Imperial Brotherhood Badge
IBS Zeppelin
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Zeppelin-class (Z/IB-005)
Nationality: Imperial Brotherhood
Status: Active
In Service: 2024 - Present
Assignment Details
Assignment: Flagship
Task Force: Imperial Brotherhood
Ship Crew Information
Crew Complement: 10,500+
Type: NPC
For the namesake of the IBS Zeppelin, see USS Zeppelin.
For the Zeppelin Class of vessel, see Z/IB-005.

The IBS Zeppelin, named in honor for the renegade Daedalus-class USS Zeppelin under the command of Colonel Walter Riley, is the flagship of the Imperial Brotherhood's space forces. It is designed with elements from all three groups that comprise the Imperial Brotherhood.


The IBS Zeppelin is a sister ship to the IBS Vigilant and IBS Annihilation. The ship first saw action in February of 2026 when it was deployed to the Sol System as part of a small detachment to support the People's Liberation Army and the elements of the Russian Armed Forces that were aligned with the Imperial Brotherhood, and engaged in combat against the Gate Alliance Treaty Organization's forces.

While able to assist these ground forces for a short while, the IBS Zeppelin was forced to withdraw when the USS Pillar of Dawn, backed by the Helios, and the USS Bellepherone attempted to engage it. In the following weeks, the IBS Zeppelin was ambushed repeatedly by the Helios before it managed to finally lose the other vessel, and return to it's hidden anchorage.


Main article: USS Zeppelin

The IBS Zeppelin is named for the BC-304 Daedalus-class USS Zeppelin, which was under the command of Colonel Walter Riley, of the United States Air Force. It was this vessel that was the first to rebel against Earth Fleet Command, and go renegade, starting the Tau'ri Rebellion.


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