Research and Development Medical Division
Commander: Doctor Jennifer Keller, MD,
Civilian (American)
Headquarters: Area 51,
Nevada, United States
Size: Classified
Parent Unit: Research and Development Command
Status: Active

The Research and Development Command, Medical Division (RDC-MEDDIV) is a Division of Homeworld Commands Research and Development Command responsible for the analysis of Alien life, advancement of human medicine and medical understanding. It is headed by Doctor Jennifer Keller, of the United States of America.


Rank Name Position
GS-15-SCI-US Doctor Jennifer Keller, MD
Civilian (United States)
Head of Research and Development Medical Division
GS-12-SCI-US Doctor Geoff Gachevska, MD (IAPC)
Civillian (United States)
Head of Research & Developments - Implants

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