First Battle of Atlantis
Conflict: Wraith Wars
Date: March 18th, 2005 - March 20th, 2005
Location: Atlantis, M91-244, Pegasus Galaxy
Outcome: Tau'ri Victory
Atlantis Expedition Wraith Hives
USA-Flag Col Dillon Everett
USA-Flag Dr Elizabeth Weir
USA-Flag Col Steven Caldwell
Placeholder Image Wraith Queens
Atlantis Expedition
Quick Response Force
USS Daedalus
One Lagrangian Point Defense Satellite
Athosian Volunteers
15 Wraith Hives
45 Wraith Cruisers
Lagrangian Point Defense Satellite
40 Atlantis Personnel
Multiple Athosian Volunteers
One Puddle Jumper
5 Hive Ships
Unknown Number of Wraith Cruisers
Hundreds of Darts
Similar Events
Followed By: Battle of the Intergalactic Void
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For other battles around Atlantis, see Battle of Atlantis.

The First Battle of Atlantis was a conflict between the Atlantis Expedition and the Wraith Hives.


The opening shots of the battle were fired on March 18th, 2005, when members of the Atlantis Expedition activated a damaged Langrangian Point Defense Satellite, to ambush a flotilla of Wraith vessels heading to besiege Atlantis. The satellite managed to take out a single Wraith Hive, and damage several cruisers, but was destroyed when it's power conduits overloaded, taking out a single member of the expedition.

Equipment by ForcesEdit

Stargate ProgramEdit

Atlantis ExpeditionEdit

USS DaedalusEdit

Wraith Siege ForcesEdit

Wraith Ground ForcesEdit

Wraith Siege FleetEdit

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