NRF Jean Bart
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Protector-class (K-308)
Nationality: French/European
Status: Active
In Service: November 2026 - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: First Fleet
Ship Crew Information
Capitaine de corvette Rochelle Lepotier
Marine Nationale
Crew Complement: 50
Type: NPC

Launched in November of 2026, the NRF Jean Bart, a K-308 Protector-class escort, is the sister ship of the NRF Richelieu. She is currently under the command of Capitane de corvette (Lieutenant Commander) Rochelle Lepotier of the Marine Nationale (French Navy). Like the Richelieu, the vessel is jointly controlled by the French Republic and participating members of Eurocorps.


The vessel is named in honor of Jean Bart, a famous French 17th century seaman, privateer and corsair, but also in honor of the battleship which was the sister ship of the battleship Richelieu, from 1940. The battleship Jean Bart, however, did not serve in World War Two, as she was launched, incomplete, from her harbor at Saint-Nazaire to Casablanca, where she was sunk in 1942. Following the end of World War Two, she was re-floated, completed with updated armaments, and resumed service in 1955. She was present during the Suez Canal crisis in 1957, afterwards, she was relegated to reserve duty, serving as an experimental platform for advances in French naval weapons technology at the time until she was decommissioned in 1961, and scrapped in 1969. K-308


Rank Name Position
Command Staff
FN-O4 Capitaine de corvette Rochelle Lepotier
Marine Nationale (French Navy)
Commanding Officer

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