out there, meaningless or not. Looking at Asid, "I understand that, and I understand we could meet races equally advanced or more advanced than we are in the Black Eye Galaxy but still. Just a little shocked that Homeworld Command would easily put a 307 on this mission, thought they were skeptical at...well...everything about it."

Asid shrugged. "You can send out an expedition, without giving it as much support as you can. You'll lose an expedition, and all the resources. Or you can put your all into it, and maybe lose something, but also get an equal return." He shrugged, casually. "It's a risk. They'd rather not be blamed if your expedition gets destroyed and someone can say 'this wouldn't've happened had you given them everything they needed'."

Jack rolls his eyes, "I prefer that it didn't get destroyed. The Atlantis Expedition went to the Pegasus Galaxy without a ship. They did pretty good so far. But the only reason Homeworld Command doing this is because we don't have the address to some...specific planet that has the gate capable of intergalactic travel, if there is one. Guess you can't expect to find an address to another galaxy in some Lantean computer or stone tablet all the time." He said, closing the folder.

"Yes, but less than a year, they needed a ship. And they had a Stargate, and Midway." Asid replied, solemly. "Also, we only, at the time, had two ships."

"Yeah, can't argue with that." He said, dropping the folder onto the briefing table. "Suppose someone's hoping that the Expedition will find more resources to expand the Fleet? After the Asgards, we gained more technology and after the Atlantis, we gained their knowledge...more or less. And some of their advance and unique technology. Drones for example." Jack said, placing his hands on top of one of the chairs, drumming his fingers. "Just trying to think of how the members will cope with using communication stones in order to visit Earth from time to time.... Assuming we can't gate back to Earth, nor fly back to Earth for a visit due to the travel time being four months, tops."

"Asgard. A second S in Asgard is redundant." Asid supplied, as he stared down into his cup. "A bit like say men and mens. As for communication stones, even the Destiny expedition..." Asid shrugged. "So, it doesn't matter."

Jack shrugged his shoulders as well. "Hey, I didn't know a dam thing about the Asgard or Goa'uld or the Ori till eleven years ago, when my Unit was given orders that took us off the planet." Scratches his chin for a moment.... "What I'm concerned about, is that I'll be missing something that may happen here on Earth. I mean, who here hasn't started seeing some people acting strange in the program?"

"Something odd in the Program?" Asid asked, mockingly. "This is the STARGATE PROGRAM. Odd is our middle name." He said, flippantly.

Jack chuckled, "Yeah, I got that a year after my unit went through the Stargate for the first time...well after I did. Not sure about the rest of the team. But you know what I mean. What about you Commodore?" Jack asked.

Henry just glanced at him. "Hm?" He asked, as if he hadn't really been paying attention.

Jack looked at Asid, then back at Henry. "So no idea that people are acting strange? Like...oh I don't know...doing things differently than they have been before?" Jack looked at Asid, "I may not of been in the program as long as anyone here, but when someone seems to act a little secretive, it smells rotten."

"Again, I want to float past you the fact that this is the Program. A multinational program. Countries often do things without telling each other." Asid retorted.

Jack shook his head, "Okay I get that. But what I mean is, I see someone doing one thing, but when you walk up to them they quickly do the opposite, as if they don't want to be caught doing something wrong. And by wrong, I mean to those they don't like, not wrong by being against regulation, which I assume people violate anyways."

Asid shrugged. "Some people violate them. Others have more discipline. That said, I'm aware of what you mean. HWC is already looking into it."

Jack shrugged, "The only regulation I've violating is wearing boxers instead of briefs. And looking into it are they? Maybe I'm paranoid but you were in the Special Forces right? We're all trained to see things that others normally don't see. And I see something fishy, and it starting to smell fishy too." Jack said, grabbing a folder from the bottom of a pile, opening it up.

"Yes, but as the XO of a command, I see things you don't. I can assure you, Homeworld Command is looking into it."

Asid shrugged. "I'm not going to tell you unless you really want to know the ones I'm violating."

Jack looked up at Asid from the file, looked over at Henry, then back at Asid. "As long as the Commodore don't mind. And I understand Homeworld Command is looking into it. But what gives it away is when two 304's were called back to Earth last year, as if Homeworld Command was expecting something. Maybe not just for what I'm thinking of but still."

"There's also always refits, resupplies, personnel transfers." Asid offered, idlely. "As for my... violations, I was caught by the Veep, my boss, and the SG-1 CO making out with a very cute little red-head NCO medic from SG-1." Asid closed his eyes, dreamily.

Jack shrugged, "If you say so, but they haven't left orbit around Earth since they were recalled last year, is what I'm getting." Jack said, before turning over to what Asid mentioned about his violations, blinking for a moment. "Dam, and I thought violating the underwear regulation was bad." He joked.

"I was found with the little NCO down on the desk, making out." Asid grumbled. "You're not wearing military issue gear. I was." He smirked. "Arguably, she's military issue, no?" He asked, raising his eyebrows. "No, but really." The eyebrows and smile faded. "I've found when HWC says it's doing something, don't pry too hard unless you want a door slammed on your fingers."

Jack threw up his hands. "Most of my clothes are military issue, except for one." Only to grin at Asid's comment about the woman being military issue. Jack sighed and shrugged, "I ain't prying at Homeworld Command, just throwing up opinions and suspicion. Can't say two 304s staying in orbit for a whole year ain't suspicious enough. You'd think they been given orders outside the Solar system by now." Jack said before dropping the folder in hand onto the table. "Just when things like this start popping up...makes me wonder if something is going to go wrong before my Expedition even sets foot on the planet to be our base of operations. And if so...I'll be pissed."

"Well, there's the new Earth Defence Flotilla. They might've been assigned to it." Asid grumbled. "Now, we have work to do."

  • End of Flashback - July 14th, 2023
    • Planet J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy

Jack blinked his eyes, coming back to reality and sighed before growling, "And I'm pissed! Well Asid, I hope you're enjoying your comfortable stay on Stargate Command. I'm stuck hiking for my life." He grumbled, as he just went on with his walking through the woods.

Two Days Later

Jack was on his hike like any other day, it was all he did after he wakes up from sleeping, is continue on his hike to get to the survivors. Again, if there were any, he hasn't had contact with anyone. No working radio, because some moron forgot to put batteries in them. Nothing entirely on hand to send any sort of signal, period.

Suddenly, Jack heard something in the sky, and when he looked up, he saw a small flaming ball in the atmosphere, hurtling towards the planet. At first, Jack thought it was a asteroid, as big as the one that hit Earth millions of years ago that made the Dinosaurs extinct. And so he thought out loud, "Shit...well looks like the great extinction is about to happen...." That was until it looked like this thing was coming in at an angle...and angle only a ship would take. Though whatever they were doing, they were not slowing down, that's for sure.

It wasn't long until the fireball was hidden by the tall he wished he wasn't in this bloody forest. But it wasn't much longer until he heard sounds of something crashing. "Now there is no way I can be far off! I mean really, I heard that!" Jack immediately started running towards the same direction he had been running, also the direction in which he believed where this fireball had crashed. And since no tsunami wave of fire is coming his way, he assumed that it was a rescue ship. "Some rescue ship." He said out loud.

Chapter FourEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
    • J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy
  • November 2nd, 2023

Jack sighed heavily, leaning against a tree as he gulped down the last of his water, having not found a stream of fresh water near by, nor has it rained recently either to collect any water. Talk about a string of bad luck. Jack capped his canteen and put it away before pulling out the Computer Tablet, turned it on, opened a document and hit recording. "This is Colonel Jack Black, serial number three, niner, one, dash, seven, fife, eight, two, niner." He said dryly, as he pushed himself off the tree and resumed walking, slowly though, as if his motivation was at an all time low.

"Battery life on this thing is down to twenty four percent. Last time I recorded a log, it was twenty seven, and before that, thirty percent. I assume, depending on how short I make my logs, I might run out of battery life in the next two years. Give or take a few months." He said as he walked, letting out a heavy sigh.

"I am out of water. It hasn't rained since two recorded logs ago. I tried rationing my water supply, but it has come to a complete end as of today. If I don't find a stream of fresh water...or if it don't rain before six to seven days are up...I am good as dead. And what's worse...I haven't even made it to the Fraking crash site yet! If there is a crash site!" Jack shouted. "I mean, what the hell is going on here?! Am I going in circles? I can't be because the Compass says I been going East this whole Fraking time! But of course, the all mighty Doctor McKay says the odds of a planet having the same magnetic poles as Earth is slim at best. So my Compass could be pissing on me as I say this."

Jack sighed heavily, "I hair is greasy...and long...and don't get me started on this hobo beard and 'stache I'm growing here. And I'm going to smell worse...because I sweat every day when I hike, when its hot or not. Even though its fall time...assuming that it is fall...and that the air is nice and cool...I still sweat. So sooner or later, sleeping is going to become impossible because of my own dam body odor.... I've been...thinking about the days when I was given command of this Expedition. The things I've said to others...just to keep my mind occupied. It's been working...I just hope it keeps working." Jack paused for a moment, staring at the tablet before saying, "Jack Black out." He ended recording, saved the document and turned the tablet off. He shoved it back into his bag and kept on walking, as he began to think back the day Starfleet Headquarters was bombed....

  • Flash Back - October 13th, 2021
    • Stargate Command, Earth
  • Colonel Jack Black
  • Asid as Colonel Asid Mjolnir

Jack stood there in the briefing room, having been busy looking through more personnel files, but he got distracted when the news was going on about Starfleet Headquarters having been bombed. Jack sighed, pushing the chair back and standing on up, walking about for a bit. "Stuck picking people for this Expedition, and can't do a dam thing. First this Riley guy declares leader of this...Tau'ri Rebellion...more like an Empire to me...and then this happens." Jack then looks at Asid. "I told you so."

Asid glanced at Jack, rubbing his shoulder, before running a hand over the half-mustache he had. "Yeah, I know, I was walking to an appointment at the HQ. I was standing in the street, with my, uhm." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Uhm. You get the idea." He said, the man seeming uncharisticlly bashful. "As for the Rebellion, I can't always talk about files I see. You should understand that." He muttered, irately.

Jack stared, only to walk up to him so they wouldn't be talking across the room. Jack stood by him and looked at the screen once more. "Lemme guess, that NCO you talked about few months ago? Girlfriend now eh? Congrats. But also glad you weren't in there when the bomb went off...would of been a shame...still is now." He said before shrugging his shoulders, "Yeah I know. Some regs are best kept followed, if you don't want the IOA or the Judge Advocate General on your ass." Jack shook his head, "But look at this...bastard starts a Rebellion and people join him, believing in his crap. This is what I'm talking about, and I swear to you, if there are members of this Rebellion on my Expedition, I'm going to shove a flaming torch up Riley's ass when I get back here...if I get back here when the Expedition is sent off."

