Friendly Competition
Author(s): JettaWindstar, Brian Coffin, Karl "13621" Mjolnir, Molly
Warnings: Mild Violence
Status: Ongoing
Canon: Canon

It had been about three days since Jason's last mission back at the SGC. Luckily, his leg wasn't too sore from the fall in the run down laboratory and he had been able to move normally on it. He was rather bored here on base, and part of him wanted to get out, but he decided he should stay here at least another day or two before he drove out for a bit. JUST in case.

He wandered the halls, heading towards the mess hall to get a lunch.

Humming a little tune, he retrieved a basic lunch for himself, as well as another energy drink. He was rather addicted to those lately. He eyed the mess hall for an open seat - between missions, more people were in the mess hall more frequently.

Stephanie had barely believed the reality of the news given to her, and it left her with a constant grin, as well as the nervous habit of always looking at the unit patch on her shoulder. Being assigned to SG-1 was NOT on her expected things to happen list, and yet, there it was, the SG-1 unit patch on her shoulder. However, she had not yet been able to meet anyone from the team, and she wondered how they'd take having a non-military type... hopefully better than her previous job had...

However, she was not about to let her mood get dampened by those jerks, oh no. Realizing that she had in fact gotten food here, she looked back down to her plate of food, a light lunch of a chicken salad sandwich, Caesar salad, and a tall glass of Coca-cola, which was probably one of her biggest vices.

The mess hall looked like it was filling up fast, faster than it had when she had gotten in.

Jason took a seat a few tables over from McMillian's current position. It took him a bit longer to realize a new recruit was in the room. As he sat down, a file full of papers that had been under his tray as he carried it to his table was moved from underneath it once he sat down. He cracked open his drink before noticing the patch on McMillian's shoulder. He was pretty sure he'd read that right. "Hey Agent, over here. I'm SG-1. Join me?" he offered, pointing to the files at his left before he took a swig of the highly caffeinated fruit punch Rockstar.

So it seemed this lady was possibly the one he was supposed to be reading about in these files. At least they could talk in a less formal manner - it was always good to interact with newer people that way because it generally made him more approachable in future missions.

Asid paused, as he stepped into the mess hall, carrying his usual, rough-finish mug that he'd made years earlier. He paused, glancing at McMillan and McCallister, nodding at them, before he continued his walk. "Great. Two Mc-somethings to keep in mind." He muttered, half-joking, as he walked past. "How you two getting 'long?"

Stephanie looked up to see someone calling to her, or at least she was pretty sure of it since there was probably no one else who answered to Agent. Then the unit patch told her that he was one of her teammates. Probably the CO, since the only other male of the team was supposed to be physically huge, or so she was told.

"Oh, sure." She replied, picking up her tray and made her way to join him, sitting down.

"Agent Stephanie McMillan, sir. I take it you're the commander of SG-1?" She asked, before taking a sip of her Coke to calm herself down and not start yammering on and on like she had to that MI-5 agent who had first met her.

"Yes ma'am, leader of SG-1. Used to be SG-2. Seemed we were short one person compared to the other teams so I requested a fourth. Nice to meet yo--"

Jason stiffened into attention while seated as a form of acknowledgement as Asid entered, then relaxed. "Well hello, sir. Actually we just met. You can join us, if you want, we're just getting to know each other - over lunch coincidentally." He took a bite of his ham and cheese sandwich. "While I was going to use this time to look over your files, I got lucky meeting you here, I can talk to you first instead."

He opens the file after taking the bite, making room for Asid in case he wants to sit with them and chat. Just by a quick glance at the background part of the application, he noticed there were a lot of blank spots. "So what are your specialties with the CIA? Haven't worked with them much, since my other member is a medic the more I know about your abilities the more I'll know ahead of time on how to make use of them in future missions." he had to wonder if maybe Asid had received some kind of recommendation for this woman, her background seemed interesting enough merely at first glance.

Asid sat down, slowly, onto the seat, taking a sip from his refilled mug. "Thank you, Colonel." He paused, listening to the conversation for a moment. "CIA? Another spook." Asid muttered, dryly. "You're our third... or fourth CIA agent we've had since I got here myself. Nevermind MI5, MI6, FBI, NSA, and NID spooks we've had pass through here. No offence-" He paused, looking at the file, to double-check the name. "McMillan." He raised his cup, taking another small sip. "Oh, and Mossad."

Stephanie started fidgeting with the napkin in her left hand to keep herself from talking faster than she could think as she composed her thoughts and respond. But she still kept a winning smile on her face.

"Well, kind of sort of a spook, sir. I only spent a year as an analyst before I volunteered for service with the SAD... Special Activities Division. It was kind of unusual, they typically pull from military like you guys do. You know, Special Forces and the sort, all the real bada... er... harda.... uh... tough guys and gals." She paused, taking a big gulp of her Coke.

"So, ah, yeah, I went through field agent training at The Farm, then they had some guys come down from the Army to train me, occasionally snuck me into units in training as well. They wanted me to fail, but I guess that didn't work out...well, obviously, right? I mean, here I am." Stephanie stopped again, "So, ah, yeah, I did one op, stopped some arms dealers from escaping, had to go it alone under sniper cover since no one else was in place. I got the job done, couldn't have done it without those South African Special Forces snipers, you know? Anyways, I got sick of the SAD guys acting like it was a No-Girls-Allowed club, except No-Non Military-Allowed."

"I mean, no offense, the military's not bad or anything. But before I could do any of the morally questionable things the SAD does...well, I put in to join up here. Didn't want to work for the IOA though. I'm not a suit... I want to be in the field. I'm no Jason Bourne... although I did learn the fighting style the Bourne movies had. Crazy stuff... er, sorry. Anyways, I'm certified to do a bunch of Special Forces stuff. Counterterrorism, urban warfare, guerrilla warfare, but I also know how to do...spook stuff. And I can shoot. Best with my Glock or an ACR."

