Will smiled at Cypher, "You better, or I'll let the Chief Engineer have a swing at ya, if I ever get to see him that is." Will then looked at the two, seeing that Cypher had no questions, and if Scott had none either, then he shouldn't keep them held up forever.

"Pleasure meeting you two, if there is nothing more, you both are dismissed." And with that, there was a knock at his door. "Enter." A female Lieutenant stepped in and excused herself between the two men.

"Sir, you wanted to know when the USS Tria was in orbit, well she is right now, sir." Said the Lieutenant.

Will smiled, "Ah, thank you. Please inform Colonel O'Neil that he is free to come down when ever he likes. Hell, if he wants to beam into my office, tell him he can do that too, I'll have a bottle waiting."

The Lieutenant smiled, "Aye, sir. I'll be sure to tell him that." And with that, she was gone to return to the bridge and send the message over the Comm. Channel. And while Will waited, he hurried off to his quarters to pull out a bottle of Single Barrel Jack Daniels that he had brought on special occasions. Then hurried on back to his office, just so he wasn't missing when the Lt. Colonel arrived.

"Sir, we have an incoming message from the Sovereign," said the communication officer.

"What is the message, Ensign?" Steven said as he turned his head to look round to the communication station on the Tria's bridge.

"It says that you are free to beam over to the Sovereign to meet with Colonel Maxwell."

"Send a message back telling them that I am ready to be beamed over," Steven said as he got up from his seat and look back out the front window at the Earth below.

He was then beamed off the Tria bridge and next thing he knew he was in Colonel Maxwell's office after the bright light faded from the beaming.

Will was just setting the bottle down onto his desk when Lt. Colonel O'Neil appeared in his office. 'Right on time,' he thought as he grabbed a couple drinking glasses and set them down next to the bottle. Will then extended his hand out to the Colonel. "Colonel. Welcome aboard the Sovereign, care for a drink?"

"Sure, but only the one sir." Steven said as he shook hands with the Colonel. "I have to say that you have a nice ship here."

Will smiled, "I was only planning on giving the one, unless you want more? The Sovereign won't be launched until sometime next week, maybe even in a few days." Will pulled the cork off the bottle and poured the Single Barrel Jack into the two glasses. He set the bottle down, put the cork back in, grabbed the two glasses and handed one to Steven. "Aye, nice, yes. Beautiful, you bet. Your ship isn't so bad itself. I happen to have a liking in the Aurora Class Ancient ship." Will said, just before he took a sip.

"The Tria does have a special feel about it, especially on the bridge." Steven said before pausing to take a sip from the glass he was given by the Colonel "I have been commanding the Tria for just over a year now. My first ship command and I would not have traded that time for anything in the world." Steven looked around the office and he did feel that the office might be slightly bigger than his own, that or it could be because of all the stuff currently in his office. "Is this your first command sir?"

Will nodded his head about the part of having a special feel. He won't know what that is on the Sovereign, maybe not now, but sometime down the road. Will took a quick sip when the man asked a question, finishing it with addressing him as 'sir'. Of course he is a rank higher, but they're both CO's. "Please, just call me Will. And yes, the Sovereign is my first command. I only found out a few days ago when I received a few letters from Earth Fleet Command. A letter stating that I have been put back into Active Duty, following a promotion letter, then an assignment letter, the Sovereign being that assignment."

"So for your first command they have given you the newest ship in the fleet." Steven said just a bit shocked that they would give a new CO command of a BB-307 however after thinking it over the same could be said about himself and the Tria. "They must have high expectations for you. What was you last assignment before this one?"

Will nodded his head, "Aye, they did." Will was about to take another sip until Steven asked that question. Will lowered the glass and thought it over, only to ask him a question. "Was the Tria around when the so called... Enigma, attacked?"

"No, it wasn't. While the rest of the Second Joint Expeditionary Fleet headed back to the Milky Way the Tria was told to remain on the edge of the Pegasus Galaxy as support for Atlantis. However we were in range to hear the battle communications." Steven said and he thought back to that day. "Our sister ship the Trevithan was one of the first ships lost in the battle. Our 2nd Fleet lost 3 ships that day. We waited for the order to be able to head back but the order never came, all we did was listen as our ships got picked off one by one." Steven said before wiping the single tear that had started to roll down his face. "However that is in the past now and now the Sovereign is the start of a new era for the fleet."

Will listened to the man speak of his side of the story, of where they were during that battle. Will sighed and took a sip of his drink before lowering the glass, "Not to put pressure on you for not being there, but I was there. I was the CAG officer of the USS Avalon during that battle. My CO, Colonel Rachel Quinton gave the order to launch all twenty four fighters to do whatever we could to help the Fleet. Only twelve fighters, including mine, made it out of the Avalon before she was destroyed. We didn't see if any escape pods were launched, because immediately after she blew, we were heavily engaged. I took what ever fighters we had left, and mounted attacks on any ship we found vulnerable, but when our ammo count was running low, and Earth ships were blowing up left and right, I immediately started thinking about my pilots survival. I ordered them to retreat, lost three fighters, and the rest of us burned out our fuel just so that we were far away from the battle field."

Will paused for a second, "It took the Search and Rescue team four days to find us. Apparently I blacked out just a few hours before they reached my fighter. Couple days later, I find myself in a Base Hospital, being told that I was at the SGC. I lost two more guys, from their injuries, and the rest of us recovered, and sent home to rest. I on the other hand, had to give a report to Earth Fleet Command, and tell them everything that happened." Will took another sip of his drink, "If you are blaming yourself for not being there, don't. You would of probably ended up like the most of the Fleet."

"You would most likely be right about that." Steven said taken another sip as he started to think about why he was actually here. "I think it might be time to talk about your first mission as commander of the Sovereign. That is sort of the reason why my ship is back at Earth."