Asid let out a breath. "Fiance, now, actually." He glanced at him, grinning shakily. "I know an idiot who might be able to help you. His family and I are pretty close." Asid muttered, quietly. "Captain Christopher Tenjin. Right now he's out in the Celestis Galaxy, but he'll likely be transferred back before you leave. He's solid, if an idiot."

Jack raised a brow, glancing at Asid. "Well then, congratulations again." Only to grin at what Asid said. "Christopher Tenjin eh? Let me guess, brother of Jonathan Tenjin who has had to take command of Atlantis multiple times because a number of officers that had the command couldn't handle it? And son of Karl Tenjin, commanding officer of the Pillar of Dawn that was launched few months ago? Man if he's got a family with a decent record to be in command of a city and a 307, sure, I'll be glad to put him on the team. But if this Rebellion goes on longer than anyone believes...I don't want to be responsible if Chris gets killed by one of these bastards on this Expedition." Jack said, sighing heavily. "I may just be paranoid again, but how many people have joined this Rebellion since this Riley declared leadership?"

"No, actually his cousin." Asid muttered, dryly. "Karl Tenjin's nephew." He glanced at Jack, smirking. "And if he dies, very few people will be particularly unhappy. He rubs people the wrong way. That said, one BC-304 and several AF ground personnel."

Jack chuckled, "Well I did some reading on his family but failed to look at relation between them. My bad." He said before raising a brow and then sighed. "Well maybe being in a Galaxy twenty four million light years from home will be better...if its further away from Celestis that is. If not...if you see him shipped back to Earth in a metal container, then nothing can save him from being...him." Jack shrugged, "But then again, if he changes his act a bit on this Expedition, I may be praised." He smirked, staring at the screen.

"May be. I wouldn't hold my breath though. And if you feel an overwhelming desire to pump him full of lead, keep in mind that you're not alone in that desire." He grinned.

Jack chuckled, "As long as Karl don't come over and hit my office with an Asgard Beam, then expect a KIA list month after the Expedition starts." Jack said before tapping his chin, "Now that I think about it, I may have been reading too far back into some personnel files...Atlantis is being lead by someone else, isn't it?"

"Huh?" Asid glanced at him. "No, Major Jonathan Tenjin, acting commander."

Jack went over to the briefing table and grabbed a folder with an L on it and looked it over before walking back to Asid, handing it to him with Leonard's file. "See. Lieutenant Colonel Korin Leonard, Commanding Officer of Atlantis since August 22nd, of 2019. Promoted from Major on July 18th of 2021." Jack said, looking back at the news on the screen. "But like I said before, Command at Atlantis changes so often, anyone could forget who's in charge."

"Meh." Asid shrugged. "Doesn't matter. Regardless."

He looked around, idlely. "So, what's the next thing to discuss?"

Jack closed the folder and tossed it back onto the table. "Ever heard of Wing Commander Daniel Lucas?"

"In passing." Asid said, dryly.

"Well after our discussion about the Daniel Jackson and my suspicion of something going down...I decided to pick him as my Executive. Don't know a dam thing about him except on file. He just seemed like he was good for the job. Am I wrong?"

"I've not heard much about him, hence the in passing." Asid grumbled, irately. "There are a lot of good officers. And a lot of bad ones. British officers, from what I've seen and heard, tend to be lots of desk jockies. So, be forewarned if he's not stellar in the field."

Jack grinned, "Then maybe placing him as the Executive wasn't a bad idea after all. It'll make him stellar in the field...eventually, after we find a planet for base of operations." Jack said. "So when is the wedding?"

"Don't know yet. Probably after I get a Section 8 from dealing with the two Generals on the base. Fragging prima donnas."

Blinked, "Wait what? Section Eight, what for? And Fragging what?" Jack asked, half grinning and half confused.

"Have you ever met Generals Allen Yu and Jeff Chan? They are some of the biggest frakking idiots I've ever met. Lots of waste." Asid muttered, dryly. "Lots of waste. That said, since becoming XO, I've effectively been the one running the base because they are actively disinterested in their duties."

Jack chuckled, shaking his head, "No I haven't met the two, well correction, I've seen Chan every now and then, only because I'm stuck here picking out decent people for this Expedition and all I do is see him either in his office for a moment, and then gone for the rest of the day. Which reminds me...Homeworld Command passed him up over you for Command of this base, didn't they? Shows you how much they care." Jack said, shaking his head again.

"He's only the acting commander while General Yu is off screwing up elsewhere." Asid muttered, dryly. "He won't last long."

Jack shrugged, "I'm betting you fifty bucks Chan and Yu are part of the Rebellion, and you'll get Command after the two of them get a round in their heads." Jack said, but shrugs his shoulders. "Then again, I best not say that around anyone else, or they'd think I'm part of the Rebellion for accusing Generals the same." Jack sighed. "But I'll probably miss it when we leave, which from the looks of it, I'll be done before December hits."

"I won't take that bet." Asid grinned. "They're too out-for-themselves. Maybe they'd work with them, for a little bit, if only to profit."

Jack chuckled, "Hey by the time it happens, you probably be rank or two higher than me, which be able to cover that fifty bucks with out a problem. But it don't matter." Jack said before leaning back against the table and crossed his arms over his chest. "I swear, Asid. Something goes wrong, and if I survive while everyone else dies around me...punishment for something...I'll dedicate my life to putting an end to this Rebellion. Right now its disturbing, and pathetic that people willingly join this...person...and kill their own people without even thinking about what they are doing."

Asid shrugged. "Is it that uncommon? Nazi Germany. Stalinist Russia? Communist China? North Korea? Sudan? Darfur? Afghanistan? Congo? I can keep going, Jack." He said back as well, stretching. "Whatever. Doesn't matter. I don't take risks without making sure the odds are surely stacked in my favor." He smirked, slightly. "Sun Tzu once said 'A good warrior only seeks battle once the battle is already won'. Paraphrasing, but it's a proverb I live by."

Jack smirked, "I suppose you can, if you include the American Civil War. But I bet a lot of people who risked their lives to save this planet from the Goa'uld. Wraith. Ori. Are all probably swearing up a storm. Hate to be around O'Neill when he sees the news about this bombing." Jack said before looking at Asid. "I'll take that into consideration, and if the Expedition arrives at a planet for our base of operations safe and sound...feel free to rub it in my face when I report in with the communication stones." Jack grinned.

"Alright. I'll hold you to that." Asid smirked, slightly. "Nevermind the Ori armies killing 'disloyal' members of their units. And the System Lords killing their own Jaffa. Wraith feeding on each other. They're proving my point."

"Just don't hold onto it too much when ya hear the news of our downfall." He joked, before throwing up his hands into the air. "Alright, you got me. I surrender. I'd raise a white flag but I got nothing on me, unless you accept a kleenex?"

"Is it clean?" Asid asked, wryly.

"Sick frak." Jack laughed.

"Nah, I don't want to get sick. Hence why I'm asking if it's clean."

Jack shook his head, "All right. I got a few files to go through and I should be done before submitting the list to Homeworld Command to start sending out the transfer orders." Jack said, pushing off the table.

  • End of Flashback - November 2nd, 2023

Jack's grip on his rifle tightened, as he repeated over a few things he had said to Asid that day. Then he snapped, "Why the hell did I have to be right?!" He shouted, grabbing the barrel of his rifle, and swinging it against a near by tree, busting the butt stock into pieces, then dropping the rifle onto the ground, panting heavily in rage. When he soon realized what he had done, he cursed at himself and dropped to his knees, picking up the pieces that fell out of the internal stock and break open receiver of the rifle, where he could use them as parts for the other two rifles he had in his bag.

He was glad that he did take two of the four rifles from the Marines in the Pod, along with his own of course. So he opened his bag and pulled out a SCAR-H rifle from it, before putting the pieces and the front whole part of his broken SCAR-H into his bag, leaving the busted butt stock on the ground, as it had nothing else in it that he needed. But reminding himself again, he pulled his broken SCAR-H out, and released the magazine. At how damaged the rifle was, the bolt had already pulled back from there being nothing to keep it in position, so the round that was in the chamber was on the ground. He put the broken rifle back into the bag, picked up the round from the ground and put it back into the magazine.

Then he took one of the intact SCAR-Hs, and shoved the magazine into it, before pulling the bolt back to load a round into the chamber. He then zipped the bag up, threw it on, stood onto his feet with his rifle in his hands, and resumed his trek once more.

Chapter FiveEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
    • J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy
  • November 6th, 2023
  • Phoenix, Arizona, Earth

The Major and Captain were back at the Black's residence, both having more updated news since the Colonel Jake Denton was able to contact Earth. They walked up the steps of the porch before ringing the door bell, where Benjamin Black opened the door.

"Yes?'s you two." Ben said.

Major looked at the man, "Is, the Mrs. home?"

Ben shook his head, "No, she went into town to run some errands. Why?"

"We prefer if you both were here for this, sir." said the Captain.

Ben looked at them both and didn't really take much for the old man to know that something was wrong. "It's about Jack, isn't it? Just tell me, I'll break it to her myself."

The Major sighed before nodding his head, "Plans to a Task Force to search for the Black Eye Expedition was canceled a few months ago. But another Expedition team was launched to a different Galaxy. Now, don't take us wrong, we wanted to search for them but after the attacks-"

Ben held his hand up, "I know, I know. The government don't hold back much like they used to. Go on."

"The Expedition had a slight issue. It's ship crashed onto a planet, but the planet happened to be in the Galaxy they were going to. What they found, was the remains of the Jack's Expedition Fleet, and survivors."

Ben looked at the two, "Jack?"

They both shook their heads, "Over a hundred of the Black Eye Expedition survived, out of several thousand people. I'm sorry, sir, but Jack was among the casualty list."

Ben looked away for a moment, staring at something before looking back at them. "I see." He said, his voice a little shaky. "I'll inform Mrs. Black when she gets home, its better that I told her anyways. Thank you."

The Major and the Captain nodded before stepping down from the porch and headed back to their vehicle. "I hate this job." said the Captain.

"Yeah, but someone has to do it." said the Major.

  • Flashback - December 29th, 2021
    • Stargate Command, Earth
  • Colonel Jack Black
  • Asid as Colonel Asid Mjolnir and Captain Christopher Tenjin and Commodore Henry Morgan

Jack stood there in the gate room, as ironic as it is, being the departure area, they were going to use it to beam up to the ships. Jack stood there with the Commanders and very little of what was left of his team, since the rest were already beamed aboard. "Sure wish we were leaving on better conditions, with the Tau'ri Rebellion and all."

Asid stood, nearby, his arms folded. "Yeah, well, we don't always get to choose the situation. Think of it this way, it's Homeworld Command's way of getting rid of three ships, their crews, and an expedition's worth of possible suspects."

Jack raised a brow, and smirked. "Well that's very kind of you to say. I don't know if I or the Commanders of their ships here should feel insulted or take it as a compliment." Jack shook his head, "None the less, sure as hell hope to find something big on this Expedition."

"Yeah, you kinda gotta justify it." Asid shook his head.