Stephanie looked around, realizing she had just done exactly what she had tried not to do.

"Oh god, I'm sorry." She laughed, flushing with embarrassment, "...I also talk way faster than I think sometimes, and just go on and on."

"Well personally, I haven't worked directly with many CIA Agents before, but that shouldn't matter much. Lately we've had less trouble with Agents, specifically IOA Agents if I remember right. I'd like to think that here we're not concerned about the uniform we wear - and from what I've seen that's quite true." Jason nods slightly before taking another swig of his Rockstar. "Our XO is Special Forces so you may have some common ground with him there. Ah yes before I go on, name's Jason McCallister. But I'm no Jason Bourne either." he made a short chuckle. "I suppose I'd like to think I am sometimes, but hey, that's just because he's pretty cool. I'm an explosives expert myself, but I do also like my shooting. I think we'll get along pretty well in the grand scheme of things."

He paused, taking yet a quicker sip from the drink. "And we're not an all-guys team either, the other member, our medic, is female. She's been on SG-1 the longest." Jason decided to avoid telling her that the same woman was Asid's wife, however, he'd let Asid himself say it if he wished. He figured that was a bit personal and he was sharing enough information already.

Asid glanced at Jason, raising his brow ever so slightly. "Yes, if you hear someone shouting at a 'Chief Mjolnir', that isn't me." He said, with a half-grin. "She'd also happen to be yor medic." He said, with a chuckle. "As for Spooks, anyone in an intelligence agency is a spook. It's not a bad thing." He shook his head. "SG-1 gets shaken up lot, but the Medic has been there the longest. Seond longest in the SGC out of everyone still 'round."

"Oh...OH. Okay, got it. Well, I can't wait to meet the other two then." Stephanie said with a laugh, before taking a moment to eat some of her sandwich and recollect herself.

"I don't mean to sound like spook is a bad thing. I mean, the SAD are supposed to be like the boogie men of the US Intelligence community. But it was a challenge that I wanted to undertake. Besides, the real bad word is Bureau. Not really though, my sister's Bureau. Talk about confusing inter-agency rivalry when you have twin sisters, one goes CIA, the other goes FBI." Stephanie explained, starting to slow down and speak less like she had too many words and needed to get them out before she blew up.

"I hope we all get along well, I mean, that was what the SAD didn't have, and why I left. And I also hope that I meet expectations. I know there's a whole lot of history behind SG-1, and it's not at all where I expected to be. I've only been on one actual op, and they tried to sideline me. But, if you think I can get the job done, well, I don't see why I shouldn't believe you, right?" Stephanie continued, "I'm getting ahead of myself though, way too excited. Been that way since I got out of SG X-Ray."

Jason raised an eye brow at McMillian's mentioning of a twin sister. "Huh, I have a fraternal twin, but he's male. I can imagine that must be a little awkward. And tense." Jason commented, consuming more of his own lunch while in thought. "I know minimal information about the struggles we've had with other agencies in the past, but the General certainly does. Things seem pretty mellow since the Atrium was built, at least." he was pretty sure sure the rest of his team wouldn't be giving her weird looks, so that was a plus.

He pondered over what else he might need to ask her, but at this time, he couldn't think of anything else, it seemed this woman was well rounded in various areas of combat yet didn't seem to be given many chances to reach full potential in her former organizations. Jason genuinely disliked the whole uniform discrimination thing and thought it was even dumber than sexism. He had National Guard and Reserve friends that had complained about it constantly prior to when he signed up for the Stargate program. "Well honestly I can't think of anything else that needs to be discussed - for now anyway, I was going to hit the gym room after this. Anyone care to spar?" he asked while raising an eyebrow and skimming through the papers reading some of the recommendations, and munching on the sandwich.

Asid chuckled, softly. "Sure, if you don't mind going toe to toe with a general with special forces training." He grinned at McCallister. "Care to make a bet?" He asked, watching McCallister. "Five to the winner?" He went to draw tap his mug, slowly, with his finger, as he looked the other two over. Seen him in action. Got a feel for what to use. For her, however... I don't know yet.

Stephanie nodded eagerly.

"Okay, I'm game. Besides, I haven't found anyone to practice with since I got out of SG: X-Ray. Dummies don't make for good practice sometimes, and I like the more practical experience."

She finished off her Coke, stifling a burp.

"Ah, excuse me. Okay yeah, I'm game. Maybe afterwards take it to the range? Might be easy money, but I'm okay with my Glock, I use a 19. I don't have any issues with nine millimeter, and the 19 fits better in my hands than the 17. Pistols are a bit more personal than rifles, I think, at least when you're on the range and money's on the line." Stephanie explained.

The first match was Jason and Asid. Honestly, he hadn't expected that he would get a chance to spar him, but hey, he'd take the chances he'd get to learn if anything else. He was going to assume that he knew about the sparring etiquette well, so when Asid was ready, they got into their preferred fighting stances and began. Jason had no idea what to expect, so he wasn't going to do anything fancy. In a right neutral stance, he started out simple feinting a left jab and swiftly swinging a right upper cut to the gut.

Asid grinned, as he began to look Jason over, rolling his shoulders around, as he waited. It had been a long time for him since his last hand to hand fight. And thus it began, Asid grunting, as he felt the punch, feeling his breath getting knocked out of him slightly, trying to elbow Jason in the face

Jason began to duck, but the hit was quite fast, so instead of possibly getting a broken nose or his own fist jabbed into his face, the elbow hit low on his forehead slightly off to the side above one of the eyebrows. That might leave a bruise later, and it definitely made him peel back a bit. Advancing forward via a left cross-step, he returned a similar attack by heel palming towards Asid's face as he stepped through. If that was successful, his right leg moved about 90 degrees relative to Asid's position so he faced his left side, and attempted a right downward handsword onto the back of his neck.

