HMS Iron Duke
HMS Iron Duke
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Prometheus Class-class (BC-303)
Nationality: British
Status: Destroyed
In Service: 2017 - 2024
Assignment Details
Assignment: Support Ship
Task Force: Resupply and Support Group
Ship Crew Information
Group Captain Gordon Salmond,
Royal Air Force
Wing Commander Ann Williamson,
Royal Air Force
Crew Complement: 130
Type: NPC

The HMS Iron Duke is a BC-303 (Prometheus Class) Vessal operated by the British Armed Forces and is currently assigned to the newly formed Resupply and Support Group as a Support Ship. It is currently commanded by Group Captain Gordon Salmond of the Royal Air Force.


The Iron Duke is the sister ship of the HMS Caralis after being commisioned a year later in 2017. It was firstly placed under the command of a Lieutenant Colonel of the British Army with the Iron Duke only ment to be a support ship and not really used in combat. However over recent years the ship has been drawn into more action so they make Group Captain Gordon Salmond the new commanding officer of the ship and assigned the ship to the United Nations Defensive Task Force but that was disbanded in late 2023. The Iron Duke used to work very closely with the UNV Epimetheus on defending Earth and it's off-world bases.

It is now part of the Resupply and Support Group lead by Earth Fleet Command. That has ment the ship being returned to it's original role as a support ship.


The spaceborne HMS Iron Duke is the fourth vessel to carry the name. The first HMS Iron Duke was launched in 1870 and decommissioned in 1890. The next was launched in 1912, commissioned in 1914. It was sold in 1946. The third and final water-borne HMS Iron Duke was launched in 1991, commissioned two years later. BC-303


Rank Name Position
RAF-O6 Group Captain Gordon Salmond
Royal Air Force
Commanding Officer
RAF-O5 Wing Commander Ann Williamson
Royal Air Force
Executive Officer
RN-E6 Petty Officer Owen Freeman
Royal Navy
Ship Non-Commissioned Officer In-Charge
RM-O3 Captain Tasha Goodyard
Royal Marines
Chief Security Officer
BA-O1 Second Lieutenant Claire Pillar
British Army
British Army Detachment Commander

Past CrewEdit

Rank Name Position
BA-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Barney Ashwood
British Army
Commanding Officer
GS-10-SCI-UK Doctor Samantha Ford
British Civilian
Medical Officer
Acting Chief Medical Officer