August 8, 2025: Even in the Pegasus Galaxy, the Atlantis Expedition still finds itself embroiled in the middle of the Imperial Brotherhood's efforts to undermine Earth's efforts and alliances. Since returning, Atlantis' position on P1X-000 has been consolidated, and with some reshuffling of the crew, the Atlantis Expedition appears to be ready to resume operations.

However, the Vanir, a splinter faction of the Asgard, have arrived at Atlantis. The Imperial Brotherhood has taken that which belongs to them, and as they came to the Pegasus Galaxy as a result of Atlantis, the so-called "Lost Tribe" has placed responsibility on the Expedition to retrieve what has been stolen, or bear the consequences...

Mission #14: "Rightful Ownership"
Chapter #1: "Smash & Grab" | Chapter #2: "Loot" | Chapter #3: "The Hunt Begins" | Chapter #4: "Enough Talk!" | Chapter #5: "Is the Meter Running?" | Chapter #6: "On Company Time" | Chapter #7: "Search & Destroy" | Chapter #8: "Retrieval" | Chapter #9: "Back in Kansas, Well, Close Enough" | Chapter #10: "Unwind"
Atlantis Expedition Missions
Mission #1-6 (Unrecovered) | Mission #7: "If I Go Crazy" | Mission #8: "Evaluations" | Mission #9: "Quarantine" | Mission #10: "9" | Mission #11: "Second Time" | Mission #12: "Shipping & Handling" | Mission #13: "Watchtower" | Mission #14: "Rightful Ownership" | Mission #15: "Peace & Quiet" | Mission #16: "Dead Wrong"
Mission #17: "Dust & Echoes" | Mission #18: "Best Laid Plans"

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