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Stargate: The Next Generation is a forum-based Stargate role-playing simulation group in the present day, where the Stargate Program has been made public and significant strides have been made on Earth. Originally just consisting of a single playable simm, SG:TNG has evolved into one of the fastest growing Stargate simms on the internet, boasting a variety of individual simms ranging from the city of Atlantis to starships in distant galaxies. SG:TNG offers many unique opportunities for its members, and there are many opportunities for advancement!

Commands & Expeditions

Stargate Command
Formerly based in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Stargate Command is an Earth-based command established in 1997 to explore through an ancient artifact known as the Stargate.
Atlantis Expedition
Based aboard the ancient city-ship Atlantis, the expedition was established in 2004, in the Pegasus Galaxy. Throughout it's years it has faced many hardships, and will continue to weather them again as it continues it's mission of exploration. With it now moving to another part of the galaxy, Atlantis might be facing new troubles.

The Future

The Future is a distant and vague place, full of the uncertainty of a universe plunged repeatedly into war and chaos, the setting of expeditions and commands from conflict-wracked Earth. These expeditions come in all sizes, made up of multinational teams, attempting to pacify the galaxies, and stake Earth's claim on the stars.
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