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Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Hamilton was the commanding officer of SG-3 prior to his death. With his death, he was replaced by Lieutenant Colonel Asid Mjolnir.


  • Education: Rudolph Guiliani School, New York, New York
  • University: US Naval Academy at Annapolis

Career HistoryEdit

  • Iraq
    • ???? - ????
  • Afghanistan
    • ???? - ????
  • Commanding Officer, Stargate Command Team 3, Stargate Command
    • ???? - 2020
  • Executive Officer, Stargate Command
    • ???? - 2020
  • Commanding Officer, Stargate Command (Alternate Reality)
    • ???? - 2021

Awards & DecorationsEdit

Jump-Wings-Nav-MC Space-Ops-Basic
Marine Paratrooper Badge Basic Space Operations
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Two Purple Hearts
  • Four Silver Stars
  • Congressional Medal of Honor (Posthumous)

Qualifications & SkillsEdit

  • Member of USMC
  • Former Tank Commander
  • Former Special Forces


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