HMCS Yukon
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Daedalus-class (BC-304)
Nationality: Canadian
Status: Destroyed
In Service: 2018 - 2024
Assignment Details
Assignment: Carrier/Battlecruiser
Task Force: Earth Defence Battle Group
Ship Crew Information
Colonel Mackenzie Moore
Royal Canadian Army
Major Tyson Rhodes
Royal Canadian Air Force
Crew Complement: 250
Type: NPC

The HMCS Yukon is a Canadian BC-304. Despite her overhaul running long the Yukon returned to service in late September 2023. The ship was destroyed in 2024 during the Enigma Emergence.


The Yukon was commissioned in 2018, a BC-304 that unlike it's predecessor, the HMCS Polaris is meant as a warship. She served two years as Combat Support ship on the Pegasus Delta Site and another for Milky Ways Gamma Site. Following this she was part of Alpha Group, an international collection of ships designed to deploy for presence and forward strike. The unit has been disbanded replaced by the Joint Tactical Strike Group formation.

In March 2023 she returned to Earth and entered dry dock to undergo her 5 Year Overhaul. Her new assignment is yet to be determined. After the overhaul she returned to duty, currently stationed in Earth orbit.The ship was destroyed in 2024 during the Enigma Emergence.


The Yukon is named in honour of the Canadian Territory which in turn is named for the Yukon River one of the countries largest. Additionally it is named in honour of the previous HMCS Yukon, a Mackenzie Class Destroyer in service with Canada between 1963 and 1993. The name Yukon itself originates from the rivers name, which means "Great River" in the Gwich’in language, the the Athabaskan language of the Gwich’in indigenous people. BC-304


Rank Name Position
CFLC-O6 Colonel Mackenzie Moore
Royal Canadian Army
Commanding Officer
CFAC-O4 Major Tyson Rhodes
Royal Canadian Air Force
Executive Officer and Chief Security Officer
CFMC-E8 Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel Noris
Royal Canadian Marine Corps
Chief of the Boat
CFLC-O4 Major Sarah McFadyen, MD
Royal Canadian Army
Chief Medical Officer
CFAC-O5 Lieutenant Colonel Theodore Webb
Royal Canadian Air Force
Commander, Air Group
31st Tactical Fighter Group
CFAC-O4 Major Matthew Lucas Jr.
Royal Canadian Air Force
Squadron Leader, 520 Tactical Fighter Squadron
31st Tactical Fighter Group

Past CrewEdit

Rank Name Position
CFAC-O6 Colonel Xavier Windsor
Royal Canadian Air Force
Commanding Officer
2018 - 2023, Retired
CFMCC-O4 Major Gavin O'Connor
Royal Canadian Marine Corps
Chief Security Officer
2020 - 2022

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