Asid grunted as he felt his nose begin to bleed, his eyes narrowing ever so slightly. As he hunched over, he felt Jason going to chop at the back of his neck, and pulled his head back, so the attack missed his head, the man continuing to dart back to where he could stand straight. "Not bad, Colonel." He said, spitting out some blood, as he hunched over into a stance. "Not too bad at all." While While he spoke, he went to kick out towards Jason's knee, a feint, while his arm went to grab Jason's to try to throw him.

"Thanks, sir--" Since his arms were up, he could have been easy to grab, but he was able to swing away - he had considerable grace having sparred with his fellow Alaskan friend who happened to be interested in Capoeira and a few other martial arts. The attempted throw was off by a long shot, so he continued the swing into a low cartwheel, kicking in a handstand position at the back of Asid's head with one side of his right foot.

Asid turned, stepping out of the way, while his arm reached up to grab Jason's leg, digging in his thumb into a pressure point. "C'mon, Colonel, up the ante!" He called, letting go of the mans leg, hoping his pressure point attack would be enough to momentary numb the leg.

Jason tried to flick his leg back the moment he felt the pressure point squeeze, grinding his teeth a bit. He recollected himself, trying to settle his weight on his left good leg. "Hey monkeying around is fun. Nice catch there." as he rises, he shuffles a bit forward in a left neutral stance to launch an upward left elbow to the chin following with a right vertical punch with a hard right vertical fist punch to the solar plexus, using such moves to stay off his back leg a bit.

"I try." Asid grinned, before he rubbed his rusty-looking mustache. As he watched Jason's elbow go whizzing by, far out to left field, he felt the punch hit his gut again. "Seriously, man, you got something against rock hard abs?" He growled, trying to regain his breath. As he drifted back, looking Jason's defense over. After a moment, he went to do a quick kick out towards Jason's injured leg

The kick grazed the knee cap and he lowered the wrist as he barely had time to avoid that kick, both knee cap and hand hurt now, but he could take it. He shook the hand a bit as he replied "Just happens to be where the center line is," he tested his sore knee before cross stepping and jabbing a sharp punch to the tender spot on Asid's upper arm and aiming a near-equally sharp knife edged kick to the back of Asid's nearest knee joint.

Asid let out a grunt, as he felt the punch land, a moment before his knee collapsed from under him. He let out a howl as he felt his 'bad' leg collapse from under him. "Fragging Colonels these days. No respect." He grinned, going to kick off awkwardly from his stance towards McCallister, trying to grapple with him and force him down.

Loosing balance on his favored leg, Jason felt himself fall. Could this be the moment of surrender? He didn't want it to be, but after all, grappling moves coule be tricky to deal with, and he always had room to improve his escape techniques. When he hit the floor he pushed up with his right leg (bending it to do so) from his good leg at Asid's side, using some leverage from his left elbow too. Keeping his arms in front, he attempted to keep space as he tried to push away the weight bearing down on him with a grunt.

Asid grinned as he went to, with stiffened fingers, jab at Jason's belly, "C'mon, Colonel, no shame in admitting you lost." He grunted, accidentally spraying the man with a little bit of blood from his nose. "Sorry."

Jason snorted. Ah well, he had to remind himself he was going against someone who had a considerable higher level of experience in many areas. But he did manage to push him off, the jab turning into a light tap as Asid was pushed off. "No sense in denying it when you're on the ground like that, yeah." He got up and tested his leg a bit. "Well I lose five, least the bet wasn't demanding." having a bit of cash on him for meals, he took a five out of his BDUs. "Not bad while it lasted though, sir."

Asid chuckled, softly, as he pocketed the cash, and gave Jason a polite bow. "You had me going for quite a while there, Colonel. It's been quite awhile since I had such a challenge." He stood, limping over to a table to take some kleenex to blot his nose. "Now to avoid showing my wife my nose for a coupla days."

Jason grinned, pleased to hear he wasn't boring, at the very least. "That's good to hear from someone of higher rank and experience like yourself, thanks. Hope your leg will be alright, seems our legs took the most damage." he then turned towards Stephanie and folded his arms. "Should be interesting to see what she's capable of, too."

"Yeah. Spook's up. Who do you want to face?" He asked, glancing at Steph.

Stephanie had watched the fight with interest, and when it had come to an end, she shrugged out of her BDU top to her black t-shirt under it. "Well, I guess I can't beat on the loser, so I guess I'll go with the General, sir."

Asid chuckled, softly. "Be nice to the Colonel, he's going to be your boss." Asid said, as he tossed away the bloody napkin he'd been using to dab at his nose. "Ready?" He asked, as he fell into a half crouch, his fists not quite clenched, standing several feet from Steph.

Stephanie squared up with the General, studying him for a moment, before stepping in with an open hand attack to his right shoulder, pushing it towards his left hip in an opening move to take him off balance.

Asid let out a grunt as he began to stumble, letting himself fall. As he hit the ground, he kicked out with his legs, trying to wrap them around Steph's, to yank them from under her.

Stephanie countered with her own foot, but was only barely able to keep her footing while kicking the attack aside. Sidestepping, she attempted to grab him by the shoulder and pull him up into a neck lock. Asid hunched his shoulder, going to throw Steph over his shoulder. After doing so, he stepped back, out of reach. Stephanie landed on her back with an "Oof." before flipping herself back to her feet quickly. She quickly stepped in, twisting around slightly to deliver a quick kick to the back of Asid's left leg to force him to a knee.

