Second Battle of Area 51
Date: December 5th, 2023
Location: Area 51, Nevada
Outcome: Allied Victory
Stargate Program Renegade Stargate Program Forces
USA-Flag Maj Gen John Fay
USA-Flag Brig Gen David Eddings
USA-Flag Rear Adm Cunning
USA-Flag Lt Gen Allen Yu
USA-Flag Maj Gen Jeff Chan
CA-Flag Brig Gen Christopher Hubbard
Two Battalions
Mixed Irregular Forces
One Under-strength Battalion
Mixed Irregular Forces
~Two Platoons Two - Three Companies
Civilian Casualties: Low
Similar Events
Preceded By: Battle of Stargate Command
Concurrent To: Zhong Nan Hai Incident
Followed By: Siege of Stargate Atrium
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For other battles at Area 51, see Battle of Area 51.

The Second Battle of Area 51 was an internal battle between members of the Stargate Program.


The leaders of the renegade forces were formerly respected officers faced with the possibility of execution or life imprisonment for their involvement with less-than-legal operations which attempted to subvert parts of the Stargate Program to their own ends. Able to draw on a resentment in their former units that had been directed at more favored officers and units, mostly due to poor performance on the part of the now renegade forces, the ringleaders were able to form roughly an under-strength battalion of troops, who were able to infiltrate and secure sections of Area 51, while others attempted to delay or distract forces inbound from Stargate Command and other units loyal to the Program.

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