Template:PC Template Doctor Rachel Chenowith is a scientist attached to Stargate Command.


  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 142
  • Eye Color: Blue-Grey
  • Hair Color: Dark brown.
  • ATA Gene Status: Positive (Gene Therapy)
  • GTA Gene Status: Negative
  • WTA Gene Status: Negative


  • Elementary School: Bywood Elementary
  • High School: Upper Darby High School
  • College: Philadelphia University
    • Associates & Bachelors in Linguistics & Biology
  • Medical School: Harvard Clinical Research Institute
    • Masters in Linguistics & Biology
  • Covert Ops Military Training Program
    • Military Acknowledgement of Accepted Learning (MAAL) in Xenolinguistics & Xenobiology
    • Doctorate in Biotechnology (B.S.)


  • Mother: Matilda (Burns) Chenowith, Deceased
    • 1949 - 2021
  • Father: Hank Chenowith
    • Born 1942
  • Aunt: Zelda Burns
    • Born 1952

Career HistoryEdit

  • 2012: Adopted into Stargate Command's early experimentation with a covert degree program aimed at giving her a doctorate while giving vital education on biological and linguistics of alien worlds.
  • 2018: Enters Stargate Command as official on-base Xenobiologist.

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