MAJCOM Department Staff

The position of the Staff Judge Advocate is a subsection of the Judge Advocate General's Corps, the 'legal' section of the United States Armed Forces, providing legal counsel to and agaisnt soldiers on trial.

Out of CharacterEdit

The Staff Judge Advocate of Stargate: The Next Generation is a position that exists to settle disputes between members and/or staff in a court fashion. The Staf Judge Advocate is the judge and jury in this case, attempting to act as impartial as is humanly possible.

Staff Judge AdvocatesEdit

  • Colonel James MacKenzie, United States Army
    • Unknown (Prior to 5.8.2010) - 9.4.2008
  • Colonel/Brigadier General/Major General Asid Mjolnir, United States Army
    • 9.4.2008 - 9.13.2008
    • 9.13.2008 - Present

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