Ida Expedition Team 2
Current Members: (Presently)
Team Type: Support
Attached to: Ida Expedition
Status: Active

Ida Expedition Team 2 (IE-2) is the second team assigned to the Ida Expedition.


Initially a relatively unknown team, IE-2 has had very little history of note, prior to the breakdown in communications with the Ida Expedition. Much of it's operational history has been spent providing operational support to IE-1.

With the reformed expedition being deployed January 28th, 2026, First Lieutenant Henry Peterson was given command of this Expedition Team. However, the following year, the team was reshuffled, and Captain Christopher Tenjin was placed in command.

Ida Expedition Team 2 (IE-2) ManifestEdit

Rank Name Position
USA-O3 Captain Christopher Tenjin
United States Army
Commanding Officer
USAF-O2 First Lieutenant Henry Peterson
United States Air Force
Team Executive Officer
ISR-A-E3 Samal Aliya Milah
Israeli Army
Team Member
USA-E1 Pending Team Member

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