Asid let out a howl of discontentment, as he felt the kick to the side of his knee. As she kicked him, as he went to reach out to grab her throat. Stephanie reached out with an open hand to knock away Asid's hand and grab him by the wrist, using her other hand to try and drive her elbow against his head to push in the opposite direction of his attacking hand. Asid let out a grunt, as he collapsed, his head swimming, trying to avoid cursing. He let out a sigh, as he felt the arm of his glasses snap, falling to the side. As he landed, he kicked out at Steph's knee with his foot.

Stephanie had to let go, her stance was to sloppy to keep up what she had been trying, and hopped back quickly to avoid the attack. Asid rolled to his feet, tossing his now-broken glasses aside. As he turned, he watched her, squinting slightly. "Not going to surrender, are you." He grinned.

"Not at all. But gotta do it right or not at all." Stephanie replied with a grin, one that seemed to show more confidence than before, before stepping in with practiced speed to punch quickly towards the lower left side of his torso. Asid let out a pained growl, as he felt her fist hit his side. As he hunched over the fist, Asid tried to elbow the side of Stephanie's head.: Stephanie twisted aside again, grabbing at Asid's arm to pin it against her stomach with her left hand and then kicked up with her right foot into his chest.

Asid let out a grunt, as he collapsed, all the air knocked out of him from the repeated hits and yet another hit. He let out a grunt, as he collapsed to the mat. "Spook."

"Eskrima Kalli, Fillipino Martial Arts form. Like I said, I learned it after watching the Bourne movies." Stephanie said, reaching down with an open hand to help Asid up. Asid went to take her hand, and while holding it, pull on it, his hand going to chop at the side of her neck.

Stephanie let out a grunt, gasping for a moment as she lost her footing and tumbled to the mat, before rolling over to wrap her legs around Asid's arm and using her feet to push against his body while pulling his arm with her hand. Asid twisted his arm, pulling it free, ramming his elbow into her belly. Stephanie gasped again, the air rushing out of her body, and rolled to the side, before hauling herself back to her feet and stepping in to deliver a kick into his lower torso side where she had punched him previously.

Asid folded his arms, in front of him, twisting them around under her leg. As he held it, he went to pull her to him, twisting one arm to elbow at her belly. Stephanie batted the attack aside with an open palm before quickly going straight for the face with another open palm strike. Asid turned his head, ducking under her arm, as he rammed his shoulder into her, under the outstretched arm.

Stephanie stepped aside slightly to absorb the attack partially and get Asid in position for a head lock under her right arm, before slamming a fist into the center of his back Asid grunted, as Steph caught him in a headlock. He turned his shoulder, into the blow, trying to make it hurt as much for Steph as he possibly could. As he turned his shoulder, he twisted trying to hook his leg around hers, to trip her.

Stephanie stumbled, but just enough to let herself fall, still clamped onto Asid's head and trying to make sure it hit the mat too, though intentionally taking some of the blow due to the danger that such a maneuver had. Asid let her take the blow, going to punch her side as they fell, trying to knock enough air out of her to make it difficult for her to continue. Stephanie let go of Asid, rolling to the side as she tried to take several deep breaths before standing up straight again.

Asid went to grab Stephanie into a headlock, pulling his arm tight against her neck, as he turned his body to the side, pressing his side against her back to make it more difficult for her to elbow him. Stephanie grtted her teeth, gasping for air as she reached to grab Asid's shoulder and flip him off of her and onto his back.

Asid, holding her neck still, hooked his arm around one shoulder. "Surrender, Spook." He whispered, softly.

"" Stephanie replied, straining against the pressure before swinging another open palm strike up towards Asid's head and take him off balance. Asid groaned, as he felt his head get slapped again, throwing him sideways, his arm tightening reflexively as he started to fall, angling to land atop her.

Stephanie shifted her weight to try again with throwing Asid onto his back as they fell, straining to fight against the darkness starting to creep up from her peripheral vision, a sign of an impending black-out. Asid lay there, beneath Steph, now beneath her, his arm still tight around her throat. "C'mon, Spook, tap out."

Stephanie could barely lift her arm up, her eyes starting to roll up into her head as she began to black out, barely coherent enough to make more than a grunt.

Asid let go of Stephanie's neck, going to slip from under her. "I think we'll call that a win?"

Stephanie rolled onto the mat, gasping and heaving for air, unable to speak for a few moments as she started coughing as well. Once able to, she sat up, ""

Asid stood, offering her his hand. "Good fight." He said, softly, rubbing at his eyes.

"...too busy showing off... I got sloppy." She took the offered hand, standing back to her feet, the aura of confidence she had shown just as quickly was gone as it had come, as she grabbed her wallet from the bench and fished out five one bills.

Asid pocketed them, quietly. "It was impressive." He chuckled, softly. "You fought quite well." He smiled, slightly. "I think you'll do well against Jason."

"I hope so..." She rubbed her neck before nodding, "But I'll try to do better, sir. Still, if you think it was good, well... I try. Not easy with a form favoring knives, but, it works."

"Yeah. Let's be grateful it wasn't a knife-fight, though." Asid grinned. "I get cut enough as it is just trying to shave."

"Nah. I had to learn everything that didn't deal with knives. Mom would have freaked out if I brought home a bolo knife. I learned when I was sixteen." Stephanie explained as she sat down, dabbing off the sweat.

"I suggest you look into an Ashrak knife." Asid suggested, slightly. "Regardless, good fight. I think you need a rest, before you and McCallister go."

Stephanie sat down, looking at McCallister, "So, gimmie a sec to get my second wind back, and we'll see if you can win back your five from the boss-man here." She said, a small grin starting to form once again.

Jason had been sitting around drinking some water as he watched, knowing it would only be fair for him to do the same. "Of course, take all the time you need." He had taken the opportunity to watch of course, and was impressed with how she had mastered the style. Unfortunately, he hadn't found any places where he was stationed in the past to learn such a style, but he did apply some of the concepts merely from for some reason. He wasn't sure why, Sadie was very comfortable with knives. Perhaps it was the style.

