590px-Mt hotham alpine range scenery
Designations: J18-V73
Galaxy: Triangulum
Condition: Habitable
Control: Tau'ri, Excalibur Expedition (Formerly)
None (Current)
Bases: Ecco Base
Tau'ri Interest: Base of Excalibur Expedition
Resting place of USS Excalibur

J18-V73 is a planet covered in mountain ranges. The largest mountain range is about three times the size of the Great Dividing Range (Wikipedia) on Earth, while the largest mountain is twice the size of Mount Everest (Wikipedia). It was originally found by the remnants of the Black Eye Expedition two years before the arrival of the Excalibur Expedition.

Notable LocationsEdit

Black Eye Expedition BasecampEdit

Square basecamp comprised of tents and equipment salvaged from wreckage of the ships that carried the Black Eye Expedition. Abandoned once the Excalibur Expedition landed, and the two expeditions moved to Ecco Base.

USS Excalibur WreckageEdit

The final resting place of the remains of the USS Excalibur, in two sections spread out accross a mile on a mountainside.

Ecco BaseEdit

Ecco Base is located beside one of the few smaller mountains. It's location is ideal; within walking distance of a small stream as well as an area where wild yet edible food is grown.

Plants & AnimalsEdit

Most plants resemble those found on Earth, such as the flowers, trees and some of the edible fruits and vegetables. Most commonly found on J18-V73 are Oak and Pine trees as well as fruits resembling green and red grapes, bananas, tomatoes and strawberries.

The animals are wild; native to the galaxy. Most of them are carnivores but all have the ability to be tamed. One such animal is the Man of War, aptly named because it resembles a scorpion, snake and cheetah.

Dangerous AnimalsEdit

  • Man of War
    • Scorpion/Snake/Cheetah hybrid
  • Stinger
    • Paper Wasp/Yellowjacket hybrid with venom that mimics jellyfish venom

Non dangerous AnimalsEdit

  • Horses
    • 12 breed of horses exist on J18-V73, including the Waler and the American Standardbred
  • Dolphins
    • Species include the Common, Bottle-nose and Dusky Dolphins


The weather depends on the season. Spring starts in mid-March and when Spring hits the weather begins to warm the area. Spring is known for it's occasional snow storms and small showers as well as Earthquakes. May through August is the most violent. When Summer hits, one can expect tornadoes, earthquakes as well as volcanic irruptions. September through November is the quietest. The weather is perfect and what plants and other crops survived the harsh storms are ready to be harvested, what isn't harvested will die soon after. December through February is the cold season; expect snow storms that dump snow anywhere from 9ft with 15 foot snow drifts.

  • Spring: March through June
  • Summer: June through September
  • Fall: September through December
  • Winter: December through March

There are 365 days in a year, but a typical day on J18-V73 is 35 hours instead of Earth's 24 hour rotation.

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