Jack smiled, "Suppose so. But isn't Homeworld Command afraid of us encountering another race bent on conquering the galaxy or galaxies? SG-1 and the Goauld. Atlantis and the Wraith. Black Eye and what...lizards?"

"Yeah, but if we want to be prepared for the next threat, we also have to go out and look for gear. And it's better to find the threat first, before they find us."

Jack nodded his head, "Very true at that. It's worked thus far, right?" Jack then checked his watch. Truthfully, they hadn't left because of one person was running late.

"Yeah." Asid nodded, quietly. "Would rather not have the Wraith show up at our front door without forewarning. 'Specially with the bleeding heart people who complain we kill off so many races without getting a chance to know them. Love to introduce them to some Wraith."

Jack laughed, "There's an idea. Lock them up in a room with a very...very hungry Wraith. That'll fix their attitude towards this whole program."

"Yeah. Yeah." Asid chuckled. "I know a few people who aren't against the Program I'd like to do that too as well."

Jack nodded, "Like Captain Tenjin for example? Did he sleep in on the Midway or what?" He asked, assuming the man was suppose to be coming from Atlantis by now.

"Remember, there hasn't been a Midway in years." Asid rolled his eyes. "He'll be here in a minute. He's just packing up one last thing."

"Right...I keep forgetting that." Jack scratched the back of his head. "Well if its a magazine, tell him to leave it behind."

"It's clippings about his sister. Most of his pay goes to a PI looking for her." Asid said, softly. "Personally, I'd rather just as soon not see her."

Jack frowned, "She that bad? Assuming she's missing, for the reason of a PI."

"I was engaged to her for awhile. Honeyed words and false promises." Asid spat the words with clear distaste. "Yeah, she's been missing since '14."

Jack shook his head, "I can see that she can be a real bitch, but doesn't mean she deserves to be kidnapped or whatever that would cause her to go missing."

Asid met his eyes, with a expressionless face. "You never met her, so I'd rather you didn't make that judgement."

Raises his hands up, a gesture of surrender. "All right. Just saying no human being deserves to go missing, unless it was intentional." Jack said before crossing his arms. "Either way, we're on the clock here."

"Yeah, I know." Asid grumbled, before glancing towards the door where a young army Captain was stepping in with his duffle, wearing a fresh uniform. He glanced at Asid with clear distaste, and borderline fear, before walking to Colonel Black. "Captain Christopher Tenjin, reporting in."

Jack turned his head when he saw Asid glancing at something and saw the Captain walking in. Jack nodded his head towards the Captain. "You're late. You're lucky I plan on leaving here and arriving at our destination with everyone on my Expedition."

Chris just glared at him, his expression seeming to say 'not my problem'. "I'll leave you to it, Colonel." Asid smiled at Jack. "Good luck."

Jack looked at Asid then rolled his eyes before looking back at Chris. "Just don't make it a habit, Captain." Then he tapped on his earpiece. "This is Colonel Black to the Daniel Jackson. Got the last man here with me, ready to get underway." Jack then looked at Asid again, "I may not be able to make a speech like some people, but keep the light on for us, may never know when you'll see me or any of us again."

Asid chuckled. "I don't get to control the lights. But I'll try."

Jack smiled, "It's all I ask. Transport away." Jack said, before they were out of Asid's sight.

Asid just stepped back, watching them go.

Jack stood there on the bridge with the Captain. "Sorry for the wait Commodore. We can go now." Jack said with a smile.

Henry glanced at Jack. "Yes, I got that we can go."

Jack shrugged, "Just saying, sir." Jack then pointed the way out of the bridge with his hand, "Captain." Jack said, letting him lead the way.

Christopher headed off the bridge, scowling, heading for deck 7 and all the crew quarters.

Jack shook his head, as he headed off to the mess hall.

  • End of Flashback - April 21st, 2024
    • Planet J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy
  • Colonel Jack Black

Panting heavily, Jack was sitting on the ground with his back against a tree, his kneels up and his arms resting on top of them. It was raining again, wearing his rain gear to keep his clothes from getting wet, despite how horrible they were starting to smell. Rain drops would roll down the bridge of his cap, dripping down in between his legs and down onto the ground. What did it look like? Simple. He was giving up. He was exhausted, tired, smelly, and absolutely lonely.

He doesn't know how many people of his Expedition had survived. He doesn't know if they are all dead or some are alive as he sat there. He doesn't know where they are, how they are doing, or anything at all. And he was their leader, their Commanding Officer, they were his responsibility and he was out here trying to reach them. If they're even alive....

"Hey, don't give up now."

Jack jumped and looked around, trying to figure out where that voice came from. "Who's there?"

"Just someone you know. Come on Jack, get on your feet and get going."

Jack frowned as he kept looking around from his spot. "Show yourself!" He shouted.

Finally, a woman came out from behind a tree and stepped in front of him. She looked soaked, as if she had been standing out in the rain all day. She pushed a strand of wet hair out of the way, that had matted itself to her face. "Happy now? Will you get up and keep going?"

Jack frowned deepened as he tried to figure out who she was. "Who are you?"

She smiled, "I told you, someone you know. Can we go now?"

Jack looked down at the ground, shaking his head. "No."

She sighed, "Come on, Jack. Don't give up now."

Jack shook his head again, "No. I can't. I just can't keep going."

"Yes, you can. You're a soldier, and a leader. You have a responsibility to those people out there. They need you, Jack, and you need to keep moving."

Jack shook his head, "No! I just can't! I'm legs feet are sore...I've been walking for months...."

"I know, Jack. I know. But you have got to keep going, they are depending on you."

Jack looked up at her, squinting. "Wait a minute...I know you."

"Didn't I just say that?"

Jack ignored her, "You're that girl from High School, who wouldn't even go out with me. If you're here...then..." He started to laugh, "Then I'm really losing it." He laughed louder, "Yup! Jack has finally lost his mind!" He continued to laugh for a moment before looking at her. "You're just my subconscious, trying to keep me from stopping."

"Well duh...what else would I be? You honestly believe some woman from High School would actually have gotten herself lost on a planet like this?"

Jack chuckled, "It could happen. I mean, look at me."

"You got here on a ship. If you knew this girl, she wouldn't even touch the Stargate with a ten foot pole."

Jack smiled, "Yeah, a ship that blew up! Damaged just about every dam system on the pod...throwing us off course...killing everyone but me inside." He said, looking back down at the ground. "Why couldn't at least one of them or a couple...or all of them survived? Why did I had to survive...why did I survive at all?"

"Well you could just sit here and not survive." She told him.

Jack shook his head, "No...I got to survive."

"No you don't. Come on, you said it yourself. Why keep going? You been walking for months."

Jack shook his head again and slowly stood up onto his feet. "No, I got to keep going."

"No, don't, stay. No one will know that you given up. No one will know that you were a coward."

Jack jerked around and shouted at her. "I am not a coward!" And then she was gone. He blinked as he looked around, trying to see where she went, only to remind himself that he was hallucinating. "I'm not a coward." He said more quietly, before he resumed his trek, adjusting the rifle strap.

Chapter SixEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
    • J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy
  • October 30th, 2024

Running quickly through the forest, dodging trees left and right, every time he dodged a tree, there was another in front of him. But that didn't matter, his team was chasing a very important Wraith commander, one with vital information on the condition of the Wraith. They were lucky with this one, they assumed a lone Wraith piloting a Dart be a simple capture and interrogation, but what they got instead was a Wraith Commander, escorted by a few guards, leaving some ruins the Wraith were obviously interested in.

Jack was trying to keep up, but he needed to slow the Wraith down some how. So the next tree that got in his way, he dropped down to one knee, aimed and fired several bursts, aiming at one of the Wraith's legs. A success. The Wraith fell to the ground, muscle under his right knee were nearly ripped out from the shots. Jack got up and started to walk towards it, keeping his aim on it.

"Good job, Major!" Said Colonel Weber, as him, Captain Haze, and Lieutenant Dermis walked up to Jack's side. They all stood before the Wraith, all of them panting heavily, Jack himself nearly out of breath.

"Thank you, sir." Said Jack, staring at the Wraith.

Captain Haze bent down next to the Wraith's right leg. "I don't know how well he can heal this one."

"We really need him alive, take him back to Atlantis for Sheppard to play with. Who here thinks what name Sheppard will pick for this one? Paul?" Asked Weber.

"Hank?" Asked Haze.

"I like Charles." Said Lieutenant Dermis.

Jack pointed at the Wraith's wound he had inflicted. "How about Stumpy?"

They all laughed, but if anyone from the Black Eye, or Excalibur Expedition were around, all they see is Jack laughing...alone. What Jack was experiencing more than a flashback, he was literally acting it, as well as hallucinating everything else while using the environment around him.

"Laugh while you still can! We are growing...and when we are ready...we will swarm Atlantis, and kill you all! Then...we will use Atlantis to invade Earth...and feast like never before!" Shouted the Wraith.

"Hey, Stumpy. We've heard the same impending doom of the human race. Guess what? We kicked their ass's, and your ass's and we're still here." Said Colonel Weber. Everyone else chuckled before Jack jumped a little when something caught his eye, aiming his rifle at it.

"Jack, what is it?" Asked Weber.

"I don't know." Jack said as he walked towards it.

"Dermis go with him." Weber ordered, Dermis nodding his head and followed Jack.

About fifteen feet away from the downed Wraith were a few bodies. Jack approached one and knelt down, flipping it over to see that it was a man.

Dermis yelled back, "Sir! We found a few bodies, human bodies!" Wasn't long till Weber came over, Haze watching the Wraith.

"I thought Sheppard said we were the only team on this planet?" Weber asked out loud.

But Jack didn't hear him, as he looked at the face of the man. "I know him...."

Weber frowned, "What? How? Where? When?"

"I know him...because I selected him to...join me. Back at Stargate Command... about...three years ago." Jack said. "Captain...Thomas...showed great potential as a leader...I had him assigned to lead BE-4."

Weber's frown deepened, "Jack?"

Jack then checked the man's pockets on his jacket, even the vest until he pulled put the Captain's ID, where at the top he saw three words. 'Black Eye Expedition'. Once Jack saw the name, reality came back with a vengeance, remembering everything up to this point, and that he just found a few people from his Expedition, dead.

Jack lowered his head and made a small prayer, before he collected Dog Tags and ID Cards from them, putting them in a empty vest pocket before he reloaded his rifle, six magazines empty, out of fifteen. Then, remembering his personal objective, and the fact these men were obviously on a scout mission, the rest of his Expedition couldn't be too far away...could they? He just hopes he can make it before losing control of his sanity forever.

Chapter SevenEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
    • J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy
  • January 1st, 2025

For some reason - when Jack knew that the campsite, if there was one, couldn't of been too far away when he had found those bodies - he was walking completely in circles, his compass stopped working after he had smashed it thinking it was a poisonous fat spider months ago, so in truth... he had lost his bearing.

