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The Security Detachment is fully NPC.
The security detachment for Stargate Command is in charge of internal affairs, responsible for internal security and safety of the personnel within. It manages the brig, and is among the first line of defensive personnel in the gate room in case of an alien offensive.


The Security Detachment (SECDET) is lead by the Command Team, composed of the Chief of Security, Assistant Chief of Security, Non Commissioned Officer in Charge, and Master-at-Arms.

SECDET is then organized into four groups based on unit types; Defense Units, Security Units, Specialized Units, Support Units. Defense Units are on duty at the heart of the base in the gate room and surrounding areas. They serve to defend the gate and as well as the base from external threats that may come through the gate. They are also all certified to go off world if need be. Security Units are the basic patrol teams of the base, they man all security check points and patrol the entire compound. Specialized Units are task specific units that handle tasked such as VIP Security, prisoner transfer, brig security and similar roles. They also contain security based off world teams such SG-9. The support units are administrative, supply and training units that support the rest of SECDET.

Security Detachment PersonnelEdit

Command TeamEdit

Rank Name Position
RUS-A-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Luka Ivanov (NPC)
Russian Ground Forces
Chief Security Officer
RN-O4 Lieutenant Commander Natasha Montenegro (NPC)
Royal Navy
Assistant Chief Security Officer
FAF-O3 Capitaine Audrey Deneuve (NPC)
French Air Force
USA-E8 Master Sergeant Oscar McQueen (NPC)
United States Army
Security Detachment Non Commissioned Officer
In Charge

Defense UnitsEdit

Rank Name Position
AA-O3 Captain Lachlan Barratt (NPC)
Australian Army
Head of Gate Room Security
Security Gate Team 1
USA-O1 Second Lieutenant Timothy Wright (NPC)
United States Army
Security Gate Team 1 Leader
USA-E5 Sergeant Grace Fields (NPC)
United States Army
Security Gate Team 1 Member
USA-E4 Corporal Donald King (NPC)
United States Army
Security Patrol Team 1 Member
USA-E4 Corporal Carlos Diego (NPC)
United States Army
Security Patrol Team 1 Member
Security Gate Team 2
RM-O1 Second Lieutenant Margaret Hanson (NPC)
Royal Marines
Security Gate Team 2 Leader
RAF-E6 Corporal Liam Newcastle (NPC)
Royal Air Force
Security Gate Team 2 Member
BA-E4 Corporal Julia St George (NPC)
British Army
Security Patrol Team 2 Member
RM-E4 Corporal Tomas Devon (NPC)
Royal Marines
Security Patrol Team 2 Member

Specialized UnitsEdit

Rank Name Position
Stargate Team 9
Strategic Response Unit / Security Team
FA-O3 Captian Lucas Benoit (NPC)
Gendarmerie nationale GIGN
Commanding Officer, Stargate Team 9
USMC-O2 First Lieutenant Sarah Vasquez (NPC)
United States Marine Corps
Executive Officer, Stargate Team 9
USAF-E7 Master Sergeant Edgar Hobbs (NPC)
United States Air Force
Team Member, Stargate Team 9
GS-11-SCI-UK Doctor Rene McCormick (NPC)
British Civilian
Team Member, Stargate Team 9
GS-11-DIP-US Special Agent Emily Reed (NPC)
Federal Bureau of Investigation HRT
Team Member, Stargate Team 9
GS-10-DIP-US Sergeant Paul Cord (NPC)
Team Member, Stargate Team 9
Additional Personnel
USMC-O1 Second Lieutenant Fraser Samuels (NPC)
United States Marine Corps
Armory Officer
BA-MP-O3 Captain Fredrick Arnold (NPC)
British Army - Royal Military Police
Head of VIP Security
USA-O5 Lieutenant Colonel James Alexander (NPC)
United States Army
Head of Honor Guard (Tau'ri Memorial Center)
USA-W2 Supervisory Special Agent Jim Miller
United States Army
US Army Criminal Investigative Division, SGC Special Agent in Charge

Security UnitsEdit

Rank Name Position
Security Patrol Team 1
USAF-E6 Technical Sergeant Conrad Wahlenberg (IAPC)
United States Air Force
Security Patrol Team 1 Leader
USAF-E4 Airman First Class Nick Lindsey (NPC)
United States Air Force
Security Patrol Team 1 Member
USAF-E3 Senior Airman Ed Walsh (NPC)
United States Air Force
Security Patrol Team 1 Member
USAF-E3 Senior Airman Jane Wills (NPC)
United States Air Force
Security Patrol Team 1 Member
Security Patrol Team 2
USAF-E6 Technical Sergeant Joseph Becks (NPC)
United States Air Force
Security Patrol Team 2 Leader

Support UnitsEdit

Rank Name Position
USAF-O3 Captain George Armstrong (NPC)
United States Air Force
Security Detachment Training Officer
USMC-E7 Gunnery Sergeant Leon Smits (NPC)
United States Marine Corps
Senior Range Training Officer
Stargate Command Departments
Diplomatic Department | Engineering Department | Intelligence Department | Logistics Department
Medical Department | Science Department | Security Detachment | Special Operations Command | Quick Response Battalion

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