Will nodded his head, "Right. But first, to the new era." Will raised his glass just to finish the rest of his drink, then setting the glass down onto his desk. Will then pointed to a chair for Steven to sit in, as he went over and sat in his chair behind his desk. "Before I left for Alaska from Colorado, I was handed mission orders. This is based on speculation but Earth Fleet Command, not generally in their own words, fears that the Ida Expedition has gone rogue. So when the Sovereign does launch, we are to set a course for the Ida Galaxy."

"Since this will be your first mission, the Tria has orders to escort you as far as the edge of the Milky Way. Also it keeps you within communication of Earth via the Tria." Steven said as he put his empty glass next to Williams. "However unofficially, we are there as back-up in case something goes wrong especially after that 'Enigma' attack."

William nodded his head, "I'm sure this big girl has some sharp teeth if anyone tried to mess with her. But I agree, last thing we need is to lose touch and not know where one is. Question though, my memory may be rusty but isn't the Ida Galaxy further away than the Pegasus is from the Milky Way? I know how vast our Communication systems can be, so the Tria must have some really good Comm. systems to keep the Sovereign in touch with Earth."

"Yeah, it is further. They have a relay station in place on a nearby planet to where the Tria will be and they will forward the message on via the gate and as back-up the Tria has comm stones for this mission just to be safe," Steven said as he got ready to get back to his own ship. "Got any other questions?"

Will nodded his head, understanding fully now. "I see, well that is good to know." Will stood up from his chair, "No but before you go, there's more to the mission. For some reason, Earth Fleet Command wants me to see if we can find more Asgard technology in the Ida Galaxy. And if there are rogue ships in Ida Galaxy, there may be a possibility that they have already found any left over Asgard tech, in which I believe Earth Fleet Command considers a serious threat, if the rogue ship have Asgard tech."

"Well the Ida Galaxy does remain mostly unexplored so there is a chance that the Asgard did leave behind some tech. An the intel that we have on this rouge 'threat' is from British Intelligence. There is unlikely going to be any rogue activity in the Ida Galaxy, the British just want more say in the program and hope that this so called threat will give them that but it is unlikely." Steven said as he smiled. "If there is any the Tria will be there to cover you, don't worry."

Will chuckled, "Well depending on the number of ships, I'm sure we won't have a problem. Not with ninety fighters in our bays." Will grinned then held out his hand again. "A pleasure meeting you, Mr. O'Neil. And we'll see each other again once the Sovereign launches."

"I am sure we will. However I think I better leave now and let you get back to meeting your crew and getting your ship in order." Steven said before saluting and on that note he was beamed back to the Tria.

Will only waved 'good-bye' because the man was gone before he could salute back. "Interesting fellow." He said out loud as he looked down at the folders on his desk, picking one of the names that he could see. 'Faelynn Anderson'. Will grabbed the folder, opening it up and skimming the basic info he needed to know. Civilian Doctor, eh? he thought, as he closed the folder and set it back down, just before he left his office.

The Medical bay was only on deck four, so it didn't take him long to reach it. And finding Doctor Anderson was just as easy as getting there too. Will would then walk over to her and cleared his throat.

Faelynn was still going over the list on her when she heard someone clearing their throat. She looked up from her list to see Colonel William Maxwell. The bar on his collar told her what rank he was, and then of course his name tag on the uniform. "Colonel, what can I do for you?"

"Oh nothing, just came by and see how you are doing. Busy are we?" He asked her.

Faelynn nodded with a smile, "Yes we are, some medical supplies are still not here, and so I am going over the list of what we have and don't have."

Will grinned, "Well don't worry about it too much longer. This ship won't be leaving until she is stocked up and given the green light."

"Well I certainly hope so. Because if people start coming in here with scrapes and cuts, and I have no bandaids left, I won't be held responsible." She joked.

Will smiled widely with a small chuckle, "Feel free to send their complaints to me if we ever come down to it."

"My pleasure."

"Anyways, I came by to check up on my Chief Medical Officer. So, seeing as you have no problems, other than lack of medical supplies, I'll get going and see if I can find the other senior staff, where ever they are."

Faelynn smiled, "Have fun."

"Will do," Will said as he left the Medical bay, while shaking his head. He was then off to find the others that haven't reported in to him yet.

Rachel sat in her room with her feet up on her desk tossing a ball off the bulkhead and catching it when it came back to her. Suddenly her hatchway was knocked upon.

"Hey, Battleaxe. You in there?"

She recognized the voice as Captain Davids, or as she called her, 'Speeder'. She stopped throwing the ball and then said "In you come Speeder."

The bulkhead opened and in stepped a young Air Force female Captain. Speeder was an F-302 pilot and had worked with Rachel previously on their last ship. She was normally in charge of protecting Rachel as she transported troops or supplies to the ground.

"Have you not heard? Our new ship commanding officer is aboard right now."

"I haven't Speeder, I have been sitting in my quarters for the last 5 hours and I am about to go on shift in the Hanger Bay. You seen him?"

"He walked past me when he was on his way to the bridge."

"Good for you Speeder, now if you excuse me I am about to go on shift so I will talk to you later."

Jack was jogging along the ships hallways. It was difficult as he had to constantly try to avoid someone. Hallways were full of people transporting supplies, finding their quarter or just looking around. Jack had been among the first to arrive to the ship. Hole ship had been empty and silent, but that had changed in a day and now the ship was full of all kinds of people and stuff. Jack stopped and drank from his bottle. After a little break he started to head towards his quarters to go to clean up. After that he headed to bridge to see if the colonel or the chief of security had arrived.