Step... Step... one foot in front of the other, just a little more Jackie... just a little more. Jack thought, his hair messy, dry, all the way down to his shoulders with a full beard almost a good foot long, and all he could think about was that he was close. "Oh who am I kidding." Jack dropped to his knees, his eyes haven't even left the ground, all he had been staring at was the leaves, branches, fallen trees, and his own two feet in boots that were scratched up and worn all around.

His uniform was falling apart as well, some holes here and there, torn a bit at the seem on the pants, both sleeves were ripped off when he thought he was a barbarian several months ago. If anyone was with him, they would start to hear him cry, see his shoulders shaking, and what little tears were left rolled down his cheeks just half way before falling down into the soil.

Suddenly, a little girl's voice came out of no where. "Why are you crying?"

Jack looked up, seeing the girl in front of him, only to cry out in surprise and fear as he scurried away from her until his back pressed against a tree. "You're not here!" He closed his eyes, waving his hands all over in front of him, trying to get rid of her.

"Of course she is not here. You let her die, remember?" Weber appeared out of no where, standing right beside the girl.

"No!" Jack cried out, "I didn't know... I didn't know there was anyone left in there, I didn't know!"

"Of course you didn't know, it wasn't your fault. Accidents happen." Said the girl.

"You're wrong! It is your fault! You heard a noise but didn't bother to check it!" Weber shouted at Jack. "You just ran, leaving her behind, locked in a room in the terrorist base of operations, and blew it up with her in it!!"

"I didn't know!" Jack shouted, "I thought... the noise were just the terrorists... or a... a rat tipping things over. No one said anything about there being any hostages in the mission briefing!"

"So you thought she was a rat, and felt it was okay to let her die?!"

"NO!" Jack brought his knees up, placed his arms on them and hid his face inside his arms. He never thought the past would creep up on him and hit him at full force like this, even though he is most likely to die here. Jack suddenly felt a hand on his arm, lifting up his head to see the girl's face.

"Don't be afraid. You already grieved for me when the Combat Engineers checked the site and found my body. You don't need to keep hating yourself anymore, you don't need to constantly punish yourself every year on the day I died."

Jack stared into her eyes, only to grab her and hug her tight. "I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry!"

"It's alright, I forgive you."

Suddenly she just disappeared, and he began to realize that he was hugging nothing but himself. Jack pulled his arms away from his chest and looked down at his hands before he heard her voice again. "Just look right in front of you, and don't give up."

Jack blinked his eyes as he looked up and around, only to catch a glimpse of tents not too far away. Jack licked his parched lips before standing up onto his feet as he stared at the tents. Jack then reached into his shirt and pulled out a necklace. He took the locket and opened it, seeing the picture of the little girl in the right, and her parents in the left. He closed it before holding it in both of his hands, closing them around it. "I'll never forget." He said before putting the necklace back into his shirt, and started walking.

Four Hours Later

Jack had arrived at the campsite after walking a couple hours, and spent two more hours searching the site, looking for people... anything at all. Now, he sat in a chair that he had picked up off the ground, sitting right in front of a fire pit with a fire going, cooking the last food he had left from some of the creatures he hunted.

Jack pulled out the tablet from his bag and stared at it, before taking a deep breath and turned it on. He couldn't remember the last time he used it but when he looked, the battery life was blinking at eighteen percent. Jack sighed and then opened a document, and pressed the recording.

"This-" He began to cough, then quickly cleared his throat. "This is Colonel Jack Black. Serial number... three, niner... one, dash... seven, fife," Jack paused for a second, realizing he had forgotten the rest of his numbers. So he fished for his ID card and pulled it out. "...eight, two, niner." Jack put the card away and sighed heavily.

"Some people confront their demons a bit differently than others. I... just had an encounter with mine about several hours ago. I... don't know what brought it out, or why I was forgiven... but she... she forgives me. I guess... I have been holding onto the guilt for fifteen years... hating myself, punishing myself. It didn't mattered if I had grieved or kicked my own ass for what I did, all that mattered was that I neglected to check the entire building... and allowed a... seven... or eight year old girl to die. I was told that we found one of the terrorists bases... more like a weapons cache to me... there was no mention of hostages or civilians in the building. So I was sent alone to plant the bomb, get out and detonate it. I heard something in a locked room, I thought it was those terrorists... so I planted the bomb, ran and blew the building up."

Jack sighed heavily again, "When Combat Engineers checked it for bodies, hoping to uncover some terrorist bodies to identify them, they found a little girls body in the rubble. I was devastated... hated myself for not kicking that locked door open... punished myself for not checking every room for anyone who didn't belonged there. And now... she caught up with me," Jack chuckled. "Caught up with me right here, of all places, on this god forsaken planet. And she... told me that she forgives me..." Jack shook his head and pulled the meat away from the fire, and stuck the thick stick it was on into the ground to let it cool off.

"I found their campsite. My crew's campsite. But no one is here. Why? Where did they go?" Jack shook his head, only to look over to the side of the mountain. "I do see a nasty wreckage though... looks like the Excalibur Class. But I clearly remember seeing the Daniel Jackson explode..." Jack rubbed his forehead, only to remember the fireball in the sky and snapped his fingers. "The rescue ship, that Excalibur class there is... or it was... a rescue ship. But why abandon this campsite? They wouldn't be inside the wreckage, would they?" Suddenly his tablet started beeping at him, the battery down to ten percent.

"I apologize for the lack of recording logs like I had said I would, but... there were... a lot of times I thought I wasn't going to make it.... I was on the brink of giving up just not too long ago, but that girl... she gave me all I needed to find this campsite and now I can't give up. Not when I am so close." Jack stared at the wreckage before looking down at the tablet. "This is Jack Black, signing off." Jack saved the document then turned off the tablet before putting it back into his backpack and grabbed the stick to start eating.

One Week Later
January 8th, 2025

Jack had spent a long week at the campsite, worked on collecting whatever supplies was left, sleeping in a cot for the first time in years with a blanket and pillow. He even found a half a can of shaving cream, which he began to assume that whatever happened, people left in a hurry and didn't bother to grab 'everything' they had. None the less, it was a little difficult to shave, he had to use his combat knife to cut most of his beard away and shave the rest. Then he had taken a sponge bath, but he couldn't find any soap, and did his best to get his hair clean before using the combat knife to cut his hair down, to a messy, spikey hair, having used a broken mirror to try to make even cuts but some places were shorter than others.

Now, with his canteens full of water, and whatever field rations he could find, he grabbed his bag, his rifle, and headed straight for the wreckage. It took Jack a few hours to get to the wreckage and a few more hours to find a way inside. Jack explored the ship as much as he could, having to find ways to get around blocked corridors to move further. Finally, when he reached the bridge, he looked around at all the wreckage, and at all the empty consoles. Literally. Whatever there was, was taken out, as if someone had salvaged what they could to use.

But what he did notice was the large logo on the side of the wall, that told Jack exactly what this ship was. The USS Excalibur. Jack sighed heavily, beginning to assume the worse, but quickly reminded himself that people had to survive. Why else would there be no computer components left? Jack then peered out of the only view port on the bridge and noticed a strange structure not too far from here.

Jack quickly made his way out of the ship as he could, but it nearly took him the rest of the day to do so, so when night time came, he just went to find himself some crew quarters, and slept in one that still had its beds inside

Chapter EightEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
    • J18-V73, Triangulum Galaxy
  • January 10th, 2025

When Jack left the wreckage, he ended up losing his bearings again, but managed to recover before being lost for too long. And now, he stood at the entrance of this... man made base. At first he wasn't sure what to think, but he wasted no more time to get inside and search the place. He looked everywhere but could find nothing, everything appeared to have been taken, like on the Excalibur. Weapons were gone, all the equipment was pretty much gone.

Except for a tablet. Someone must of forgot it. Jack grabbed it and turned it on, but when it didn't turn on, he assumed the battery was drained. Jack grabbed his tablet out of his back pack and used his combat knife to screw out the battery casings on both tablets before yanking out the dead battery from the one he found and tossed it. He then grabbed the battery from his tablet and placed it into the other one before putting the casing back on. Quickly he turned it on and the battery beeped at him, showing the ten percent he had.

Quickly he searched the tablet, only to find a document that looked very important. Gate Addresses. Jack opened up the document and looked at the list, skimming over the details on the addresses they visited, only to stop at the one that stood out. Mindar. The tablet warned him once more, he looked and saw the two percent drop to one. Jack quickly scribbled the address into the dust on the floor before the tablet went dead. Jack sighed in relief when he got it all and started searching his pockets, hoping he had a notepad and a pen somewhere.

When he found one, which to his surprise as he never knew he had them, he wrote down the symbols he scribbled on the floor then went in search for the gate room. When Jack saw the gate and the DHD, he was glad that the gate wasn't powered by power generators but by the DHD itself, otherwise... from the looks of things... he'd be screwed if the gate needed power generators to dial out.

Jack looked at the address on the note pad and began to dial it, but when he finished entering the symbols, his hand just hovered over the engage sequence that would activate the gate. Jack stared at his hand, wondering why he was hesitating... was he afraid that these people could be hostile? He only was able to scribble the address down before the tablet died, he didn't get the chance to read any description about Mindar. He took a deep breath, and thought that it was now or never and he certainly couldn't wait forever. So he pressed the large button and watched the gate come to life as the sequence was correct.

Jack slowly walked over to the gate, putting the note pad away before he slung his rifle around and prepared himself. But he couldn't move, all he did was stare at the event horizon. It had been so long since he had seen this, so long since he had gone through a gate. Now he finds signs of life having been here, but no life here at all. There were no bodies either, at least not for the graves he counted back at the campsite, and the scout team he founded months ago.

"Just go Jack!" Weber shouted, and Jack stepped into the event horizon, watching the swirling bending and twisting all around before he stumbled out of the gate on Mindar. He quickly lifted up his rifle as the gate shut down, searching all around but found nothing. Suddenly Jack heard explosions from the distance and he took off towards it without thinking of it. He just ran and he ran hard and fast, the thought of his own people under attack had crossed his mind and all he could do was run faster in hopes to get there in time.

Jack reached a village, seeing that there were strange beings attacking other different beings. It didn't really take him long to figure out who were the innocent and who were the attackers, especially when the attackers were shooting unarmed people. Jack quickly scanned the area with his eyes, counting fifteen of the beings that he could see so far. "Special Forces Training... don't fail me now." Jack took cover behind a large tree, picked his targets and began firing single shots into the heads of the attackers. But once his position was discovered, he quickly switched to burst fire and started aiming for their chests, letting off rounds after rounds, several times forced to duck down when the tree was hit.

Ten... Eight... Six, they were falling like rocks and as they fell, Jack noticed strange black clouds leaving the bodies of the attackers and then dissipate in the air. Jack was confused but his thoughts about it were soon interrupted when he was shot in the leg. Yelling out from the pain he dropped to his knee and quickly took out the one who shot him and the other two right behind it. Three more, but Jack couldn't shoot. He immediately realized he was out, pressing the magazine release and dropping his bag to pull out a full mag. Jack flinched and covered his head when the tree was hit a few more times before he shoved the mag into the rifle, released the bolt mechanism and took out the remaining three targets.

