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Project Eureka is a classified Stargate project which is only known to those who have participated in the project, world leaders and some other very senior officials. The objective of the project is to research and create new technologies as well as creating new ships and ship classes.



The origins of the project stem back to 2012 when the idea of a major off-world research and development outpost was being considered by Homeworld Command. In four years it had turned from an idea into a full series of plans of a outpost not just for research and development but also a ship construction yard. The plans went forward just before the Stargate Program went public so it was decided that all the project's work would remain classified.

Classified WorkEdit

According to most official records the project was scrapped in 2019 as a failure and "a waste of money" for the Stargate Program so all assets were pulled and all information of the project was locked away or destroyed to make sure that it never got out to the public. However, the Project was not actually scrapped but instead made more classified. With most of the information on the project gone or locked away them it slowly was forgotten about by most, that left only very few that knew the Project was actually still on going. The project would be the most classified project in the Stargate Program with on those who have participated in the project, world leaders and some other very senior officials in Homeworld Command knowing about it. The project even remained classified to the commanding officer of Stargate Command.

While it was classified, the work it carried out, while not credited, did assist in some of the new technologies that are used in the new BB-307s and K-308s. However in 2022, Project Eureka began to make plans for the 400 series of Earth space vessels. It was designed to replace the 300 series even though the 400 series uses some of the similar outer designs of the ships. The 400 series was to utilize the latest advancement in technological advancements that Eureka had made.

Recent YearsEdit

The Project is still highly classified but its value to the Stargate Program continues to rise.

In 2024 it began work on creating a new Genii Confederation Warship to help promote new relations with the Genii as well as helping improve the Atlantis Expedition's footing in the Coalition of Planets as the expedition begins to be cut back in focus of Earth defence.

There is still a lot of work into researching the Asgard core to find some of the secrets that it contains in the hope to help improving Earth's fighting chances against their new threats of The Enigma and Imperial Brotherhood.

Known ProjectsEdit

  • Creation of Genii Warship
  • Research of the Asgard Core

Known PersonnelEdit

Senior PersonnelEdit

Rank Name Position
SES-1-SCI-UK Doctor Jacob Thomson, PhD
United Kingdom Civilian
Civilian Commander
USAF-O7 Brigadier General Jonas Avery
United States Air Force
Military Commander

Research and Development PersonnelEdit

Rank Name Position
USAF-O3 Captain Liam Millington (IAPC)
United States Air Force
Biologist, Botanist
GS-12-SCI-US Doctor John Zoer, PhD (IAPC)
United States Civilian
Archaeology & Linguistics Expert
GS-13-SCI-US Doctor Sydney Brisbane, PhD (IAPC)
United States Civilian
Geo & Astro Physicist
GS-13-SCI-US Doctor Will Logan, PhD (IAPC/NPC)
United States Civilian
General Science

Ship Engineering PersonnelEdit

Rank Name Position
RN-O3 Lieutenant Pamela Thomson (PCNPC)
Royal Navy
USAF-O2 First Lieutenant Marianna Walters (IAPC)
United States Air Force
USAF-E6 Technical Sergeant James Calmara (IAPC)
United States Air Force
USAF-E6 Technical Sergeant Gina White
United States Air Force
Technical Specialist
GS-14-SCI-US Doctor Jallorn Drakath, PhD (IAPC)
United States Civilian
Science/Technical Specialist

Security PersonnelEdit

Rank Name Position
USMC-O4 Major Gordon Higgens (IAPC)
United States Marine Corps
Marine Detachment Commanding Officer
USMC-O3 Captain Reno Daniels (IAPC)
United States Marine Corps
Marine Detachment Executive Officer
USMC-O2 First Lieutenant Alyssa Donovan (IAPC)
United States Marine Corps
Marine Detachment Officer

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