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JDS Ryujin
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Ares-class (DD-306)
Nationality: Japanese
Status: Destroyed
In Service: 2020 - 2022
Assignment Details
Assignment: Base Defense
Task Force: Aureus-Celestis Expedition
Ship Crew Information
Type: NPC

The JDS Ryujin was a Japanese DD-306 Ares Class destroyer. It was destroyed in 2022 near the city of Aureus, in the Celestis Galaxy.


Ryujin, also known as Ōwatatsumi and the Dragon God, was the tutelary deity of the sea in Japanese mythology. This Japanese dragon symbolized the power of the ocean, had a large mouth, and was able to transform into a human shape. Ryūjin lived in Ryūgū-jō, his palace under the sea built out of red and white coral, from where he controlled the tides with magical tide jewels. DD-306

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