Jack grabbed his bag and threw it back on before hopping towards the village where he could still hear shooting and screaming. Of course, he only took out the ones he saw outside the village, but when he got up to one of the houses, he saw that there were six more in the village. Panting, Jack raised his rifle and started shooting at them, picking one off, then the next. But the instant two of them were taken out, the rest turned and started shooting at him. Jack took out the third, but just before he was shot right in his right shoulder, the rifle falling out of his hand and swung there with the strap against the left side of his neck.

Jack groaned and cursed as he rested his back against the building while pulling out his M9 with his right hand as best as he could before taking it in his left. He leaned out and unloaded a clip into two of the attackers. Jack pulled back into cover and tried his best to reload the pistol, but before he could get a full clip in, a shadow loomed over him. Jack looked up and saw the remaining attacker, pointing its weapon at him. This is it... of all he has gone through... of all the suffering he went through... he was going to die here... on a planet... with people living on it, people he didn't even know... being attacked by attackers he knew nothing about. Suddenly the attacker took several shots before falling to the ground, its blood pouring out while the black cloud left its body.

But instead of the cloud dissipating like the others, it began to move towards him. Jack jumped when it got closer and quickly tried to crawl away and just when it was so close to reaching him it stopped... became smaller... and smaller... before it completely disappeared. Panting heavily, Jack looked to see where the shots came from, but his vision started to get blurry. "No... stay... awake..." Jack tried to tell himself. But just before he fell unconscious, he saw a group of the same people that were attacked, but in strange looking gear and weapons that he hadn't seen before.

January 30, 2025
Vindosan Hospital, Capital City

Jack's eyes flew open, and he sat up in the bed, looking around. Breathing heavily, confused, and... then placed his hands on his forehead. God damn my head hurts. He thought before pulling his hands away when he noticed someone walking towards him. She looked human... but also looked like a nurse too.

"Relax, you're in a hospital." She said.

Jack frowned, his heart racing. "On... Earth?"

She was then next to frown and shake her head, "No, on Mindar, in our Capital."

"But... aren't you human?" Jack asked.

Suddenly someone walked in, "I'm the leader of the Vindosans on Mindar. You'll have to excuse the nurse, she hasn't met your kind before like some of us have." The man then gestured the nurse to leave.

Jack sat up a bit more and rested his back against the wall. "Where are my people?"

"I was just about to ask you the same question. Are you not from the Excalibur Expedition?"

Jack frowned, "Excalibur Expedition? No. I'm the leader of the Black Eye Expedition."

It was the man's turn to frown now. "If you would please, explain from the beginning."

Jack sighed, thought for a moment before he started exactly at the beginning. He explained about his mission in detail, their stop above a planet, how things went horribly wrong, the guidance malfunction in the escape pod... Jack explained everything in detail, leaving out the hallucinations though.

"I'm surprised you were able to survive so long, alone, with chances of food and water changing every day. What's your name?"

"Jack Black, Colonel of the United States Air Force."

The man smiled and held out his hand, "President Jeron."

Jack took the President's hand and shook it, "Honor to meet you, sir. Who were those men that saved me?"

The President sighed as he adjusted himself in the chair he had been sitting in when Jack began his story. "Those are the Vindosan Resistance Movement. You see, we don't have much of a military structure here... we're peaceful people... scientists, researchers... we don't believe in violence. But there are those who do."

Jack stared at him for a moment, "I don't know if anyone said this, but just because you don't believe in violence, doesn't mean you can't be prepared for it. Those... things that attacked your village are a prime example."

The President nodded his head, "I know. I was just elected last year, and I have been discussing with my staff that we should create a military structure. For, homeland defense. We've been talking with a number of Kommanders, the Vindosan Brigade will be established sometime next month. As much as we want to deny it, we simply can't, the violence the Voroths, the ones that you saw attacking us, is growing."

Jack sighed, "You may have to do more than defend yourselves. You see, when my people first discovered the gate, we already began to make a mark in the galaxy, and it wasn't long until we made ourselves known. Our first real threat was the Goa'uld... then Anubis... then the Replicators... Wraith... Ori...the threat just never seems to end. But, we didn't just sit back and waited for the enemy to come at our doorstep...we explored the galaxy, looked for technology that we could salvage or trade for, to defeat our enemies, and to protect the innocent. We soon became the hope for the galaxy's very survival... until the Rebellion..." Jack sighed even more.

Jeron stared at Jack, "We could use someone like you, to help us. To do what your people did."

Jack thought about it but then shook his head, "No... I appreciate the offer, I do. But you need to find your own heroes, within your own people. I..." Jack smiled happily, "I need to get home. I need to know where this... Excalibur Expedition got home... and how."

Jeron nodded his head and got up, leaving the room for a moment. He returned a few minutes later, "The doctor recommends you stay for a few more days. He took care of your wounds and even though they've healed up nicely, you've been unconscious for almost three weeks."

Jack blinked in surprise and then heard and felt his stomach growl. Jack placed his hand on his stomach and then laughed, "Then, I won't argue about it."

Jeron smiled, "I'll see that the nurse brings you some food."

"Thanks. I appreciate all you've done for me."

"It's the least we can do, for saving my people. If you hadn't stopped the Voroth, the Resistance wouldn't of been able to get to them before they discovered where our real population was. Because of you, you prevented the Voroth from finding our cities."

Jack frowned, "Where are your cities?"

Jeron chuckled, "Underwater. See you in a couple of days." Jeron then left the room, leaving Jack sitting there with his mouth hanging open and his eyes bout ready to pop out of his skull.


Chapter NineEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
  • March 22nd, 2025

Jack stood there near the edge of one of many bubble like domes that was part of the large city, well the one he was at was part of the largest city under water of Mindar, their capital. He stared out into the ocean, watching as all kinds of mammals and fish of the like swam by, as if these cities were part of the ocean, and that these creatures knew to avoid them. Interesting creatures as they were, whales he's never seen before, sharks that looked like they were teethless, some even with spots. And the fish...there were so many he couldn't keep track of what he saw.

"Enjoying the view?" Jeron asked as he walked up to Jack's side.

"I am. Your world is remarkable, having the ability...the technology to create these...bubbles underwater, just to build cities inside them...if this were to happen on Earth, a lot of people would be afraid to move into these cities, for the fear of one of these bubbles cracking and flooding everything." Jack said as he watched as a group of sharks swam by, looking like they were on a hunting expedition.

"We have ways to prevent that from happening, plus these domes are very strong, it would take much force to break them, let alone crack them." said Jeron.

Jack nodded his head, "So how did it go?"

"Well, I was able to convince them to rethink their decision and now we're finally able to establish a better military structure. And we would be glad if you helped us with that."

Jack smiled, "Well what kind of military are you going to have?"

Jeron frowned, "What do you mean?"

Jack turned to face the man, "I mean, other than just ground troops...are you going to have any air vessels, space vessels, sea vessels?"

Jeron smiled, "Well the only sea vessels we have are the submersibles that take us from our cities to the island, and back."

Jack nodded, "I see, so no military structure for the sea. So then you'll have an Army, and a Air Force. Air Force will work both ways in the air, and in space, that is...if you have ideas for making space ships?"

Jeron thought for a moment, "Come, lets walk." He said as he took the lead, Jack quickly coming up to walk along side him. "We do have plans, and we already have large shipyards all over the world building prototypes, but they're just prototypes. At first we were thinking of building only trade vessels, to go and trade with our neighbors in the galaxy. But since the Voroth are ruthless, and hostile to everyone and everything they come across...and because of how convincing you were at the hospital...we have no choice but to build military vessels."

"It's a smart decision, Jeron. If this galaxy needs a savior, it'll be your people." Jack said as they approached a vehicle of some kind, both entering it before it took off.

Jeron handed Jack his computer tablet, "We were able to replace the battery in it. But I was hoping that you could convince your government to help us."

Jack took the tablet and turned it on, making sure everything was still there before looking at Jeron. "I wish I could. I don't have a way of contacting them, nor would they do it. I haven't been in contact with them for a few years, they probably think that I'm dead. Even so, they don't know you or your people. They don't know if they could trust you so quickly as I did. Besides, the Tau'ri Rebellion led by some idiot is most likely keeping my people busy, as well as other common things we always have troubles with." Jack then opened a document, listing ranks of all the military branches in his country.

"So we're completely on our own with this?" Jeron asked.

Jack sighed before nodding his head. "I'm afraid so."

"What about the ships you've talked about?"

Jack shook his head, "As much as I like to, I can't give you that information, nor do I have it on my harddrive. All I can do, is help you structure your military, and provide suggestions on how to better train your people."

Jeron sighed, "I guess that is better than nothing."

Jack nodded his head and then began to explain while showing him the tablet.

  • May 2nd, 2025
    • Jack's Home

Jack was just finished cooking when the door bell rang, so he put the burgers on some buns before walking over to the door. When he opened it, he saw his neighbor, "Chrissa, please come in."

Chrissa smiled, but she could smell the aroma. "Oh, you're having dinner, I shouldn't disturb you."

Jack shook his head, "Oh no its quite all right. Please." Jack opened the door wider and waited.

Chrissa kept smiling as she walked on in.

"Can I get you a drink?" Jack asked as he shut the door before he went back to the kitchen to start putting cut lettuce, or whatever they were. Most of the foods were similar but not all the same as to what he was used to. But he made a simple cheese burger with all the works.

"No thanks, I was just coming by to see how you were settling in. I heard that the government was very busy with the new military they established, and are focusing heavily on certain weapons and scientific research...but...stopped coming to you."

Jack blinked and turned to look at her. "You heard that?"

Chrissa smiled again, "Come on, Jack. You know I used to serve in the resistance movement. I got plenty of contacts in the new military."

Jack nodded his head before sighing. "Yeah, they're starting to sound a lot like my people. The moment I helped them realize the truth, that they can't just simply sit back and let these...Voroths, constantly invade their planet and kill their people, and that it was only a matter of time till they found...well...all this." He threw his arms back, gesturing to the whole cities under the water. "Was the moment that they agreed, and became so focused on their own protection than my needs of getting back home. So yes, I'm settling just fine, but it will never be home."

Chrissa nodded her head slowly, understanding everything he said, except maybe the home part. "Why can't this be your home, Jack? You told me that your people most likely consider you dead. Why prove them wrong?"

Jack shook his head as he was about to take his plate to the kitchen table, but he set it right back down on the counter. "Because I am still responsible for the lives of my expedition, whether Homeworld Command considers me dead or not! I am still a Colonel of the United States Air Force, I have a duty to them and to the people of Earth. I can't just keep sitting on my ass here, waiting for your people to finally decide to help me."