Nevertheless, when they were ready, they bowed to each other and got in their preferred stances. With his leg feeling normal, he shifted around in a boxer's shuffle to warm up a bit. He applied a Muay Thai-style attack which delivered a punch and a kick together: front snap kick to the front of a knee with a vertical punch to the face with the aid of momentum simultaneously. Whether it was successful or not, he shifted his stance and used his rear leg to drive a heel palm straight for the solar plexus, aiming high a bit below her collar bone.

Before she knew it, Stephanie was on her knees again from the kick, having quickly lost her footing. But she quickly her right hand to deliver an open palm deflection to stop the second attack coming at her. She launched up to her feet, stepping into Jason's defenses and launched into a one-two open palm attack, first trying to drive his right shoulder towards his left hip to take him off balance before sending a second one for the center of his chest.

Jason parried the first blow and while attempting to snake his grip around her wrist, his other hand moved up near his chest to do the same to the other. Shifting his stance, he crossed her arms into a horizontal x-position by the wrists as he did so, simultaneously raising a knee (though he would avoid actual contact and would just make a light tap if she didn't avoid it), then followed through with a sharp forward kick to the stomach, trying to pull her down as he moved forward slightly for the kick.

Stephanie found herself flat on her back, only having been barely able to brace herself enough to keep the wind from being knocked out of her as she hit the mat with a thud. Moving quickly, however, she let loose with a kick from her left leg into Jason's right lower leg, before sitting up and unleashing another one-two open palm attack, one to his left leg to push it out and take him off balance, and another to follow up her kick into his right leg.

Jason felt his leg twinge in pain from the hits, and he grimaced as he felt himself loose balance soon after that from both hits. Certainly, it had been tough to move from that one. He found himself falling back, so he caught himself in a handstand and move into a spin kick to the right towards Steph's face, his foot vertical. It was a learning experience, he didn't particularly fancy treating this as a fight to the death. When the kick was sent one way, he shifted weight on his hands and turned himself the opposite direction slightly, trying to aim a side kick to her shoulder, his foot parallel with the ground. Seems his right leg was a weak spot today, he'd have to keep that in mind. Jason had pretty good strength but he liked to work on his agility and balance too, even if he risked screwing up.

Stephanie was once more back on the mat, face down, with a groan and having trouble finding her groove. She shakily stood back up to her feet, blinking a few times and trying to clear her head. Trying to rebound, Stephanie tried to lunge in with a kick to the left side of his torso before trying to grab him into a headlock.

As Jason brought his legs back down, he managed to twist out of the way and roll to the right to avoid the kick and headlock. "Seems we have somewhat similar styles." he smirked, taking the chance to pivot in his stance, cross step closer with his leg farther from her while almost simultaneously knuckle-punching her right side (a sidewards back fist of sorts) and attempted a vertical punch to the side of the temple, his arms crossing. If made contact, the moves would be swift but stop short to deliver a gentle tap - he didn't want to hurt a new team member's ribs. The punch however, was far from gentle, it had more oomph to it than the side-fist had.

Stephanie managed to block the first blow, batting aside quickly, but had left herself open enough to be knocked to her knees from the blow to her head. She lunged forward to get back to her feet, drawing back a fist to slam into Jason's stomach, before following it up with a rapid one-two open palm strike attack aimed to his face.

Jason exhaled sharply, seeing stars for a second as he felt himself lean forward from the blow, but he was able to deduce what might be next. Besides, he needed to regain protection of his centerline! He pushed the quick pair of palm strikes away with outward parries and side stepped, delivering a swift and solid lower round house kick to her abdomen.

Stephanie stopped the attack cold in the air, catching the flying kick in her hands. Then with sudden speed, she twisted to flip Jason onto his front on the mat, before grabbing his other leg to get him into a classic leg lock wrestling hold.

Jason caught himself on his elbows as fell towards the floor so he could give himself better leverage. He refused to get pinned again. Cursing the f-bomb, he, angles his leg away from her and tries to tuck it towards himself while he slams a back fist towards the nearest arm that holds his leg as quickly and harshly as he can to get her off. It was at least, a little easier to relieve pressure this way than deal with the leg completely extended.

Stephanie let go entirely to avoid the attack, opting for another approach. Grabbing for Jason's attacking arm, she tried to grapple onto it, and haul him to his feet, before pushing his head the opposite direction of his arm to stretch it out.

Damn grapples always got the best of him! He felt himself yanked up and swung forward a bit, but he took the chance to twist his arm upwards via the palm facing up, bend his elbow and pull towards himself sharply to twist out of it. Meanwhile, though his left leg was sore, he adjusted his balance by shifting his left leg forward, before kicking up with a high backwards heel kick to Stephanie's face, striking up with the chin. Whirling around, he charged forward with a left downward elbow towards her chest.

Stephanie staggered back from yet another blow to her face, her vision almost nothing but stars, and yet, her instincts were enough to stop the elbow coming her way by grabbing onto it. Using Jason as support, she kicked up to deliver a kick squarely into his lower back, and then the second her foot hit the ground, she wrapped her right leg around his left to bring him back to his knees, still holding his arm and pulling away from his body.

Jason tucked himself in more as he went down. Catching himself on his right foot, he twisted around and used what leverage he had to press her towards the pulling action, putting all his weight rearward from the side to the back as he began to shift into a more straight kneeling position. She would likely fall from his imposed weight even though she had his leg somewhat. Had he been a little quicker he could have avoided his leg being pinned. The weight by its self and borrowed forces were surely enough.

