Task Force Blackbird
U.S.I.C Intelligence Support Activity
Blackbird Patch
Commander: Colonel Jessica Sanderson
United States Air Force
Headquarters: Raven Rock Military Complex
Size: Approx. 350
Parent Unit: Stargate Special Operations Command
United States Intelligence Community
Established: 2025
Status: Active

Formed in 2025 to meet the intelligence needs of Stargate Special Operations Command, Task Force Blackbird is relatively small, as it focuses more on coordination with the United States Intelligence Community and their international counterparts rather than actual combat operations. The bulk of Blackbird focuses on intelligence gathering, surveillance, analysis and processing of collected intelligence. It is currently under the command of Colonel Jessica Sanderson, of the United States Air Force's Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Agency (AFISRA).

Task Force Blackbird does posses a small contingent of personnel to conduct field operations, including several groups of field units, and two covert action teams. One team is formed from handpicked personnel from the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Activities Division, and the other comes from the United States Army's Intelligence Support Activity. Both of these units can conduct operations as the situation warrants, but Blackbird typically passes on information it gathers to other SGSOCOM units to be acted on as required.

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