"But they provided everything for you. Food for a lifetime, a furnished home, clothes to your liking. Why isn't that enough?" Chrissa asked.

Jack shook his head again, "You won't understand." He said before he took a bite of his burger.

"Then make me understand, Jack!"

Jack looked at her for a moment, the truth of her argument was so visible that even a goa'uld could tell that she had fallen in love with him, and wanted him to stay. Jack sighed as he set his burger down onto the plate. "Because this isn't truly my home. If you where in my shoes...on some alien world...the only one of your kind...and it came to the point that it looked like you'd be stuck there forever, unable to return to your own home, to your own people, then you'll feel exactly as I feel right now. Betrayed. Forgotten. And alone."

Chrissa crossed her arms across her chest, "But you're not alone, Jack. What about me?"

And so the truth came out, but Jack couldn't accept it, couldn't accept having that kind of life. "I appreciate it, Chrissa, in fact I'm flattered that you would find me attractive. But I can't. I can't risk falling in love with anyone on this world, not when there is still a chance for me to go home. I'm sorry, I don't want to hurt you, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave, and that we stop seeing each other."

The look on her face was both hate, and pain. "Fine! I hope you can live with yourself, Jack. Because when you do realize you can't go back home, you will be alone!" After that, she stormed out and ran straight home.

Jack sighed heavily, looking down at the two burgers before grabbing the one he took a bite out of and went back to eating. He wasn't going to let something like this upset his stomach, even if his stomach didn't feel like eating anymore.

  • July 6th, 2025
    • J18-V73 - Excalibur Wreck Site

When things began to move further and further away from the promise of helping him return home, Jack started to lose faith and trust in the Vindosan government. And as such, a month ago, he moved out of the place he was given in the city and moved to the village, with all of his things. He now lived in a small cabin, helped the village with the planting and patching other homes when they needed it. But most of the time, he'd put on his gear, travel to the gate, and gate back to the Ecco Base on J18-V73, where he would try to scavenge for parts, in hopes to restore power to the generators. But his hopes were all they were, hopes, as restoring power was nearly impossible.

Jack was at the Excalibur, leaning against the helm station, whats left of it anyways, staring out the view port, staring out towards the view of trees...mountain sides...and the partial cloudy sky. And as he sat there, his computer tablet rested next to him, with a document open, and ready to record. But all he could do was stare, as unaware that his mind was playing a song, Something Dark is Coming was the song, it was almost like it was playing all around him, as if the speakers on the bridge were playing it. But the song didn't seem to fit the title at the moment, not when he was feeling the guilt, the responsibility, and the need to return home...fading.

The hopes to return home was nothing but a hope, as the facts were facts, the Vindosans were too busy preparing themselves, growing their military, building their military, getting ready to be on the offensive for a change. And all the parts he finds were either incompatible with the generators, or just didn't do any good. There was no way to restore power to them, not with parts from various things. All the jumpers, smashed and destroyed in the hangar, provided no help either. And so...he just stared out the window, as reality began to set in.

Suddenly the music in his mind was interrupted when a familiar voice filled the room. "I was told I'd find you here."

Jack turned his head to find Jeron standing there, with a security escort none the less. "What do you want?" Jack asked before returning his gaze back to the scenery.

Jeron sighed, "Look, I apologize if we lost your trust. I know we said we'd help you, only to turn you down. But you told us we needed to be prepared, that we needed to change, and we were doing just that."

Jack's eyes continued to stare as he listened to the mans words. "You promised me that once you got things set in motion, you would help me get home. That was almost five months ago." Jack then turned his head, looking right at Jeron. "I spent a few years, struggling to stay alive on this planet, in hopes to find my people and to return home with them. Now, they were able to get back home...but without me. So the only thing I have left to do, is to get back home, to report to my superiors and to do the only thing I am good at. Follow orders. Since I apparently failed as a leader, I'm better under someone's command, following their orders and their leadership. But I can't do that if I'm stuck here...when the only people, besides the Voroth, that are capable of helping me get home, ignore me every time I request for it. So excuse me if I have little sympathy for you right now."

Jeron nodded his head, "I understand. Well, I came here to tell you that we are going to help you. While we were busy...our scientists were able to create portable generators. They work at maybe an eighth capacity as the main reactors we plan to use on our military ships, but with enough of them, they think they can power the gate just enough to send you home."

"I assume that they went over the calculations on the other tablet?" Jack asked.

Jeron nodded his head again, "They did."

"Then they know how to prevent an overload?"

"My top scientist says it was difficult, but they were able to."

Jack then pushed himself off the console and grabbed his tablet, closing the document and turning it off. "I have everything I need...that I have to take back with me. So, lets get down to the gate and get started."

"They already started, Jack. I figured you wanted to get home right away, so before I came here, I made sure that they began their work."

Jack stared at the man before nodding his head, "Alright then. Let's go." Jack slipped past Jeron and his security escort, as he lead the way back to the Ecco base.

After several minutes, they arrived at the Ecco base, and as Jack was heading to the gate room, he turned his head to look behind him at Jeron. "You do understand that you will have to make this as your primary base of Stargate Operations? If the Voroth gets their hands on this Stargate and power it up like we are, then they'll be able to travel from galaxy to galaxy, and right now I rather not have them bothering any other galaxy but here."

Jeron nodded his head, "We'll make sure the Stargate here is secured, and that we establish a much larger and more fortified base."

Jack stopped and turned around, pointing at Jeron and poking him on the chest. "Good, because right now the Voroth are your responsibility. I don't know what the current situation my people are having, but we certainly don't need another enemy with a vast army to deal with. So it is your job to make sure they never touch that Stargate, even if it means burying it or dropping it into a volcano."

"I understand the responsibility and the consequences, Jack. But don't think that just because you are going home, that you can simply throw all the weight of the galaxy onto my shoulders."

"Too late for that, now Mr. President. The moment you and your people accepted the idea of going onto the offensive, to fight back, to push the Voroth out of this galaxy, is the moment you accepted the responsibility of other galaxies. This gate is the only gate in this galaxy that is capable of intergalactic travel, and it must not fall into their hands. My people have their own problems to deal with, especially if there is still a Tau'ri Rebellion."

"Are you done?" Jeron asked.

Jack stared at the man for a moment, "I might have some more to point out to you, but I'm tired of this planet and this galaxy. And I miss home too much to keep lecturing you."

"Good, then if you would please?" Jeron gestured towards the gate room.

Jack adjusted his rifle's strap before turning away, walking straight into the gate room and up to the DHD.

It wasn't long until someone came up and told Jeron that the generators were online and ready. "You got a green light, Jack. I really am sorry that it took us this long to send you back home."

Jack turned around to look at Jeron, "Just remember what I told you, and good luck." Jack opened up one of the vest pockets and pulled out his GDO. "I sure hope my code still works..." He told himself as he faced the DHD, "Otherwise it's going to take some convincing over the radio." Jack then reached out and pressed the first symbol on the DHD.

Chapter TenEdit

  • Colonel Jack Black, United States Air Force
  • July 6th, 2025

Surprisingly, Jack was able to remember the correct symbols required to dial home. The point of origin on the other hand, he had to use from the Excalibur Notes on the Computer Tablet that had had found months ago. Same one with the calculations and power requirements to allow Jack to dial from the Ecco Base on J18-V73, from the Triangulum Galaxy, to Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Once Jack dialed the last symbol, the point of origin, into the DHD, his hand once again hesitated to initiate the sequence. So many thoughts ran across his mind, which were hindering him from engaging the Stargate. What if they think I am dead? Wouldn't my code be locked out? Would they believe that it is me over the radio, and not some imposter? What if I can't convince them that it is really me? What if this attempt fails, and the Vindosans won't provide more power for a second attempt?

"Jaaaaaaaack!" Jack jumped and turned his head and looked down at where the voice came from. Her. The little girl from before.

"What is it Jack?" Jeron asked.

"Jack, just push it. Push the button, Jack. Push it!" Jack licked his lips, and looked up at the Stargate. 'Push it!' He thought, and then pressed his hand onto the orb, initializing the final sequence and engaging the Stargate. When the gate came to life, it told him that the connection was successful.

Jack walked around the DHD and stood in front of the gate, staring at the event horizon before looking down at his GDO. Jack slowly entered each digit of his code, before sending the signal to Stargate Command.

  • Stargate Command
    • Sergeant Walter Chen

Walter sat there in his chair, doing his normal routine, keeping an eye on the gate like those before him had. He turned his head to one of his colleagues, "Did you see the game last night?"

She shook her head, "The hockey game?"

Walter nodded, "Nashville 6, Colorado 1. I can't believe we lost to the Predators."

"Sorry to hear there, but I really prefer tennis." Said the Corporal.

Walter shrugged, "I don't blame you. At this-" He was cut short when the gate lit up, then activated and the base klaxon went off. He looked at the screen before hitting the intercom, "Unscheduled Off-World Activation! I repeat, Unscheduled Off-World Activation!"

"Who is it?" Asked the Corporal.

Walter stared at the screen, waiting for an identification code. "I don't know, none of the teams are due back yet." Suddenly a code appeared, and when the computer recognized it as Colonel Jack Black, it also stated 'KIA - Killed In Action'. "This can't be right...."


"The Code is from a dead officer." Walter said, looking over at the Corporal.

Another day stuck at base with nothing to do but workout, walk around, catch up on paperwork, and hang around with other SG teams who also weren't assigned any exploratory missions. For the most part though it was fairly okay, as William was able to formally explore the base more than he had before; seeing how he was always almost being sent away for a mission. But either way it was still boring to the Canadian Officer and member of SG-4 who just walked around aimlessly trying to kill the hours before the day ended. For the most part he was just walking around, his hands in the pockets of his green SGC uniform, with the SG-4 team patch, and his rank on the collar. Many weren't quite used to seeing him walking around to much but it was one of those things that quickly passed from people's thoughts or talks.

"Damn~" sighed the blonde haired officer as he came to a stop in front of the pop machines. "Just ten more hours, just ten and I can sleep the rest.." He paused to look at the choices of drinks the machine offered, before pulling out his wallet and hitting the button calling for a Dr Pepper. "Crap..." He grunted as 'sold out' came squarely across the small black screen. "Why is it all the good drinks are gone when I get there?" He thought as he pressed another getting the usual coke. Of course, shortly after twisting the red lid off he turned around and began to head towards the gate area's operator room. He knew a couple of the techs there. Good bunch of people, often times had a good bit to talk about with them. That and he was curious to know who won the hockey game last night.