Stephanie hit the mat once more, and slackened in her grip. "Okay, okay...I think I've become too intimate with this floor and your boot or fist to my face." She said with a bit of a laugh, "And I'm pretty sure if I take another blow to the head, I'll forget how to do math."

Jason grinned, adjusting his current position to stand up and offer a hand to her feet. "Yeah don't want that happening to a new team member. Those were some tough moves to deal with, that's for sure." Nothing like a good spar to get to know someone. "I should challenge people more often, it's fun. Honestly I'm kind of afraid to challenge this team's XO, he's quite the bear." he chuckled. He glanced towards Asid. He was quite sure he'd take a match with either of these two than Achilles - not that he was afraid of him, just seemed like he would be a tough one to beat. He had done pretty well against Asid up to the end... but it had been ages since he fought against someone bigger with more muscle and height like Achilles... "T'was fun, good work, Agent."

Stephanie took the hand offered to her feet. "I heard there was someone on the team that was a real bear of a man, but I guess that wasn't exaggeration." She shook her head as she sat down on the bench, "...I'm going to have to practice more. But ah, after a bit, anyone feel like hitting up the range with me?"

"Wouldn't mind at all, it's been a little while since I've had to use a gun." of course, that didn't mean Jason hadn't fired anything, he had taken a liking to using the Zats and sometimes even the Jaffa staff weapons when going off world - they were great since they didn't require ammunition. He ran up the wall across from the entrance as high as he could go - which was a bit more than his own height, and twisted off of it to face the other way. He casually strolled towards the exit. "Parkour makes a good challenge too, if you're into that sorta thing. Wanna tag along, Sir?" he asked the General.

Achilles walked into sparring room and started taking off all of his combat gear, all the way down to his sanitized black tactical uniform, and began to speak.

"What do we have here. The Colonel pretending to fight?"

Achilles made an unusual smirk as he joked in an obviously sarcastic tone.

"Colonel, you shouldn't be teaching her bad technique, when she has a REAL bear of a man in the room.

Stephanie picked up her navy blue BDU top, pulling it back on as the next man stepped in. She looked up at him, putting on her winning smile once more as she buttoned it back up.

"Whoa now. I've been beat down enough, and I'd rather not have to lose all of my lunch money. Not to mention I'd lose more than just my knowledge of math in a match against you, big guy." Stephanie said, pulling out her wallet to fish out another five one bills and handing them to Jason, "I'm Agent Stephanie McMillan, out of the CIA's Special Activities Division and into SG-1. In fact, I was suggesting we hit up the range, maybe you could win part of my lunch money there, I was thinking pistols, but I can do rifles too."

"I was going to beat on the Colonel here, since he looks like he needs a good beating." Achilles spoke with an obviously sarcastic jesting tone.

"As punishment for being a bad example to beautiful women. However, after I beat him senseless I'll be happy to show you something on the range."

Achilles moved into attack stance, and waited for the colonel to do the same. Achilles started moving back and forth in a ginga.

Jason raised his eyebrow when Achilles entered the room, just as they were fixing to leave. Well this was a turn of events. He better take his chance while he can get it! He couldn't help but grin. "A bad example? Come on now, I'm really not so bad once you get to know me." He got in his own fighter's stance and began a boxer's shuffle, stretching his shoulders a bit as he did so. He was in for it now, wasn't he? Fighting the General and resultant not doing too horrible was one thing, but facing a guy of this stature was another. Though calm on the outside as usual, he was admittedly a bit nervous. After all, the guy WAS a bear! But he was resourceful enough that he hoped he could survive at least a bit of this. So he swung the first punch, there would be minimal contact since this was only sparring, but it went swiftly for the solar plexus. It was just one of the beginning moves he'd use to test this guy's reflexes since he'd only seen him in action for the duration of one mission so far.

Achilles just smiled a the Colonel's comments. And when he swung for the solar plexus, Achilles allows the strike in order to get the opportunity to strike. Achilles pulled his right fist into his chest as he bent his right arm in together reared back, jumped into the air a few inches, and as he came back down his swung his right forearm in a horizontal fashion in an attempt to strike Jason's left temple.

Jason saw the swing, and kept his arms up at the ready. He turned slightly, heel and a toe pivoting with his upper body. The hit to the arms as he blocked was harsh - and he was half expecting he would get a big bruise from that later, but he would rather his arm be sore than seeing stars and having his neck out of whack for a while. So he blocked vertically with the left arm. Checking that arm with the right on the outer side of it and cross stepping outside of Achille's right, he kicked a near straight side kick for the back of the knee.

Achilles being frustrated at the blocked shot, although amused because he knew Jason would come away bruised and thereby lower his ability to block with that arm. Achilles ducked under Jason's kick and proceeded to sweep Jason's support leg while rising up with his arms under Jason's kicking leg in order to knock him off balance and then flip him backwards.

Jason flipped backwards into a roll from the sweep, but rebounded, switching forward as he tested his arms' endurance. He got up to his feet into a left neutral stance, striking out with his elbow before cross stepping to a right stance in attempt to slam a downward right elbow following it.

The harsh downward motion grazed his shoulder as he began to sway off to the right, trying to avoid it to begin with - but that leg was fast. The force was impressive, regardless of it being 100% direct. He was sent face forward towards the ground and off to the right, so he put his weight on his good arm and rolled. "Geeze. I gotta learn some tricks from you or something!" He didn't want to keep the others waiting, but he was certainly liking this challenge. He stood up and shook his left arm a bit, and it was practically throbbing whenever he started to raise it! He'd definitely have to ice that later. But he wanted to give it another round or two before he surrendered, so he decided to test out some kicks, starting off with a high right heel kick towards the side of the face from his current stance, readying another depending on how that one fared.

