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Chapter Two: "Getting to Know You"

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Karl shook his head. "Colonel Mjolnir?" He watched her sit against the bulkhead and tapped his boot softly. "So, Captain, after you answer the question, your opinion of your quarters and the lab?" ~Damnit, where's my XO?~

Christene shook her head. "The lab and quarters? They're- " ~Completely depressing~"...A new environment, that's for sure." ~I can't believe I have to spend my time in there.~ "Perhaps a few throw pillows will spice things up?"

"You're allowed to get throw pillows and other things, just don't go overboard. AND NO PETS." ~Especially not human ones...~ Karl shook his head and slapped himself slightly. "Whoo, stupid thoughts." He grinned at Christene's confused look.

Christene's mouth hung open slightly and her eye twitched. ~What the fuck is wrong with this guy!?~ She adjusted herself. "Uhm, yeah, I'll stick to that, Commande-Gener-Cap... you!" She said, turning again to the lift as she opened the door.

Karl watched her walk away as he thumbed the intercom. =^=Lieutenant Colonel-=^= He paused to check the manifest, =^=Jonas Avery, report to the bridge. I say again, Lieutenant Colonel Avery, report to the bridge. =^=

With that done, Karl leaned back and stretched his legs as he settled into the chair. ~Damn this thing needs a cushion or two.~

Jonas walked down the corridor, reading his PDA. All the requisition orders came through him, and it had been a logistics nightmare. For the past three days, he had been trying to get a shipment of foodstuffs sent up, and all that was sent was valve sealant.

Trying to fix the situation, the only answer he had gotten was: You need to file a RFS-789/B4-G2 supply form, and a form MRS-227-DRT/L31 for the missing supplies.

=^= Jonas Avery, report to the bridge. I say again, Lieutenant Colonel Avery, 
report to the bridge. =^=

He didn't recognize the voice. "Ah, what now?"

Taking the lift, Jonas came out down the corridor from the bridge. "What all do you need..." He stopped short when he saw a General sitting in the CO chair.

He quickly ran through his mind. General Tenjin doesn't arrive until God, how long has it been since I slept?

Jonas quickly saluted. "Lieutenant Colonel Jonas Avery, XO."

Karl stood and returned the salute. "Good to see you, Colonel." He coughed softly into his hand and looked around for a moment. "I noticed you were absent during the... introduction in the hold."

"Sorry, sir. I though you weren't arriving till tomorrow. But tomorrow turned out to be today.

Taking a careful look over his XO, Karl couldn't help but notice the dark circles under the XOs eyes. "Drop what you're doing, Colonel, and get four hours of shut-eye, and that's a non-negotiable." He smiled noticing the Colonel start to protest. "Do I have to order the chief medical officer to prescribe you a sedative?"

"All due respect, sir. Too much stuff to do before we officially launch. I don't have time to sleep."

"I don't remember that having been a question. So what if we're short a half-dozen sticks of glue? It don't frakkin' matter!" Karl smiled inwardly at the thought of bureaucrats worrying over half a dozen glue-sticks, and knowing somewhere in history it had probably happened when it didn't matter.

"Aye sir." Jonas handed the PDA for Tenjin to see. "As you can see here, most supplies are onboard, we are just missing some crates of foodstuffs."

"Get some sleep, Cuh'nel, someone else'll handle it. Now go, I don't want to see you for another four hours outside your cabin." Karl watched Jonas salute and walk out.

+4 Hours

General Chan was mulling around in his office at the SGC, examining a model of a F6F Hellcat fighter. The model seemed to be a perfect representation of even the smallest details he knew about the Hellcat, down to the last self-sealing fuel tank.

"General, they're ready to beam you." A Lieutenant said, popping his head in.

"Lovely. Beam me up, Scotty..." Chan muttered. He knew that whoever was beaming him up to the Pillar of Dawn probably named Scotty, but he had a nice habit of saying that phrase before being beamed.

White light immersed Chan's body, as he found himself standing on the bridge of the USS Pillar of Dawn... with his F6F model still in hand.

"General Tenjin!" He exclaimed. "How'ya doin'?"

Karl nodded at General Chan. "I am fine, and yourself, sir?" He looked around and shifted uneasily. "Seeing one of the first BB-307 off on it's maiden voyage, sir?" He looked around the bride hesitantly. "It's not yet completely operational, and all tricked out, but it's the bridge. My bridge."

"Anyways... I'm just here to send you off. Chan produced something from one of the larger pockets in his pants. "Hope ya like expensive champagne, Karl."

Chan popped open the cap of the champagne, spilling foam all over the bridge floor.

"Hope you got cups, because I didn't bring any." Chan said. "And you better have some Airman who you want to divert from KP to clean this mess up."

Karl blinked and rubbed his eye where a little champagne fizzed in his face. "Hrm, yet, I don't think KP yet has much to do. The crew are still filling up on favorite foods from home, so they don't have to taste the chefs terrible cooking yet." He smiled. "I'm nor much of a drinker, but to the crew, hell, for sure." He reached down and lifted his canteen from his belt, which was empty, and poured champagne into the large cap and the canteen itself. "Cheers." He handed Chan the cap, which doubled as a cup. He smiled and waved at Jonas. "Grab your canteen cap."

"Cheers." Chan replied. "May you find many pillars of dawn on your voyages to distant lands." Chan raised the canteen lid, clinking it against General Tenjin's canteen.

Chan retracted the glass, taking a long swig from it. "Sorry I didn't prepare a nice little speech, but I'm sure you'd probably rather drink this than hear me talk." Chan said.

"Aye, and aint that the fucking truth? I hate speeches almost as much I hate lawyers and politicians who're usually the ones giving them." He grinned and punched General Chans arm lightly. "So, play any politics?"

-4 Hours

Jonas approached his quarters, and keyed the unlock code in the pad next to the door. He had been in his room, but hadn't slept in here yet.

As he entered, he looked around. He hadn't taken the time to unpack yet, so his stuff was in a few boxes sitting on the floor. Taking of his duty shirt, he draped it across a chair. He took of his boots, and put them next to the bed, and the he laid down in the bed.

Man, the bed is slightly more comfy than I thought it would be.

Being so tired, he fell asleep a few minutes after he hit the mattress.

+3.5 Hours Waking up, Jonas yawned. He sat up, and looked around. "Where am I? Oh wait, I'm in my quarters on The P.o.D." Readjusting to his surroundings, he blinked the sleep out of his eyes. He got up, put on a fresh uniform, and went to the Bridge.

Walking on the Bridge he noticed Karl sitting in the Captain's chair. He nodded.

"Jonas! Sleep Well?"

"Yes, sir. Have the rest of the supplies arrived yet?"

"Uh, yeah. About half an hour ago."

"Good, one less think I have to worry about.."

Sitting down at his station, to the left of the Command chair, and began to work on some "paperwork."

General Chan had beamed on board the ship, and began talking to Karl. Not wanting to seem like he was eavesdropping, Jonas went to one of the back station. Karl the looked back at him, "Grab your canteen cap."

"Aye sir." Reaching to his belt, he grabbed the canteen, which Chan graciously filled up, along with the cap.




Jones stood there awkwardly, sipping the champagne.

Karl lifted his cap. "To the Pillar of Dawn, and the fair unknown." He clinked his canteen cap against those of the other two, and smiled. He paused in his drinking, to think aloud. "To venture in the fair unknown/ I must enter as I leave:/ A traveler, alone." He swirled his cap around. "I don't know who said it first, but I wonder if I can get the machine shop to weld a plaque saying that onto the navigation console or one of the hatches."

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