After walking around a bit in search for his senior staff that he hasn't met yet, Will decided to take the lift down to deck twenty three, where the Heavy Vehicles are located in the Marine Vehicle Storage Three, and take a look at them. Assuming they are tanks, Will will have some fun taking a peek here and there. Just as he walked in, he could see various numbers of heavy vehicles needed for landing or assault operations. Will looked around for a computer tablet near by, picking one up from a table and began looking through the list of heavy vehicles that they have on board.

Scott stood back as the engine on the Abrams in front of him roared to life, he'd done as much admin work for the day as he could. So he'd decided to head down to grunt country and see if any of the boys and girls of their ground pounding divisions need help. He'd got caught up fixing up the heavy armor, between the USMC and IDF he'd spent most of his morning elbow and/or chest deep in engines and the such. Stepping back he saw the CO snooping on a tablet computer and headed towards him, swiping a grease rag of a tool cart to wipe his hands free of grime. "Colonel." Scott said as he approached, "Come to see the toy box?!" He called out over the noise in the vehicle bay.

Will figured the governments would at least send them 'functional' or 'brand new' vehicles, not those that are over ten years old. Then of course, maybe having an aged vehicle is better than a brand new one, the kinks and bugs they have from the factory be out by then. Will looked up at the Sergeant, seeing as he had been busy. "Exactly right, Sergeant. Seeing what we got on this list here, could mean that we'll be called upon for almost every ground assaults." Will had raised his voice for Powers to hear.

"Yea, wouldn't surprise me, Sir! We have enough ass kick in this room alone, not to mention the other bay to field at least one battalion of tanks between the US, Israel, and two others that don't come to mind!" He replied pointing towards the bays offices and supply area. "I can show you if you want, Sir!"

Will nodded, "Don't forget the other two storage bays above us. This may be the only one capable of holding heavy vehicles, but having trucks with heavy machine guns and miniguns are just as bad as a tank." Will told him before pointing his hand towards the bays, "Lead the way."

"Roger that, Colonel," He turned and tossed the rag back onto a cart, and headed for the office area; which wasn't more than an area with some chain link fence around it with a gate on it. As they entered a young private snapped to and called attention to the deck area. Scott shook his head and turned and looked at the Colonel, as he slid into the newly vacated seat the private had left at the computer.

Pulling up the current manifest of all armored vehicles on board (light, heavy, and other wise). "Here ya go Sir."

Will followed Scott into the office area, despite the size of it, only to hear a private and bunch of others snapping to attention. Will decided to play with them, so he ignored them and looked at the computer screen after Powers brought up the manifest. "Yeah, with a list like this, I can't see ourselves not doing ground assault missions. Sadly, just about all of these vehicles won't be needed for our current mission. Hell, I don't think we'll be sending anything but a small team."

"Last time I heard that, the whole of a brigade combat team from the 10th Mountain had to roll in and save the asses of my ODA and some Afghan Nationals." Scott replied drily. "But small teamwise we have a number of ATV's and bikes, not to mention the LTV's and even the new jeeps..."

Will nodded his head, "Aye, but where we are going, it certainly won't be Afghanistan. Now I think I've read something like that before... when was the date that the 10th had to roll in?"

"Mid 2000's right at the high point of the War, we were trapped in up in the mountains our bird got hit going in and coming out. Higher decided a ground operation would be the safer way to go, and force in numbers as well. Never seen that many Abrams or Strykers role into one valley all at once, crazy shit that couple of days was."

Will chuckled, "Aye. Well that's too bad, I was at home in Carson City, fooling around with my friends since school was over for the summer. So, were you eighteen that day?"

"I was just turning 22 actually, had been in for 5 years at that time, and had just received my ODA assignment and Green Beret."

Will shook his head, "So I guess that makes you an Old man. At least older than me. But yeah, I didn't serve over seas until I graduated from the USAF Academy. But yes, none of these won't be needed for what we're going to do this mission. You'll find out soon enough."

Scott laughed, "Older in what sense Sir, I'm technically biologically only 28 despite being born in 84' but in terms of years alive yes I am older than you."

Will chuckled, "Yeah yeah, smart ass. Well if you're done fixing the broken tanks they gave us, want to go take a look at what we got in the Armory on this deck?"

"Yea, sounds good, Sir." Scott replied standing and looking around at the still standing at attention. "What in the hell do you think your doing! Get back to work!" He roared at the gaggle, with in a second of his voice stopping they were running like a fire had been lit under the arses. "After you, Sir." Scott added with a grin as he grabbed his uniform jacket off a peg on the wall and pulled it on.

Will chuckled and shook his head as he led the way to Armory on deck five. "You know, I was going to leave them there like that, and see how long it takes for them to realize when they should go back to work while you and I are not there." Will said. "Now from what I can remember, we should have a real large supply of weapons, for every six armories on this ship. Hopefully enough to fight whatever we come across. Unless we come across something new, of course."

"New, let's not jinx ourselves just yet Sir." Scott replied as they walked, in his head he was running over the list of weapons, at least types they should have on board. "We have everything from small arms, to emplacable weapons, and some big boom making weapons."

Will chuckled again, "Big boom. Nice choice of words, Sergeant." He said just before he opened the door to see a couple soldiers inside, probably making an inventory just to be certain they got everything. "Carry on." Will told them as he combed all the racks with his eyes, seeing all the gear they got in this armory alone.

"Thank you Colonel," Scott replied as he eyed the racks as well. "What's your preference Sir, up close and personal or long range, cold and calculated?" He asked as he walked by a rack of .50 cal sniper rifles.