"Good shot kiddo," Achilles spoke as he rolled into a standing position. "That will probably bruise." Once he got back up to his feet he went back into a ginga then after a moment, took 2 steps forward, and then lunged at Jason's legs in an attempt to get a grip on at least one of them.

By the time Jason brought down his leg, Achilles had started the Capoeira style of a boxer's shuffle - at least that's what he thought of it, and he didn't have much time to prepare himself for the dive. He had been solidifying his stance, only realizing if he wanted to avoid his legs getting grabbed AGAIN he would have to hustle ass quickly. And that's what he tried to do, he pivoted his rear left leg back in an arc as far as away from Achilles as he could manage then cross-stepped away twice with the leading leg, switching back to a left neutral stance, facing Achilles. "Thanks." He then decided to try a version of a move he'd done earlier, just to see what the result would be. He rolled forward long into somewhat modified version between the "Broken Au" and some kind of break dancing move, pushing off with his good right arm and kicking up towards Achilles' chest with the right edge of his foot.

Achilles stepped forward after getting his feet back under him, and ducked under Jason's kick, then kicking at Jason's right elbow with his left leg to remove his leverage and weight support while grabbing at Jason's left ankle and foot.

Jason grunted a bit in surprise and quickly tried to bring his right leg down in order to avoid getting a potentially nasty hit in the elbow, but yet, his left ankle was still grabbed. So once he was grabbed, both arms went down. He pulled the right leg back a bit and then redirected the movement towards Achilles face. He'd stop it of course before an overly nasty hit was potentially made, but he was going to try to get out of another grapple if he could!

Achilles side steps Jason's kick to the left away form the kick, then dropped to moving into an ankle lock while torquing it hard as he could clockwise, and and wrapping his legs around the locked leg to prevent rolling.

Jason's eyes widened when he saw Achilles grab the ankle just as he was starting to bring it down. His left eye twitched in irritation. Well, it was worth a try. "I'm done! I don't feel like getting my ankle snapped today, please kay thanks?" he blinked, trying not to wince at the thought of what that would be like had they actually been honestly fighting. "Ankle grabs bad."

Achilles releases the hold, stands up, brushes himself off, and gets redressed. "Learn our lesson Colonel?"

Jason regathered his composure and rubbed his arm, testing its muscles with pressure against the wall while he waited for Achilles. "Could say that. I have a friend who knows capoeira, wish they were around more to spar. Maybe I could learn some techniques from you sometime? I always did have a thing for martial arts, though Karate is my specialty, obviously." He shrugged, grabbing a random towel to get the sweat off his neck.

He walked out after the other two, ready for something different.

Stephanie couldn't help but feel a little glad she wasn't up next, because she had a feeling that whatever she dished out, the new arrival would have been able to easily deal with it and give it all back and then some. And he was surprisingly fast for a man of his bulk too, which was impressive. Still, to McCallister's credit, he held up well for taking on three opponents.

"So, ah, yeah, let's take it on out to the range then, I guess. This is a better than the SAD, they would just challenge me to use me as a punching bag and establish who was better. The only real advantage I got out of it was a tolerance for paintballs when they sent me in to do the kill-house sweep on my own." Stephanie shrugged, "But if you have decent people to do that with, it's an interesting way to bet, since sometimes you're factoring in not only time but accuracy and skill. If we had a kill-house with dummy targets, maybe we could do that? Otherwise, I'm cool with the range, they have my Glock in the armory, and if we do rifles, I'm decent with the ACR."

It admittedly was a bit of an oddball question, and once again, she was talking quickly which was starting to become a show of nervousness of sorts on her part.

"Oh! Shouldn't we get our other team member, see if she wants to join us? Y'know, make for a good team-building and meet the newbie kind of thing?" Stephanie suggested.

"Yes, it's probably a good idea to do so! Me or the General can give her a call - she is his wife after all." Jason trotted along, calling up Audie on the radio's they usually carried around in case they were called for a mission. They could use their phones too, but those were usually used for more personal arrangements. "I haven't used the shooting range much here, this should be fun!"

Audie had heard rumors that Asid was in the gym, sparring, so she had already started that way so that she could cheer him on (or whatever!), when she got the call from Jason. After acknowledging, she changed course for the range, arriving just behind the others.

"So, what's up?" she asked, looking them over, then going over to Asid and kissing him soundly on the nose. "Hello, love of my life," she commented, hugging him tightly. "I missed you. How's your afternoon been?"

Asid grinned at her, looking around at the other four. "I'm good, Audie, how're you?" He asked, poking her cheek, as he narrowed his eyes enough that he could see slightly better, as he fumbled with his glasses, wincing as his wife hugged his bruised belly. "Well, honey, we were thinking of going to the range, care to join?"

Stephanie smiled and approached the new arrival, putting one and one together that this was the mystery fourth team member she had yet to meet.

"Sorry to interrupt, Chief. I'm Agent Stephanie McMillan, CIA, formerly Special Activities Division. I'm the newest addition to SG-1." She said with a broad smile, "We were just having a friendly wager. I kind of lost both times, but eh... oh, and yeah, the nose and glasses were my fault."

"But uh yeah, we were going to hit up the range next, see how much more of my money I can part with. I think though I'm going to have to check out the armory on my free time though... see what else there is I can find... and I'm getting off track again. I'm sorry, I'm a bit scattered and I can't seem to shut up at times. But, nice to meet you!" Stephanie finished, still smiling.

Asid nodded, slowly. "Yes, though the bruises are both her and McCallister." He mock-glared at the Colonel, as he rubbed his nose. "Acquired in the process of winning five dollars apiece." He glanced down at Audie. "Not because I won, but in the process." He grinned, hoping she didn't decide to chop his head off then and there for the fighting. "I might need to run home and grab my spare glasses though, in order to be any use at the range." He said, glancing at the others.

