Condition: Habitable
Control: Langara
Tau'ri Interest: Naqudaria
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For Langara the civilization, see Langara (Civilization).

Langara is home to Doctor Jonas Quinn, as well as being one of the few worlds in the entire Milky Way Galaxy known to hold Naqudaria, an radioactive version of Naqudah.

Explored Galaxies: Milky Way | Pegasus | Celestis | Ida | Triangulum
Unexplored Galaxies: Black Eye | Virgo Supercluster | Andromeda | Othala Galaxy
Milky Way Galaxy: Sol | Arc | HD 69830
Unknown: Purgatory | Paradise (Destroyed)
Milky Way Galaxy: Earth | Mars | Dakara | P7X-982 | P6T-4DU | M1J-491 | Abydos | Sanctuary
Pegasus Galaxy: P4E-J71 | M4R-6TV | M91-244 (Lantea) | M35-117 (New Lantea) | M7R-227 (Asuras) | P1X-000 | Sateda | M7S-233
Celestis Galaxy: Celestis | Ver Isca | Ver Omesh
Triangulum Galaxy: Mindar | J18-V73
Ida Galaxy: Othala (Destroyed)
Othala Galaxy: Orilla (Destroyed) | Hala (Destroyed)
M-100 Galaxy: Katon Minor

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