Will scratched his chin, "I've only used a small number of weapons, being a fighter pilot, you normally don't carry a lot of equipment. But one that I know, that is most famous is the P90. But I have been training with other weapons when ever I got the chance. FN SCAR-H, Mk 14 Mod 0/1, McMillian M88 PIP, AA12, and a good ol' Colt 1911A1, been having that as my side arm since I became CAG of the USS Gerald R. Ford." Will said as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Personally I prefer .380 Lapua Magnum, but can live with a 7.62mm but other wise i'm an M110, M1, M14 fan, but have my marksmen tabs with the P90, SCAR-L, and the M40. As for side arm, .40 S&W or a .45 any day personally a Glock fan or FN USP fan."

He paused and looked back at the rack, "But I do have to say that AA-12 is a beautiful weapon when you have a gaggle of Jaffa that won't die." He replied straight faced, thinking back to yet another mission with the SG-6 of old.

Will smiled, nodding his head. "Should try the SCAR-H, slightly bigger rounds can do some good. But stay away from the M4s. Bad history of jamming up too much. In fact, I been meaning to knock those Carbines off the armory list and replace with with more CAR-15s or HK416s." Will thought, only to nod his head again. "Aye, the AA-12 is beautiful and not only against a gaggle of Jaffa but in close quarters such as this ship itself."

"Not a fan of a heavy carbine round, but might be an idea since I already carry a 7.62x51. And the M4 was a great weapon in my day I don't know what happened the 12 years I was locked up in a freezer. But I'll put the paper work out to switch us to the HK's and get rid of the M4, any thoughts to getting the ACR in 6.5 Grendel? Same weight range as a 5.56 comparable power to that of the 7.62..." He asked as he pulled a M107 off the rack and took it to the table in front of the Colonel and began to field strip the weapon.

Will listened to the man, nodding his head every now and then, only to watch his frield strip a M107. "You'll have to take that up to the Chief of Security, as I am sure he has his own favorites too. But I don't think it'll hurt to replace some weapons in a couple armory or two for a stack of ACRs."

"Roger that, Sir." He replied putting the completely field stripped weapon down. "Speaking of the Chief of Security, do you plan on running any drills before we shove off, or is that up to his discretion as well?" He added thinking of the conversation he'd had with Tools the Sovereign's Chief Engineer hours before.

Will rubbed his chin again, "I think I'll leave that up to him, so that way he can surprise the crew every now and then. Keep them on their feet when ever the time comes."

Suddenly, Lieutenant Alex Greenburg walked in. "Ah, there you are, Colonel." Alex looked at the Sergeant, then the fully field stripped weapon. "Sergeant."

"Ma'am." Scott replied going to an easy attention for a second and then back to his weapon, disassembled on the table. "Bad habit." He added as he tapped on the table top as he studied the weapon, the materials were different then he remembered.

Alex looked at the Sergeant, "Not a problem." Then she turned her eyes onto the Colonel. "Sir, the report you requested." She said, indicating that she has it in her head instead of it being on paper.

Will raised his brows, confused for a mere second. "Ah, right. Sergeant, this is our Chief Intelligence Officer. So, I'll see you later, and have fun with those two if you want." He pointed at the two soldiers before leaving with the Lieutenant.

"Roger, wilco." Scott replied as he watched them leave, sneaky shit.

"So what we got, Lieutenant?" Will asked as they walked down the hallways, heading towards a lift.

"Well it looks like the reports are accurate. That Homeworld Command had lost contact with the Ida Expedition little over a year ago. They were going to send a ship to conduct a search, and if needed, rescue operation. But it never happened, at least not until now," said Alex.

Will stepped into the lift after a number of personnel left, leaving it empty. "Didn't the reports also indicate that Homeworld Command suspects that the Ida Expedition has gone rogue? You don't think that because Homeworld Command never sent a ship to investigate has caused the Ida Expedition to rebel, do you?"

Alex stepped in after him and waited for the door to close before continuing. "I was able to get into some more classified material, all I had to do was persuade a few people, and inform them the importance of this mission." She sighed softly, "The suspicions may be accurate, sir."

Will frowned and pressed a button, stopping the lift mid travel. "Are you saying that the Ida Expedition did indeed rebelled?"

"And that there are suspicions that the Ida Expedition have also formed into the ranks of the Tau'ri Rebellion, which has joined together with the Royal People's Alliance and segments of the Lucian Alliance into the Imperial Brotherhood." Alex filled in the rest for him.

Will cursed under his breath, and pressed his back against the wall of the lift. "So, there is a possible chance that we may as well be heading into enemy territory."

Alex nodded her head, "Yes, sir. But that is why I believe we are not just going to the Ida Galaxy to check up on the Ida Expedition. I think we are going there to confirm Homeworld Command's suspicions."

Will rubbed his chin, his way of thinking quickly. "All right. No matter how we think of it, the mission is still the same. Besides, what ever the Imperial Brotherhood has can't possibly stand up against the Sovereign, or both the Sovereign and the Tria together." Will then jabbed the button to start the lift back on course.

"Yes, sir. There is one advantage, sir. In case you haven't been to Main Engineering yet, Homeworld Command has selected this ship to be the first BB-307 to carry a Subspace Capacitor. So, I'm sure that our weapons have more of a bite to them, and our shields will last longer in a fight."

Will looked at her, "I must of missed something in the Sovereign's Specifications, but did you say a Subspace Capacitor?"

Alex nodded her head, "I did, sir. We will be traveling in hyperspace at the speed equivalent to a ZPM installed. But instead of a ZPM, we have the Subspace Capacitor."

Will shook his head just before the lift stopped. When the door opened, he stepped out but turned around, looking at his IO. "See what you can do on gaining access to further intel on the Imperial Brotherhood. If we are going into their territory, I want to know everything about them." Will hated being out of the loop, but he sure hell wasn't going to stay out of it.

