Jon stepped out onto the pier, a wraith pistol held close to his leg, as he watched Walker approach Roberts. Turning to Dr. Ford, he nodded. "Give him a coupla minutes. If you need to sedate him," Jon held up the wraith stunner. "This'll do a trick. But don't use it 'less you need to." With that, he turned, and walked slowly towards Walker and Roberts.

Mission #7: "If I Go Crazy"
Chapter #1: "Sunday" | Chapter #2: "Exercising Round Atlantis" | Chapter #3: "Can't I Get Some Frakkin' Sleep?!" | Chapter #4: "Firing Range" | Chapter #5: "Team Meeting" | Chapter #6: "Through the Gate" | Chapter #7: (File Not Recovered) | Chapter #8: "Origins" | Chapter #9: (File Not Recovered) | Chapter #10: "Wraith History 101" | Chapter #11: "Underground" | Chapter #12: "Watch Those Corners" | Chapter #13: "Medical Emergency" | Chapter #14: "It's Not Over..." | Chapter #15: "Zero Hour" | Chapter #16: "Over A Dead Man" | Chapter #17: "Recovery"

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