As William took a sip from his coke and walked up the stairs to the operator room he was greeted by a nearby tech sergeant. "Good to see you again Sir." William smiled and nodded his head, "You too Sergeant." He replied as he walked up the final step into the room. "So anything new happen or happening? You guys usually have something good going down in here." William asked before taking another sip from his coke. The Sergeant just shook his head. "Nadda. Haven't had anything really interesting happen since you and SG-4 came back yesterday to be honest with you." William looked at the man before closing his eyes, sighing lightly. "Man, I can't believe how... well 'peaceful' it gets here when you finished everything." The Sergeant smirked before replying, "Oh I know sir. Its the reason I became a tech. More to do, and I still get to go off-world." William blinked a few times as he took another sip. "Shit... I choose the wrong trade." Was all he could manage to reply with. "Maybe. You do see more.. 'excitement' than we do." The NCO pointed out. William shrugged in reply. "Not as much as you'd think. Half the time we're just exploring other worlds." William replied before walking over towards one of the spinning office chairs he so loved. The Sergeant just nodded his head. "Still think you see and do more though Sir." The man said. William just shrugged.

As William spun around on the chair he heard the question, or thought rather, being answered by one of the techs at the console. William sighed. Seemed he lost the bet with Jim. "Damn... owe Jim a hundred dollars now." William mumbled silently. Just as he finished mumbling the alarms blared as the stargate activated. William thought it was another SG team coming back, but he was quickly proven wrong when the NCO said it was an Unscheduled Off-World Activation. William launched himself up off his chair, before walking up beside the two techs. "Tookra? I hear they do this a lot." William asked but was quickly told differently. "Hmm... seems we have a ghost wanting to come back to haunt earth." William joked before standing straight. He wasn't going to suggest anything without Asid or a Colonel around. More so for during a situation like this.

William then just crossed his arms, before taking another sip from his coke, waiting for Asid or the base XO to show up.

Asid frowned, staring up from his paperwork as he heard the klaxon go off. Before the words came through announcing the activation, Asid snapped from his seat, and grabbed a rifle from his display case, jogging for the control room. As he stepped for the gate technician, he frowned, hitting the 'panic button' which roused the SGC's security forces that were in the central bunker, watching as teams hurried into the gateroom and took up positions. "Open the iris." Asid said, as he looked over the man's shoulder at the name. "If it's him, we're up one colonel. If it's not him, well, we can scratch the code."

Asid glanced towards Siegfried with a nod. "Siege, get up on the balcony, or out in the gateroom." He grumbled, as he headed for the gateroom himself.

The sound of the base klaxon going off followed by the ever famous words "Unscheduled Off-World Activation", pulled Jim's head up from the mini putting green he'd set up in his office, well more of a coffee mug and golf balls, he'd not gotten around to getting an actual office green just yet.

"This should be fun!" He said to the office as he putted the ball into the mug and swung the club up and grabbed it just under its head, as he headed for the gate room. A passing set of techs made some mention of a ghost was looking to come home.

Stepping into the gate room right on the heel's of the General and the his Canadian friend William, his hand dropped to his side arm, his other hand swing the club to grab it by its grip once more, an improvised weapon if need be. "So General, which lost soul is coming home?"

Stephanie had come in from the Intelligence Section, partially wondering if she should ask if they could move her office to the main building, as she held a folder in her hand that was intended for General Mjolnir's eyes only, and someone had the bright idea of having her run files to him since she interacted more with him on a daily basis than most of the people in Building Four.

But, the alarm going off and the PA announcing an unscheduled activation suggested exactly where she'd find her boss, and the CIA analyst angled her way there. On-duty, she seemed to always favor one form of the standard fatigues or another, and today was no different, being the flat black uniform with her identification patches in place, Glock 19 in her left tactical thigh holster.

She passed a few techs and headed straight for the gate room, falling into step alongside General Mjolnir as he was heading for the gate room as well.

"Sorry for the bad timing sir, had some more files to bring you. Honestly, boring stuff. Mainly edits I had to make, folks jumping at shadows and stuff, but if no one did that, I'd be out of a job." Stephanie said, "So...what's going on here?"

"According to the ID, it's a Colonel Black." Asid grumbled, glancing at Miller. His eyes glanced toward McMillan as as he shifted his grip on his rifle to draw his sidearm, pro-offering it to McMillan. "According to the ID system, someone's coming home. Offically they're dead, so we might have hostiles coming through on an old ID."

William was quick to notice Asid come running down the steps, rifle in hand, which made William raise a brow before hearing Asid tell him to either get to the observer room or out in the gate room ASAP. William was also granted a new nickname, "Siege" fitting, and in all honesty he liked it better than "Reaper", less doom and gloom in the new name. So shortly after the General ran out, William ran closely behind him before he too came up to the gate, drawing his service pistol up and aiming it at the gate, ready for a centre mass shot, or what he hoped would be, while his other hand held his coke bottle tightly in his hands. "You brought your sugar rush too sir? Guess we're ready for shock and awe now." He joked, noticing he and Asid were both holding a cup/bottle of something. Either way it was still somewhat comedic for the Canadian.

As he stood there, weapon aimed at the watery gate, and left hand gripping his coke, he heard a familiar voice ask the general which lost soul was coming home. William couldn't help but grin. "Hey Jim, glad to see you.. by the way you catch the hockey game last night?" William asked both to relieve some stress and also hoping Jim forgot the fact Will owed him $100 for the bet they made. Either way it would provide some stress relief... maybe. Then came the Spook. William just looked back over his shoulder, seeing her now aim her weapon at the gate, with something in hand. "So... seems we all are holding something in one of our hands hey? Funny how stuff like this can make you forget what your holding before you draw your weapons hey? haha." William observed as he chuckled, a grin still across his face.

  • Ecco Base, Gate Room
    • J18-V73 - Triangulum Galaxy

Jack stood there before the gate, mostly expecting to be radioed with bunch of questions but when his GDO signaled him that the Iris was open, he was pretty shocked about it. But none the less, he stashed his GDO away in one of his vest pockets on his ammo vest before lifting up his rifle. " looks like I'm finally going home." Jack said as he pressed the magazine release and pulled the magazine out before putting it in one of the empty pockets in his ammo vest, that way he wouldn't look like he was coming in to attack.

"Jack." Jeron spoke up.

Jack shouldered his rifle before turning around to look at the man.

"Don't worry, we'll make sure this gate never falls to the wrong hands."

Jack nodded his head, "I'm not too worried. Thanks for you help, I best be getting home." With that said, Jack turned to face the gate before stepping through. After a few minutes, the gate shut down.

A couple officers stepped into the gateroom, along with the scientists. "Are we ready?" Jeron asked the high ranking officer.

"Yes sir, the charges are set and will detonate in four minutes."

Jeron nodded his head, "Good. When we are ready, we'll dig the gate out of the mountain, but for is best buried, to never be found by the Voroth. Dial us home." A scientist walked over to the DHD and dialed Mindar. Once the gate was activated, they all went through and the gate shut down seconds after the last one arrived on Mindar. And after four minutes, the entire mountain side went up in a large explosion, sending tons of massive rocks down upon Ecco base, crushing the structures and burying everything, including the gate.

  • Stargate Command, Earth

Jack came right out of the stargate, and right into a firing squad, or at least the usual defense that they put up. Jack looked behind him when the gate disengaged before looking back in front of him, wanting to be sure that he was really home. He looked, seeing two guys he never saw before, and who could remember the faces of the entire defense team in the gate room? But there was one face that stood out, a little rough but still the same.

Jack smiled widely as he walked up to Asid, "Colonel! Long time no see! Looks like you kept the lights on for me." Jack grinned and then raised his hand, "I know, I know. You don't control the lights." Jack looked at the Captain with a coke bottle in his hand. "Oh hey, thanks!" Jack took the bottle and gulped it all down before wiping his lips on the back of his hand. " have no idea how great it feels to drink something else other than regular water...spring water...or river water."

"Actually, it's General now, Colonel." Asid said, sternly, his rifle held loosely, but still pointed in Maxwell's general (colonel?) direction. "A lot has happened while you were gone, and you have a lot to answer for. And you now owe the Captain a new soda. Don't even think about touching my frappachino."

Jack blinked, completely didn't notice that Asid was pointing a rifle at him. But none the less, Jack smiled, "General?" Jack took a peak at where Asid's rank be at, "Two stars...Major General. Dam...didn't realize I was gone that long." Jack then looked at the empty bottle and handed it back to the Captain. "Sorry about that." Then he looked at Asid and sighed, remembering what he just said. "Right. I suppose you're skeptical that I'm really Jack Black, and not some imposter. I understand." Jack unshouldered his rifle and handed it to one of the Sergeants, before unshouldering his backpack and pulling out his computer tablet. "If you plan on taking me to a cell, the documents on here, of logs I recorded, might give us a head start on the explaining." Jack then unzipped his ammo vest, relinquishing that, as well as his side arm.

Asid merely grunted. "Only a few years." He said, quietly, as he handed the tablet to a Captain who appeared at Asids shoulder. "Put this in my office, Jacobs." He said, the Captain jogging off with the pad in hand. "Now, Colonel, you're going to tell me what the hell happened. Better to hear it now, than to read it."

Jack nodded his head and cleared his throat. "Well, we arrived in orbit above the planet J18-V73. I was rather anxious to get us to the Black Eye Galaxy so we could search for a planet with a Stargate, preferrably one capable of intergalactic travel but the odds of finding that so easily weren't great, so any planet with a good atmosphere and breathable air would be fine to set up a base. Well after we recorded J18-V73 into the database, we began to head back out. That's where trouble began. None of the ships in the Expedition Fleet could engage their hyperdrive, no one knew why either, so I went to investigate and found someone sabotaging the Daniel Jackson, in Main Engineering. I did what I could to subdue him, and when I did, I learned that there were Tau'ri Rebellion agents on all ships, sabotaging them. I gathered a team to search the ship, in hopes to save it but it was too late, wasn't long till the Commodore ordered us to evacuate, something about one of the ships blew. My security team and I got to the nearest escape pod and ejected from the ship. Now, since we knew where the gate was, I assumed that we all would be landing near the gate along with everyone else. But when the Daniel Jackson blew, seconds after we ejected, the pod took the blunt of the explosion, navigation system was fried, we went completely off course." Jack sighed heavily, "The pod crashed somewhere on the largest continent, a fairly large one, covers almost the entire planet, and I don't know how, I can't quite explain it, but I was the only one who survived the crash. Since I knew we crashed in a different area, I assumed it would take me a few days, maybe a week to walk to the other pods, so I gathered all the gear and ammo, as well as the emergency supplies, and just started walking towards the direction the gate was. I had no idea it would take me so long to reach the gate."

Asid rubbed his forehead, slowly, his fingers drumming on his rifle. "I see." He said, finally. "Matches with what we have from the other survivors. Not that there are many. Fifty, out of five thousand." He let out a long breath. "Regardless, you've missed a lot."

Jack gulped, as his eyes nearly popped out. "Fifty? Only fifty survived?" Jack licked his lips but his mouth stayed dry. "I...was hoping more would of survive...a lot more. But fifty?" Jack placed his right arm over his chest, resting his left elbow on top of his right arm's wrist, placing his let hand on his forehead. "This wasn't suppose to happen."

