Imperial Brotherhood Badge
IBS Sandstorm
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Sandstorm-class (Z/IB-001)
Nationality: Imperial Brotherhood
Status: Active
In Service: 2024 - Present
Assignment Details
Ship Crew Information
Crew Complement: 130
Type: NPC

The IBS Sandstorm is the first Sandstorm-class frigate launched by the Imperial Brotherhood.


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Originally intended to be another Sandstorm-class frigate, the IBS Sandstorm was nearing completion when the Royal People's Alliance allied with the Imperial Brotherhood. Because of the shortage of vessels, and the likelihood of the Brotherhood to gain new technology and resources for the Alliance, the decision was made to turn over the almost completed hull to the Brotherhood, on the condition that it carry the name of it's historic predecessor.


The IBS Sandstorm is named for the RPA Sandstorm, the lead vessel of their shared class. The RPA Sandstorm was launched by the Royal People's Alliance during their war against an automated fleet of warships abandoned by the Lanteans. The RPA Sandstorm was lost in an early battle, but because of it's effectiveness and heroic death, it's name lived on. Z/IB-001

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