"Yes, sir!" She said, just before the door closed and the lift took off.

Will sighed and headed on down the corridor, heading towards the Bridge.

Stephen Hansen stepped into his quarters aboard the USS Sovereign, and dropped his duffle onto his bed. He paused, looking around his rather spartan quarters, and with a depressed sigh, began to unpack his bag. Uniforms. More uniforms. PopSci magazines that he'd made contributions to. After a moment, he turned, and stepped from the quarters, sweat in his thinning blonde hair making it stick to him. He paused, as he stepped into his lab, surveying it and the scientists and lab techs prepping the room with his watery green eyes. He sneered, ever so slightly, as he headed from the room to check on the subspace capacitor.

It hadn't taken Jayden long to settle into her quarters -- as an nco, the space was 'cozy', but at least she wasn't in a barracks, and there was something to be said for that.

Now she was headed for the medical area to meet the CMO and take a look around. Although her primary assignment was as a paramedic, there would be time that she would be called on to act as a nurse and assist there, and besides, the CMO was her ultimate medical authority.

Stepping into the med-bay she looked around with a smile. The place was state-of-the art... this was going to be a great assignment!

"Excuse me, ma'am?" She approached the doctor that was there, wondering if she was the CMO.

Fae looked up from her charts and looked towards the woman that game towards her, a bright smile plastered across her face.

"Hello there!" Fae raised her hand in a small wave. She looked the woman over quickly, gauging that she wasn't one of 'her' superiors. Everyone here was a new co-worker, so hopefully people would understand when she'd need to take a moment, to match a face with their name and rank.

"Are you one of my..." She cut herself off there, not liking the first word that came through her head. Finding a better word, she finished her sentence. "Medics? I'm Dr. Faelynn Anderson." She extended her hand in greeting to shake.

Even though she knew this was a military ship, that didn't mean her mannerism had to be stiff like the uniforms. She was a Doctor, first and foremost. She was friendly, and open... Shoot, if she were to have it her way, she'd have no saluting in the medical-bay, and no 'yes ma'am/no ma'am'. Her title was Dr. Faelynn Anderson, and that's how she preferred to be addressed. Of course that was something that would be dealt with little at a time...

Rachel sat in the chair of her jumper, eyes closed, as she ran a check of all systems with her mind. Weapons, navigation, power, engines. All systems she could check from her seat in the front of the jumper. There was an odd reading coming from right engine but could not figure out exactly what it was.

She got up from her chair and walked to the back of the jumper to check the panels. As she pulled down the crystal panel she could see that someone had been in it. ~I should put up a sign. No one touch this jumper.~ Rachel thought to herself as she quickly fixed the situation with it nothing more than a crystal being unconnected to the panel.

She then closed the crystal tray and returned to the front of the jumper to check the other systems.

Once dismissed Scott did and about face and headed for the door to the office, holding it for the Chief of Security as they both exited Scott closed the door behind them and turned to the Major. "Sir," He said presenting the Major with a salute, "Sergeant First Class Powers," He added lowering his salute. "Just thought I'd introduce myself seeing as we will be working together..." He finished not sure what else to say to the Major, so he went into a relaxed stance and awaited his reply.

They were dismissed; good! Not that Major Borodin hated to be with the higher ups, he just hated the introductions! Turning, Cypher followed the Sergeant outside, nodding his thanks to Scott for holding the door open for him. “Thanks.” Cypher said. He was a bit surprised when the Sergeant saluted him and then introduced himself. “Yes, Sergeant it's good to meet you. I'm Major Borodin... and you can drop the salute. I'm never one to really enjoy saluting.” Cypher said.

"Roger that Sir." He replied dropping it as ordered and placed it on his sidearm instead. "Have you had a chance to look her over yet?" He asked, as he had yet to see the tactical systems of the BB-307 Sovereign either and was curious to not only inspect them but see the Major's reaction as well.

“Not yet. Haven't been on the ship that long. I was about to go make my rounds; Armories, SCA, Bridge... would you care to accompany me?” Cypher asked. He hated to sound too flamboyant with his use of the English language, but from time to time he would speak using all of the proper terms. “I bet you are as interested in seeing the ship as I am.”

"Roger that Sir!' Scott replied, it'd be nice to know what was what on board and all, might be useful in a pinch. "Where to first Sir?" He inquired as he shifted the binder under his arm, and turned to head for the nearest elevator.

Cypher tagged along, trying to decide the answer to that very question. Finally he said, “Deck 13. May as well start from the bottom and work out way up.” There were a lot of things to do before being what he would call 'ready to go.' He had to make sure all of the armories were fully stocked with the correct weapons and if anything needed to be changed or added he would only have a limited amount of time to put the requests in. Then of course there was familiarizing oneself with the systems. “So tell me a little about yourself Mr. Powers.” Cypher said. He figured now was as good a time as any to start making friends.

"Where do you want me to start Sir, i've been in the service since I was 17. Signed up right before graduation and was at basic and done by June and with the 101st by September, then 9/11 happened and from there on I lived out of the Middle East for near on 8 years. During which I earned my Beret and did my time with two ODA's in Afghanistan till I good pulled for the SGC. Was on the SGC's primary C/SAR team for 4ish years, started as the team sniper and ended up team Senior Sergeant." He paused in his little speech as talking about the incident that ended him up in a cryo chamber still tortured him. "Then in 2012 I got essentially killed, team locked me in a cryo pod to save me and I stayed that way for 12 years. They woke me up last year and now I'm here." Scott finished.

“Wow! Sounds like you hit the ground running and didn't stop for a long time. Reminds me of my time in the Army. After training they just sent me off on job after job; never slowed down.” Cypher said. He didn't go into specifics because some of the things he did were still under the proverbial 'lock and key.' “Oh, and you can drop the Sir. You can call me Cypher. I even answer to 'hey you' on occasion.”