"Fifty." Asid repeated, slowly. "And the Excalibur Expedition, close to three thousand, only around a hundred and fifty survived. Maybe a little more. Two hundred plus survivors, out of eight-hundred. So you might understand why questions're gonna be coming at you fast. Nevermind the loss of four ships."

Jack shook his head, "Maybe I miss read some of the personnel files...or the last late arrivals were the rebels.. .I don't know." Jack dropped his arms, then he thought about someone. "What about Christopher Tenjin? Was he one of the survivors?" He would hate to be responsible for the death of General Karl Tenjin's nephew.

"Oh, the annoying brat is still around." Asid muttered idlely. "Why did you have to keep him alive?" He muttered, skywards. "Regardless." His head dropped back, bringing his gaze to the Colonel. "You've got questions. And events you don't have questions for."

Jack raised a brow, "I assume that he's been nothing but a pain ever since he got back with... Excalibur you said? I remember that name, I stumbled upon a crash site of a BB-307, and when I managed to crawl my way to the bridge, I saw that it was the USS Excalibur. I thought she was a rescue ship, especially after I saw that base around the stargate and found a tablet someone had left behind with all the addresses they tried and instructions on how much power need to gate back to Earth." Jack said before thinking about his questions, "Well... if you're a Major General... then Allen Yu and Jeff Chan retired? And what about the Tau'ri Rebellion... that still going on?"

Asid let out a humorless chuckle. "Allen Yu and Jeff Chan were executed for treason, along with about two dozen other conspirators. As for the Rebellion.. it's grown, mildly. It now incorporates parts of the Lucian Alliance and another group we hadn't really encountered before you left called the Royal People's Alliance. They're the least of our concerns." Asid said, taking a sip of his coffee.

Jack raised a brow, "Wow...executed...wish I was there to see that." Jack then thought about the groups and the word 'incorporate'. "So, three groups joined together into...what exactly? And please, there any other big events I missed?"

"The bombing of about every major shipyard on the world. The destruction of over fifty ships in a single battle against an unknown force that can destroy BB-307s with a single volley." Asid offered, in a dry, humored tone. "Time travel-Oh, wait, we had that. Dear god, I am going blonde today." He shook his head, slowly. "Let me think... let me think... the recall of the Aureus-Celestis Expedition, which became the Excalibur Expedition. It's no longer the Atlantis-Pegasus Command, but the Atlantis Expedition. The Fleet went through about a dozen major reforms..." He slowly began counting on his fingers. "Missing a few big things here." He nodded, firmly. "Oh, yes, massive terror campaign by the Imperial Brotherhood... the sucessor to the Tau'ri Rebellion."

Jack's eyes went wide again at everything Asid said and sighed, "Yup...I agree with you. I missed a lot." Jack thought about the other things he said, "So now instead of the Tau'ri Rebellion, its the Imperial Brotherhood. Absolutely wonderful. So, General, after the serious debriefing I'll most likely end up going through...where do I sign up for kicking the Brotherhood's teeth in for what they did to my Expedition? And one last question. Think the cafeteria can whip me up a nice big steak?" Jack grinned.

"Eventually." Asid shrugged, slowly. "Gonna take forever to get you reacclimated to Terran food." He grumbled, slowly. "And weather. And viruses." He laughed, softly. "You'll have a hell of a time. This, your torture, I look forward to." He paused, rubbing his eyebrow. "What was the last thing we talked about, before you left?"

Jack chuckled about the food, weather and viruses. But then he rolled his eyes at Asid's joke about looking forward to his torture. "I bet you do."As for the last thing we talked about...a bit about wishing we left under better conditions...hopes to find something big on the expedition...thought of a new nasty enemy...Chris's long lost sister...oh and about the lights."

"The lights?" Asid asked, blankly. "Well, that's proof enough." He grumbled, glancing aside. "Since I doubt anyone in the name of hell is gonna ask you to recite what we last talked about. 'New threat'... oh, frig." He laughed, softly. "The Delta Site... the Delta Site... an Isa bomb cleared that up quite nicely. One black hole later..."

Jack smiled, only to raise a brow in confusion. "Isa Bomb? Delta Site? Black hole?" Jack shook his head, "Man, do I even want to know about that?"

"No, you probably don't." Asid chuckled, softly. "But you'll learn about it, and you'll probably regret being happy to know me about three seconds later."

Jack frowned for a moment, "Okay...I think I get what you're saying...." Jack shrugged his shoulders, "Well, are we just going to keep standing here or?"

"No, we walk you to medical where my wife and chief medical officer both get to poke and prod you, before the chief of science gets her mits on you." Asid nodded, slowly. "Fun life, huh?"

Jack nodded his head, "Right, I figured I'd be heading to the infirmary. And wait...your wife?" Jack shook his head, "Man, this is just too much, anymore and my head will hurt." He sighed, "Alright, let's get this overwith, the sooner the quicker I can get back on the job."

"Oh, good." Asid laughed, softly. "This'll be fun. So, you missed both the BC-308 and 309 constructions..." He nodded, slowly. "Oh, and about ten thousand other events. You wil have a lot of reading to do." He said, as he began walking for the tunnels leading up to the medical building, his eyes glancing towards Steph, Miller, and Siege. "C'mon. We got a debriefing to give this poor bastard. Oh, did I forget anything?"

Stephanie rejected the rifle offered to her, "Always carrying, sir." She shifted the laptop bag that she used to carry the files and drew her Glock, checking the chamber for a loaded round before taking it into a low-ready stance, "So, a dead person or bad guys, huh? Never a dull moment."

The new arrival stepped in through the gate, and began talking to Asid, revealing just how long the man was out of contact, which was certainly disturbing, but it bugged her just how well the enemy had penetrated Homeworld command. But that would be for later.

"Well, welcome back to Earth, Colonel. I'm Agent Stephanie McMillan, CIA. I'm on SG-1." She said, holstering her Glock, and extending a hand instead, giving him a warm smile. "I don't have much to add about what's going on past what he's already told you, but I may need to talk to you about that infiltration you mentioned. But we'll worry about that bridge later, yeah?"

William stood there, his weapon aimed on the man who walked through the now disengaged stargate, looking like complete crap, and.. he smelled pretty bad too, William did well to play it off like he didn't however as he started to walk down the metal grate. Like the others he lowered his weapon at the order of Asid, and watched as he headed straight towards him. William raised a brow, curious to know why he was heading his way and not to Asid by how he was talking, but it all became clear the moment his coke was snatched from his hand. William just looked at him, his mouth wide open in shock at what had just happened. William spent two dollars on that, and what's worse was it was the last one in the machine, which made what just happened all the more devestating to him as the man just gave him back the empty bottle. William looked at it, closing his mouth before looking back up to see him now talking to Asid. "That's cool... last good pop on the base, but that's cool, not like I can't wait a day or two to get another." William mumbled knowing he was most likely ignored, as he just watched the two officers talk about the past. William just stood there, before sliding his pistol back into its holster, and listen to the two.

William knew all about this, he'd read the reports, and he'd even heard the stories of the bomb. He just kept silent though, only folding his arms before looking over to spot a recycling bin just outside the gate room. He looked back at the two before slowly back away towards the exit, before turning around complete to rush out and get rid of the bottle, before turning on his heels to return to his place as all the armed soldiers and guardsmen began to walk out of the room, before being replaced with medical staff who swarmed around the Colonel scanning him for anything as the two command officer continued with their recap. William just scratched the back of his head as he watched, before they left knowing they weren't needed just like the guardsmen. William, Jim, and Spook would be enough to handle him. So when Asid gave the order to debrief Jack, William just nodded. "Will do General." Then shortly after reassuring the General Spook was first to ask the Colonel to follow her. William just grinned. "Welcome back to the land of the living Colonel.. Also. You're buying me a new coke." William greeted the man before walking behind the two. William then looked back at Jim. "You coming man?" He asked before waving him over as he walked behind the two.

Jack heard them all but he had turned around to stare at the Earth gate once more. All he could do was thinking about the months he had been on that world, getting through all the obstacles of food, water, shelter, hunting...becoming the hunted. Just some part of him was thinking that this was all but a dream, and that he was back on the planet somewhere laying on the ground, completely lost his mind and about to be eaten by one of those crazy looking creatures.

"You coming man?" Siegfried's voice pierced into Jack's thoughts, bringing him back to reality. Jack gave the gate one last look before pulling away, "Yeah I'm coming. And if you're good to me, I'll buy you a whole twelve pack from the store."

  • Homeworld Command
    • July 15th, 2025

Jack stood there in the room among the Command Staff, staring directly at the one and only, General-Colonel Ivan Petrov.

"Colonel," Petrov began to speak. "After considerable amount of time discussed about your 'adventure' on planet Jay One Eight, Vee Seven Three, we have decided that you are not compromised of sabotage, secrecy, and of all else, insanity."

Jack nodded his head, "Thank you, sir."

Petrov raised a finger, "But! If there is any sign of you having hallucinations of any kind, chasing things that are not there, or speaking to a inanimate object, you will be removed from active duty and take counselling sessions for as long as the councilor deems fit. Understood?"

"Sir. Understood, Sir!"

Petrov sighed as he pulled a paper off to the side only to look down at another, a proposal. Petrov looked among his Command Staff, "Due to the completion of the Vanguard will not be completed for a time," Mostly saying at his staff, to whom ever suggested the X-309 Vanguard. Petrov then looked at Colonel Black, "You have an opportunity to take up on a new job. Even though I could make the decision final, personally I rely on the decision of the Rear Admiral in command of our Fleet. So, I will be forwarding a request that you take command of the USS Defender after she is completed. There for, you will be under direct command of Rear Admiral Michael Taylor until further notice. If Admiral Taylor decides otherwise, I suggest you report to the ship yard the Defender is being constructed."

Jack frowned for the moment, "Permission to speak freely, sir."

Petrov sighed, "Yes, what is it?"

"I may have experience in Command, but I've never commanded a starship before, nor have I actually served on one."

Petrov started to rub the bridge of his nose, "That is why, during the months the Defender is still under construction, you will be going through various training exercises provided by Admiral Taylor, as he deems fit. The point is, Colonel. We need leaders, experienced leaders, and what you have gone through, we are sorry but we have no time to hold your hand. We're at war, on several fronts, and we need ships out there with commanders that can lead their crew with experience under their belt. If we start sending up too many officers commanding our ships with little experience in combat situations, it would cause chaos.

"So you will report directly to Rear Admiral Michael Taylor, and he will find something for you to do, whether its commanding the USS Defender, or leading a team on how to scrub floors, I don't care. As long as you're doing a job that has you commanding, then so be it. Dismissed, Colonel."

Jack saluted then left the room immediately, not realizing he had hit a rough spot, he was only voicing his concern. But suppose the General had a point...after the Enigma attack, which Jack had to read more about after General Mjolnir told him about it, needing experienced officers wasn't at all a surprise. He just hopes he can do what is expected.... 'Wonder what kind of guy, Michael Taylor is....'