With the two Delta Teams both behind schedule and unavailable, the SGC is again called to go on a mission for the Delta Site. Stepping through the gate, they arrive to find the alternate counterpart of one of their lost men: Colonel Marcus Hamilton. They quickly find that in this Hamilton's reality, Earth is in a massive world war, pitting the US and her allies against Russia, China, and their allies, known better as the Eurasian Reclamation Alliance. The SGC is now trapped in the middle of this war.

SGC Missions
Mission Files #1-#10 Not Recovered | Mission #11: "Stonehenge" | Mission #12: "Put Out the Light"
Mission #13: "Time Flows By" | Mission #14: (File Not Recovered) | Mission #14.5: "Rest and Recreation!"
Mission #15: "Base Security" | Mission #16: "Begin Again" | Mission #17: "Rebellion"
Mission #18: "Worlds Apart" | Mission #18.5: "Cooldown" | Mission #19: "Welcome to Hell"
Mission #20: "Music of a Distant Drum" | Mission #21: "Ille Lingua Latina"
Mission #22: "The Shape of Things to Come" | Mission #23: "Lab Rats" | Mission #23.5: "Holiday Special"
Mission #24: "Hell Hath No Fury" | Mission #25: "Troubled Utopia" | Mission #26: "Alone in the Dark" | Mission #27: "Darkest Before Dawn"


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