"Roger... Cypher..." He replied, it was awkward in a way but seeing as he was what he was it wasn't as bad as it could have been. "What were you, Military Intelligence?"

“No, I was...” Cypher paused a moment before continuing, “I guess you could call it Special Ops, then I was put in the NID. At first I thought that it was the coolest thing but not after they almost got me killed... and accused of being a traitor. God, that didn't go over well with my former superiors.” Cypher shook his head as he recalled that time in Atlantis. It was a small portion of his life that he wished he could forget. Thankfully it was all over now.

"Pardon me Sir, but Frak the NID." He replied, having been almost killed by a member or two of their little asinine organization. "They will use you and tose you aside like trash." He added, tapping at his side arm, an elevator arrived as they approached and the pair stepped in. "Personally the only intelligence/oversight community I trust is the USA MI or AG of the USA."

Cypher had to chuckle at the remark. He completely agreed with the assessment of the NID. “No, I agree with you. I plan on getting out of their little 'group' just as soon as I can. I have had enough of their bureaucratic BS.” After instructing the lift on where to go, the lift began to descend a few decks.

“Why'd you get transferred to the Sovereign? Or was it your choice?”

"First permanent assignment out of cryo and rehab. I was with a random smattering of teams for 8 months then they handed me a letter saying report here. I reported here and surprise I'm the NCOIC and a Team leader." He replied leaning against the wall, "How about you, choice or did you get placed here?"

“Half and half. After getting trained in Security and Tactics, I was transferred to a facility, which several months later fell under attack. At first I was shouldered with the blame but thankfully the real fruitcake was caught. Still, no one seemed to really trust me after that so I applied for a transfer and was assigned here to the Sovereign. I think most everybody was happy to see me go.”

Scott was worried by the pattern that was starting to appear, but would give the Major the benefit of the doubt as it was. "Short end of the stick for you much Major, well all I can say is your not gonna get judgement from me on that. But if you do need help out I have experience bust people out of NID hands, a little too much." He explained remembering yet another mission with 6.

“Haha, thanks, Sergeant.” Cypher said, chuckling a little. The lift finally stopped and opened it's doors. Stepping out, Cypher took one quick look around before setting off down the corridor. He went slowly enough for Scott to catch up. “So besides work, what do you like to do?”

"Hunt, used to be quite the lacrosse player but being outta practice for a decade has hurt my game. But mostly read and work out the usual grunt shit Sir." He added as he feel instep next to the Major.

“I completely understand that. Work can do that to the best of us.” Cypher replied. He arrived at Armory 3 and strode inside. The place was empty; no one one in there but it was fully stocked with M4s, P-90s, Zats and a few other high explosive pieces of weaponry.

“Would have liked to see a more diverse selection besides the tried and true, old style guns.” Cypher said, rolling his eyes as he surveyed everything.

"Please, I prefer the Mk. 16 and 17 not to mention the M110 and what not."

Taking out a paper and pen, Cypher wrote down what the Sergeant requested, plus a few additions of his own. “I have a feeling the other armories are going to be stocked with more of the same; they usually are. I am going to go ahead and put these requests in before I forget. Better sooner than later. Meet you on the bridge?” Cypher asked. He wanted to get the forms in while there was still time rather than last minute.

"Thank you Sir." Scott replied, "Maybe gonna head back to my office see what paper work has decided to find its way to me and then from there im gonna go check out the armor that we are carrying for this endeavor."

Scott had heard a lot of hubbub about the subspace capacitor, the Tau'ri equivalent of a ZPM, something he remembered hunting for during the first Atlantis Expedition. He'd read the specs and description on his flight up from Colorado, but was still as clueless as he was before; like he'd said to Tools he was a trigger puller, not a Ph.D.

Stepping from the lift Scott headed into the Engineering department, and followed the painted lines on the floor to the room that contained the powerful piece of tech. The room was empty, at least it appeared to be. Stopping before the capacitor he placed his hands on his hips and simply starred, "You're not much to look at, not like a ZedPM." He said mocking how the Canadians said it.

"It's just as dangerous." Stephen said, brushing a lock of his thinning blonde hair off his forehead. "You should have more respect."

Scott turned abruptly, his hands doing it again; dropping to his side arm. An unconscious habit, that was more like to get him hurt than anyone else, "Damnit..." he muttered relaxing and flexing his fists. "Is that so?"

"Yeah." Stephen smiled, without any amusement or warmth. "You ever see a ZPM overload?"

"Fortunately no, but I've heard stories and seen it's aftermath... not that much of anything is left..." He studied the man before him, who the bloody hell was he.

"It's actually quite amazing that such a beautiful device such as a ZPM is capable of such destructive power." Stephen said, offering his hand. "Lieutenant Commander Stephen Hansen. Scientist."

Scott took the hand, "Sergeant First Class Scott Powers, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge and Special Forces team leader, Sir."

"Chief of the Boat." Stephen said, after a second. "Ah, alright. Well, pleasure to meet you, Sergeant." He said, with a stiff bow of his head.

"As well Sir," He replied releasing the Commander's hand and turning back towards the device. "So how the hell does it work, in layman's terms. I've just started getting the rest of the theories so this is a new one..." He cracked, yea right, you're just a trigger puller.

Stephen paused to rub at his eyes. "It's complicated. Effectively it works on the same principle as the ZPM does." He said, with a smile. "Truth be told, my field of expertise does not lay with ZPMs and SSC's."

"Alright... what is your area of expertise Sir." Scott paused considering the statement, he knew the name it was familiar so he'd have to have been in the book and he seemed to remember seeing a Lieutenant Commander as the Chief Science Officer billet.

