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Earth Fleet Command
Commander: Rear Admiral Michael Taylor,
Royal Navy
Headquarters: International Joint Base Midway,
Midway Atoll, United States, Terra
Size: First Fleet
Second Fleet
Parent Unit: Homeworld Command
Status: Active
For other things with the word Earth in the name, see Earth.

Earth Fleet Command (EFC) is the command structure of the Earth Fleet. It is responsible for the overall operation of the ships constructed with advanced technology procured through the Stargate Program with the primary purpose of Earth Defense. It is a major subordinate command of Homeworld Command.

From 2019 to 2023 it operated under the name Starfleet Command (dropped in part for it's similarity to the fictions Star Trek series). Originally it's Headquarters where in London, however these were bombed in 2021, new headquarters were established in San Francisco, but these again were destroyed in 2023. Now the EFC is headquartered out of a purpose built facility, the centerpiece of the new IJB Midway. Additional fall back facility exist in New York, Montréal, Berlin and Moscow, as well as part of North Atlantic Treaty Organization HQ, the Pentagon, and the new Stargate Command facility as part of the Stargate Atrium.

EFC was responsible for a number of units, prior to the wave of reformation in 2025, including units such as the Taiwanese Task Group, and the Non Military Auxiliary Ships.


  • 2020 - 2021: Colonel William Harper, United States Air Force
  • 2021 - 2021: Rear Admiral Jason Raltz, United States Navy
  • 2021 - 2024: Major General / Lieutenant General Anne Town, United States Air Force
  • 2024 - 2025: General Colonel Ivan Petrov, Russian Air Force
  • 2025 - Now: Rear Admiral Michael Taylor, Royal Navy


  • 2019 - 2021: Fleet Headquarters London - London, United Kingdom.
  • 2021 - 2023: Starfleet Command - San Francisco, United States.
  • 2023 - Present: International Joint Base Midway - Midway Atoll, United States.

Operation ZonesEdit

Milky Way GalaxyEdit

  • First Fleet - Tasked with exploration and defensive operations within the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Earth Defense Fleet - Tasked with defensive operations in the Sol System.
  • First Tactical Wing - Tasked as a quick reaction force as well as a mobile assault force within the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Second Tactical Wing - Tasked as a carrier battle group within the Milky Way Galaxy

Pegasus GalaxyEdit

  • Second Fleet - Tasked with exploration and defensive operations. 



Earth Fleet Command Senior StaffEdit

Rank Name Position
RN-O8 Rear Admiral Michael Taylor
Royal Navy
Commander, Earth Fleet Command
FAF-O7 Général de Brigade aérienne Jean-Louis Blanc
French Air Force
Deputy Commander, Earth Fleet Command
GN-O6 Oberst Aaleigha Klose
Luftwaffe (German Air Force)
Chief of Staff, Earth Fleet Command
SES-1-DIP-UK Angela Carr
United Kingdom
IOA Liason, Earth Fleet Command

Operation Zones CommandersEdit

Rank Name Position
USAF-O8 Major General Karl Tenjin
United States Air Force
Commander of Milky Way Operations
Commanding Officer, First Fleet
RN-O7 Commodore Keith Hale
Royal Navy
Commander of Pegasus Operations
Commanding Officer, Second Fleet
RAF-O5 Wing Commander Brittney Graham
Royal Air Force
Commanding Officer, Ida Support Squadron
USAF-O6 Colonel Megan Powers
United States Air Force
Commanding Officer, Fast Attack Wing

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