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Mission 2: "Self-Sustaining"

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With a world war raging back on Earth, the Ida Expedition has run into a brand new problem, as regular supply shipments are becoming less frequent. But there is hope: building an Asgard Core, similar to what Earth ships use, to alleviate that problem. However, the IE teams will have to do a bit of scavenging in a nearby ruined Asgard city...

Mission #2: "Self-Sustaining"
Chapter #1: "Wartime Shortages" | Chapter #2: "Scavenger Hunt" | Chapter #3: "Disturbing the Peace" | Chapter #4: "Enter the Dark" | Chapter #5: "Whispers in the Dark"
Ida Expedition Missions
Mission #1: "Reopen for Business" | Mission #2: "Self-Sustaining" | Mission #3: "What Hath Been Wrought"

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