NOV Norse
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Daedalus-class (BC-304)
Nationality: Nordic Nations
Status: In Service
In Service: 2015 - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: Carrier
Task Force: 2nd Joint Tactical Strike Group
Ship Crew Information
Överste Jesper Sørensen
Swedish Air Force
Komentaja Katariina Järvinen
Finish Navy
Crew Complement: 250
Type: NPC

The NOV Norse was the first ship commissioned by the Nordic Nations Joint Stargate Operations Program and served as Flagship until the commissioning of the NOV Longship in 2020.


The Norse served it's first 5 years as the Flagship for the Nordic Nations. It conducted resupply and defense missions but saw little combat. It spent six months in 2018 stationed at Atlantis and in 2020 when in for it's five year overhaul, following the commissioning of the NOV Longship which took it's place as Flagship.

In 2023 it was assigned to the 2nd Joint Tactical Strike Group for carrier and battlecruiser duties, but following the dissolution of the unit it is pending reassignment. It is also used as a training ship for Nordic crew to be assigned to new vessels.


The name comes Norse mythology, the mythology and folklore comon to the Scandiniva and the Nordic Countries. It also references Norsemen, the name of the Scandinavian people before the Christianization of Scandinavia. As well West Norse (including Norwegian, Faroese, and Icelandic), East Norse (indlucing Danish and Swedish) and Old Norse are lanaguge groups common to the Nordic naitons.


Like the insignia of all Nordic vessels the Norse's badge is simply, a rounded shield filled by a tri-tonal Nordic cross (an aspect common to the flags of the Nordic countries). It is the same dark blue as the central cross of the Flag of Iceland overlain with the ships name.


Rank Name Position
SAF-O6 Överste Jesper Sørensen
Swedish Air Force
Commanding Officer
FNavy-O5 Komentaja Katariina Järvinen
Finish Navy
Executive Officer
RNoA-O4 Major Kari Fjelstad
Royal Norwegian Army
Direct Action, Combat Support Company Commander
Norse Company, 1st Nordic Expeditionary Battalion
RDAF-O5 Oberstløjtnant Jahn Andersson
Royal Danish Air Force
Commander, Air Group
5th Attack Group, 1st Expeditionary Defence Wing

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