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Template:PC Template Captain Charlotte Moreau is assigned as the Chief Medical Officer of the HMCS Polaris.

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Height: 1.76 Meters
  • Weight: 64 Kg
  • Eye Colour: Hazel
  • Hair Colour: Black
  • Hair Style: Straight Long (Ponytail sometimes)
  • ATA Gene Status: Untested
  • WTA Gene Status: Untested
  • GTA Gene Status: Negative


  • Primary & Secondary:
    • Canadian Public School
  • Post Secondary Education:
    • Royal Canadian Military College
  • Military Education:
    • Royal Canadian Military College


  • Father: Christopher Moreau
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Sister: Lieutenant Vivian Moreau, Canadian Army

Career HistoryEdit

  • To be filled
    • 2017-2021
  • To be filled
    • 2021-2025
  • HMCS Polaris
    • 2025-Present

Effective Dates of PromotionEdit

  • CFMCC-O0 - Marine Cadet: 2016
  • CFMCC-O1 - Second Lieutenant: 2018
  • CFMCC-O2 - Lieutenant: 2020
  • CFMCC-O3 - Captain: 2023

Qualifications & SkillsEdit

  • Practicing Doctor
  • Marksmanship
  • Fencing
  • Linguistics

Personality TraitsEdit

Charlotte is a smiling nice lady who is a little bit shy who no matter what does her job.

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