Ida Support Squadron
Commander: Wing Commander Brittney Graham
Royal Air Force
Headquarters: Zeta Site
Size: 4 Ships
2,100 Crew
Parent Unit: Earth Fleet Command
Ida Expedition
Status: Active

The Ida Support Squadron was created during the second wave of reformations of Earth Fleet and was commanded by Colonel William Maxwell of the United States Air Force with its flagship being the USS Sovereign. However after the disappearance of the Sovereign the Squadron was deactivated with it no longer required. It was originally to be activated on a limited basis, with only the Russian Air Force vessel RFS Vladimir Komarov serving as the Ida Expedition's link to home. However, after the conclusion of the Allies-Chinese War in late 2026, the squadron was expanded and assigned on a full-scale and full-time basis. It is currently under the command of Wing Commander Brittney Graham of the Royal Air Force, and sited at the Zeta Site.


After arriving in the Ida Galaxy, the USS Sovereign was attacked by an Imperial Brotherhood unit, Task Force Slasher. After sustaining heavy damage, the ship sent off a Puddle Jumper to the USS Tria to warn them. The USS Tria, due to it's position on the edge of the galaxy to relay messages, was unable to assist, leading to the USS Sovereign being forced to flee through an Asgard Republic ship-transport out of the Ida Galaxy. The Tria arrived to find that the Sovereign has disappeared and was ordered back to Earth.

After arriving back in Earth, Earth Fleet Command cancelled the Squadron since operations in Ida where not a current priority. Following the reactivation of the Ida Expedition, the Support Squadron was re-established, consisting of the RFS Vladimir Komarov originally. However, as Earth Fleet Command began it's rapid expansion to recoup it's losses from the Enigma, the ANZS Paladin, ANZS Adelaide, and HMS Vigilant were added to the squadron's ranks.

Originally, the squadron's staff was to either be assigned to International Joint Base Midway or the Komarov, but Wing Commander Graham insisted on setting up the squadron at the Zeta Site, allowing for closer collaboration with the Ida Expedition personnel.

Ida Support Squadron ShipsEdit

Current VesselsEdit

Former VesselsEdit

Ida Support Squadron StaffEdit

Rank Name Position
RAF-O5 Wing Commander Brittney Graham
Royal Air Force
Ida Support Squadron Commanding Officer
RUS-AF-O6 Colonel Vladimir Orlovski
Russian Federation Air Force
Ida Support Squadron Executive Officer
Commanding Officer, RFS Vladimir Komarov
RAAF-O5 Wing Commander Kyle Sharp
Royal Australian Air Force
Commanding Officer, ANZS Paladin
RN-O5 Commander Richard Carsen
Royal Navy
Commanding Officer, HMS Vigilant
RNZN-O5 Commander Tanya Coleman
Royal New Zealand Navy
Commanding Officer, ANZS Adelaide

Former ManifestEdit

Rank Name Position
Command Staff
USAF-O6 Colonel William Maxwell
United States Air Force
Wing Commanding Officer
Commanding Officer, USS Sovereign
USAF-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Steven O'Neil
United States Air Force
Wing Executive Officer
Commanding Officer, USS Tria

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