"More with materials and chemistry, rather than physics." He shrugged, with a smile. "But I have enough experience with the others to get by."

"I see, god I've missed out on a lot since they put me in cryostasis." He replied off handedly.

"An interesting thing." Stephen grinned, ever so slightly. "I was working on a project to create our own version of cryostasis. With a little less freezing. Less energy intensive. Was working with a lovely Lieutenant Colonel..." He paused, trying to recall the name. "Damn, gone and forgotten her name."

"Don'tcha just hate when you forget her name, Sir." He quipped, "How'd it end up Sir, the project I mean."

"She wasn't into me. She was too busy making eyes at a guy with stars on his shoulders." Stephen chuckled, gently. "The project went well. The General made a very nice, if taller-than-norm test subject."

The Commander had stones, "Any better than the Asgard version I got stuck in?"

"Yes. It used an oxygenated mineral-water compound to sustain the body while a coupla small monitors and controls slowed down the heart rate and breath. The compound provided basically a preservative to his insides while providing enough air for a very shallow heart rate. It was just a prototype, though. Bit like floating in bed, really. Zero-buoyancy. Nice, warmed by the machines. Rather comfortable, if wet."

"So how fast did the body age, standard rate or was it reduced, or slowed how ever you put it?" Scott asked really quite curious about the whole thing.

"It wasn't fully suspended, but then none of the systems the Ancients ever made truly suspended it. It suspended it to the point where it took the General, who was a hairy bastard, a week to regrow his stubble, versus the twenty-odd hours it'd take for him to regrow a full beard." He was joking, about how fast the beard regrew. But not by much.

"Interesting, sounds nicer that being frozen.... I swear to god, I'm still thawing from a year ago. Ha!"

"That's just neural feedback of the brain having been in stasis and becoming aware of the nerves again. Bit like a leg falling asleep, really." Stephen replied, with disinterest.

Scott simply nodded, "Alright Sir, I'll leave you to your priors and all, if you need anything for the Enlisted side of things let me know."

"Tell the marines not to press buttons when they enter my lab." Stephen nodded. "Some of those buttons wreck my experiments."

"Roger that. I'll let them know, and if they keep doing it I have a few tight places to put them till they find their brains." He added as he turned for the heavy blast door and the rest of the engineering department. It was time to find Tools and that drink he'd offered.

"They're jarheads, my good friend, they don't have brains." Stephen called after him, before heading off on his own way.

"Are you one of my..." She cut herself off there, not liking the first word that came through her head. Finding a better word, she finished her sentence. "Medics? I'm Dr. Faelynn Anderson." She extended her hand in greeting to shake.

"Yes, ma'am, Corporal Jayden Kells." Jayden stopped short of saluting, then shrugged and smiled. She was wearing fatigues, with the star of life emblem on the shoulder. "I'm a paramedic... I guess I'll be reporting to you?" It was good to make sure that she was on the same wavelength as her medical authority. "Excuse me, for prying... but is your name Celtic?"

Fae laughed brightly; not to many people clued into the origin of her name. "You're sharp! That's good in any medic." She nodded quickly setting down the clipboard. She could see liking and becoming friends with Jayden. "I suppose its origin is in Celtic, but from my understanding its either Irish, or Scottish; whose ancestors were Celtic and Gaelic anyway."

Fae laughed softly, pushing some hair from her face. "As for who you're reporting too... Yes I suppose that would be me. But please, there's no need to call me Ma'am. Just called me Dr." She grinned brightly.

"But Jayden, tell me. What are your expectations of working here?" Fae asked, crossing her arms as she leaned against a counter. It was a question she asked all of her new nurses, so she saw not harm in asking one of her paramedics. "And by here I was meaning in the medical bay, and as a paramedic."

Parade rest was a bit difficult seeing as Scott still held the large binder that was almost the ships bible, as he waited he cracked his fingers. A bad habit he'd picked up as a kid in junior high and high school. He looked over his shoulder and noticed a small line forming, a Major was behind him looking like he too was waiting to address the Colonel. ~Great a line.~ Turning his head forward once again, Scott felt more than anything else a presence at his left shoulder. He had an idea of who it might be but kept his mouth shut, to see if he was right.

"Hello Shifty." Tools whispered in his ear with a grin as he clasped his old comrades shoulder.

"Morning Tools, I'd call you sir but I don't know if they busted you back to E nothing yet or not." He replied out of the corner of his mouth in a mocking tone to the old Engineer.

He slapped the back of the Sergeant’s head, "You know I was fighting Goa'ulds while you were going through Basic, show some respect."

Scott took the head slap, "And I was fighting the Ori, Replicators, and LA; while you were sitting on your arse filing reports... Sir." He growled back, as a First Sergeant and Sergeant First Class he didn't like feeling like a E-1 Private, not again anyways.

Tools chucked, "You only fought my leftovers." He rubbed the head of the soldier, messing up the slightly too long haircut.

"Asshole, took me 15 seconds to do my hair this morning." He replied shaking his head to remove the man's hand and try and fix his hair. "Now what the hell are you doing here, I thought you were off to bigger and better projects?"

"Bigger than an Excalibur-class?" Tools grinned, "It only comes second to going back through the gate again." He sounded like a truly old man, "Those were the days." He lamented, "When I heard they were looking for an Engineer, I came."

"Sure they weren't looking for an ass, I think your more qualled for that." He replied straight faced, and as dead serious as he could manage. "And those were the days, didn't help being out of the game for a decade plus." He added, the scar from his wounds that ended him up in a stasis pod tingled slightly.

"At least you're still here, soldier, but I should thank you." Tools sounded saddened, remembering that fateful day.