Asid grinned at her, looking around at the other four. "I'm good, Audie, how're you?" He asked, poking her cheek, as he narrowed his eyes enough that he could see slightly better, as he fumbled with his glasses, wincing as his wife hugged his bruised belly.

"I'm doing great!" she declared, purposefully ignoring his battered state for now. He wasn't a kid, and knew what he was getting into if he was sparring.

"Well, honey, we were thinking of going to the range, care to join?"

"Oh, sure, sounds like it would be..." She stopped as another young woman approached her.

"Sorry to interrupt, Chief. I'm Agent Stephanie McMillan, CIA, formerly Special Activities Division. I'm the newest addition to SG-1." She said with a broad smile, "We were just having a friendly wager. I kind of lost both times, but eh... oh, and yeah, the nose and glasses were my fault."

"Uh huh..." Audie nodded slowly, her grin widening. This was going to be fun. Wasn't often Asid got beat up by a chick! "I hadn't really noticed."

"But uh yeah, we were going to hit up the range next, see how much more of my money I can part with. I think though I'm going to have to check out the armory on my free time though... see what else there is I can find... and I'm getting off track again. I'm sorry, I'm a bit scattered and I can't seem to shut up at times. But, nice to meet you!" Stephanie finished, still smiling.

Audie laughed. "Good to meet you, too, and welcome to the team. I'm sure you'll like it here." Then she looked at Asid. "So, you let her beat you up?"

Asid nodded, slowly. "Yes, though the bruises are both her and McCallister." He mock-glared at the Colonel, as he rubbed his nose. "Acquired in the process of winning five dollars apiece." He glanced down at Audie. "Not because I won, but in the process." He grinned, hoping she didn't decide to chop his head off then and there for the fighting.

"Oh, I'm certain it was so worth it." She grinned, reaching up to dab a bit of blood from his nose, then glancing at the others. "And I'm sure you would have gladly paid for the privilege of swatting him around. I know I would!"

"I might need to run home and grab my spare glasses though, in order to be any use at the range." He said, glancing at the others.

"Can't you just tape them together for now?" She smiled sweetly, then shrugged. "Besides, you can use that as an excuse when I beat you."

Asid chuckled, glancing at Spook. "Sure, yeah, I let her beat me up. I don't hit a woman, after all, Audie." He nodded. "As for taping them, if I had tape on me, yes... though I won, I think I got the shorter end of the stick. Again, very good fighting, Spook." His eyes flicked to McCallister. "He did just as bad to me, and I think he'll be limping for a few days, enh?"

Jason couldn't help but chuckle at the comments about bruises from Asid; he was still holding his arm a bit from an attempt block of one of Achilles' strikes too. "Yeah sparring both you AND Achilles not only has me a run for mah money but a leg and maybe even an arm too. Which I'd REALLY like to keep for some shooting." the chuckle fades to a lively grin and he nods at Audie. "Glad you could join us! Let's all go and be trigger happy fools!"

Jason almost literally skipped off, in an insanely pleasant mood despite having been rather beaten in the previous matches. He didn't care, it was all fun to him, even if it was a little... abusive. He made a trip to the armory. "Oh I know! Maybe we could do paint ball too! It can save ammo."

Jason couldn't help but chuckle at the comments about bruises from Asid; he was still holding his arm a bit from an attempt block of one of Achilles' strikes too. "Yeah sparring both you AND Achilles not only has me a run for mah money but a leg and maybe even an arm too. Which I'd REALLY like to keep for some shooting." the chuckle fades to a lively grin and he nods at Audie. "Glad you could join us! Let's all go and be trigger happy fools!"

"Sounds like fun!" Audie grinned as she looked at the others. "You know, if you keep up this fighting, I might have to rat you out to medical!" They would hate being sent to the infirmary for their 'injuries'.

Jason almost literally skipped off, in an insanely pleasant mood despite having been rather beaten in the previous matches. He didn't care, it was all fun to him, even if it was a little...abusive. He made a trip to the armory. "Oh I know! Maybe we could do paint ball too! It can save ammo."

"And then we can shoot each other!" Audie's grin widened. "Girls against boys!" She glanced at Stephanie and shrugged. "Odds might not be so even, though, but we can spot them a few points!" She laughed.

"And then we can shoot each other! Girls against boys! Odds might not be so even, though, but we can spot them a few points!"

"Oooo. Yeah. We're gonna get you guys now!" Stephanie laughed, "Maybe get those intar things from the training folks, set 'em to low power, so we have something like the actual thing. Paintball guns feel so... flimsy."

Stephanie clapped her hands in excitement, "This'll be fun!"

"So rather than a multicolor mess that I get to clean off my wi-I mean my uniform, you'd rather something that knocks me out." Asid grumbled, quietly. "I see how it is. Jason, you had a good idea, Spook, you messed it up." He folded his arms, giving them an unamused expression, that, after a few seconds, disintegrated into a half-smile.

"I... well... uh... just a... suggestion... forget it. Sorry. Stupid idea." Stephanie stopped, stammering for a moment, "Paintball is fine, I was just... never mind..." The CIA agent shook her head as her lack of confidence snapped back again, not noticing that it was just a joke.

Asid looked towards Audie and Jason, dragging his hand down his face. "The first time I make an off-color joke and someone doesn't jump on me for it, and someone has to think I'm biting their head off." He grumbled, patting Stephanie on the shoulder. "There, there, Spook, I'm not mad."

"Ah...uh..." Stephanie blinked a few times, looking rather confused, "...ah, sorry. I didn't realize you were joking. Usually when I chimed in with something back at Langley, folks were pretty quick to tell me to shut up and keep my stupid opinions to myself. I wasn't very popular there, I think they were glad to dump me on you when I requested this transfer. But, ah, yeah, whatever you guys want to do, that's fine with me."

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