"No need to thank me." Scott replied as he added a small sad nod, that day would live forever.

"Jonathan was an old friend." He commented. "So what do you have there, Shifty?" Tools nodded to the thick folder.

"He was a great friend, and a great leader as well. Sad that he was only with us for such a short time, would have been interesting to see where he went..." He replied and shifted the binder away from his body slightly. "Oh, just the ships bible, crew manifests, service jackets, specs, equipment loads, supplies, the whole she-bang."

"So you know everything about everybody?" Tools asked grinning

"For the most part, I thought the reading for some of the stuff I needed know know when I was inducted into the SGC was boring reading. This stuff takes the cake... by miles." He replied, he'd already wanted to bleach his eyes twice due to the boring hair splitting tediousness of some of it.

"So what chapter got you most up in the tree?" He asked, grinning.

"Watch it Sir," He replied grinning as well. It was funny thing to see an Officer and an SNCO talk and banter the way they did, it showed an formal informality of respect and trust that you couldn't see any were else in the galaxy.

"So why are you in line?" Tools asked curious, looking at the que.

"Senior most enlisted on board, means I am at the big table now. Have to say to the bossman."

"So I can't order you about anymore?" he asked, faux-surprised.

"Technically you can, but I'd advise you against that or I may turn all your grease monkies against you." He advised sternly, with a half-assed grin.

He winked, "They know who to fear. I don't like ruling by fear but I will if necessary." Tools joked, slapping the SNCO on the back cordially.

"I doubt that, you’re too nice." He smiled it was nice to be serving with old friends once more. Most had moved on and been promoted, or retired and taken up a hobby of some kind elsewhere around the states or even the globe.

"If only I was capable of finding an actual razor on this ship." He lamented, changing the topic again, rubbing his stubbled face.

"I have a set in my quarters, you can have them. Damn things give me razor burn, forgot that when they brought me out from cryo. I'm back to the electric old fashion ones, you know from like 2012." He replied with a grimace, there was so much new technology around him it was sometimes very unnerving.

"Ahh, poor guy, you know when I was twelve my dad took me to the barber to get a shave." He grinned, "They might've been old school, but it was great."

"Straight razor, yea did that before my fancy pictures for the service." He replied, "Till the barber decided to sneeze one time..."

A chuckle followed, "You gotta trust the man with a knife."

"Amen." He added chuckling, you could probably still see the scar along his chin if you looked closely enough.

"You know, you look so young, so much younger but you're only 8 years my junior."

"Are we talking actual years or age, cause I was frozen for a long time." He asked sarcastically.

"You were born 8 years after me, but you look so much younger."

"What happens when you get frozen." he replied lifting his eyebrows. "Fun times, fun times."

"At least they defrosted you in this century." Tools smiled softly.

"Yea, that wouldn't have been too much fun. I don't know what 6 was thinking when they decided to freeze me instead just kill me then and there." He replied, thinking back to the day that Jona died and Scott had come within inches of dying himself. All for some god damned GDO's.

"If they didn't you'd be dead and we wouldn't have been having this conversation, my friend."

"True, but at the time it was futile, they knew we didn't have the time nor the technology to find and fix whatever it was the LA gave me, not to mention the wounds I suffered from their conventional weapons." He added very detached and emotionless.

He smacked the head of the sarge again, this time rougher, "Are you alive, soldier?". Tools voice had no friendliness in it now, he was talking to a subordinate member of the armed forces and expected to be answered in the correct manner.

"Hooah Sir!" Scott practically growled.

"Do you want to whine like a little girl or are you going to act like a soldier!?" He asked again in that drill instructor-voice he used against the most junior members.

"Act like a Soldier,.... Major..." He replied his tone unfriendly and harsh.

"That's more like it, now accept that you're alive, my friend, be with me and our new friends." Tools naturally friendly disposition returned as he clasped Scott's shoulder with a soft smile.

"Roger that, now one thing. How many enlisted people are in your department? And of those, how many are E-8's?" He replied getting straight to business and off of the more personal topics.

Tools grinned "350 engineers, 330 enlisted, 9 E-8s."

"Bugger... That may cause some problems, that’s a big may though. I don't see them causing any problems, it's more the security and Marines E-8s and up I'm worried about." He replied leafing open his binder and removing a pen form his sleeve to scribble in short hand a series of notes on the cover of the ships manifest.

"You know we always welcome deckhands who are needed of some discipline."

"Oh I know, but let’s hope I don't need to start handing our shifts to your domain. I will though if necessary, I'm just waiting for one of the Sergeants Major to come knocking and try to give me the rule of law since they are my seniors despite being First Sergeant. I've seen it happen with those gung-ho Marines, especially these MARSOC boys."

"I've got some nice crammed spaces that need a tooth-brush cleaning." He added with a wicked grin.   "Think you can stuff a few in there?" He asked a grin ghosting his face, that’d be something to see.

"Oh I've got a few crawlways that only my female engineers fit through."

“Sounds... tight..." He replied thinking about all the small spaces he’d found himself in over the years, during missions and life in general.

Slowly he nodded, "Indeed, Shifty, they'd be in a tight spot." Tools grinned as his radio cracked with a request. "Excuse me."

Scott nodded as the Engineer turned away and began to speak into his radio. Waiting he looked around the spacious bridge that would be a frequented area for himself on board the Sovereign.

"Confirmed, Apcaz out." He released the radio and looked at Scott, "Sorry buddy, need me to sign off on some form papers and re-check the weapon systems"

"Sounds, good see you around Tools." Scott replied as he extended his hands, "Nice to be working with you again!"

He shook the hand and clasped the shoulder, "I'll be expecting you down at my office in a few hours for a drink, soldier. For the good ol' times."

Mission #1: "Well... This is New"
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