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Chapter Seven: "Down the Hatch"

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Audie Mjolnir - October 25, 2012 04:59 AM (GMT) ON user posted image

Meghan managed a smile as Cress came up, nodding to him. "Thanks." She took the pistol and although she wasn't sure she hit anything she helped with the cover fire until she noticed Ghost get knocked back. Grabbing her pack, she crawled over to him.

"Just a minute," she muttered, staying low and allowing him to continue shooting as she pressed a bandage over his wound then wrapped it tightly, stemming the flow of blood for now. There wasn't time for the luxury of properly examining or dressing it, but this would be enough to tide him over.

"Good to go," she muttered with a weak smile, then grabbed her pistol and prepared to make a run for the hatch.


Jason Freese - October 25, 2012 07:01 AM (GMT) -ON-

Skull image stared at Meghan, a slight tilt to his head. "Gutsy, I like you more and more," he muttered as the P90 slowly dwindled away at its last magazine. He had roughly over half, hearing Bertoldi call them over. Well at least it would be interesting. Ghost positioned himself back on his feet, crouched low as he slowly moved back, returning fire with two round bursts and the occasional single round when he could manage to focus on his finger. The pain wasn't much to take his attention of shift his focus in the slightest. All things considered the man had taken worse hits.

However the constant reminder that ammo didn't grow on trees made the Sniper fall back on the traditional one whot one kill method while still having to suppress multiple possitions and falling back. Not the ideal situation but alas not the hardest thing he had ever done either. "I got our six."



Alpha Berge

Nathan Bertoldi - October 25, 2012 07:59 PM (GMT) -ON-

Nathan was positioned behind a stump and unloaded his last few rounds into another imposter.

"God dammit.." Nathan said to himself leaving the P-90 dangle from his vest after he clipped it and pulled his M9. He needed to continue to pull the attackers toward him.

Nathan began to shoot as much and as well as he could using his M9 but wasn't having much success already one clip down and two left..God ammo was getting scarce.

When suddenly fire stopped..Nathan lifted his head and couldn't see any brotherhood members.

"What the Hell?"

Nate tapped his radio "Um guys does anyone know what happened?"

Then Nate felt the press of a pistol against the back of his head and a familiar click of the hammer being pulled back in ready fire position.

Nate swore uner his breath and realised that the brotherhood was a lot smarter than he thought..

-OFF- Tags Alpha Berge

Jason Freese - October 27, 2012 08:19 PM (GMT) -ON-

Ghost turned, trying to get a look at the hatch. He figured the plan would be to keep attention away from their only actual means of escape and getting into the base without much hassle. Nice to know that went out the window. "Oh damn," he muttered as as he stowed the P90 on his lower back and ripped the M9 free from its holster. He supported the weapon with one hand and and fired two rounds toward. The Airforce looking soldiers. He hadn't seen anymore Ghillies, or maybe he over looked them.

Ghost got low, bullets snapped over head through the bushes trees and rocks. These bastards were serious. But he found it odd. They had the numbers and fire power, why didn't they just press and overwhelm them? "Sarn't Berge...hatch is a no go. I can't support flyboy from here." He sighed after speaking. As per his statement earlier before they moved for the hatch, his radio was off for the sake of trying to stealth this thing. That wasn't going to happen now.

But the biggest problem was getting out of this. Of course they could cross the river, get the hell out of dodge, but there was also the need to get Bertoldi out of his bind as well. "I hope there's another serviceway somewhere."


TAG Alpha Berge

Nathan Bertoldi - October 31, 2012 04:29 PM (GMT) ON

Nate on his knees waited for the enevitable shot that would end his life..

When an explosion of dirt exploded a short way away from Nate and he capter.

Nate taking full advantage of the situation leapt on the attacker and began to struggle with the man until the man was on top of him strangling nate.. Nate using his off hand beagn searching for something...anything to save him. he grabbed something rough and jagged. Grabbing the odd object he slammed it into the attackers shoulder... It was a piece if wood probably a splinter from a destroyed tree.

Nate snapped the Wood breaking and leaving the broken wood in the mans shoulder.. Nate stood and began waving the team over to the Hatch.

Nate had no time to rest he picked up the attackers rifle and began to cover his team..

Jesus this was really getting out of control.

OFF Tags Alpha

OOC: Sorry been away.

Jason Freese - November 1, 2012 02:31 AM (GMT) -ON-

"God damn!"

Jason grimaced as he pushed himself off the tree. Bullets snapping over head and all around. He stumbled forward, landing on his hands and knees. He groaned, half turning as he raised the M9 and fired toward the attackers. He scrambled forward getting back on his feet. "Does off world training always go to hell like this?"

He rolled his left shoulder, feeling that the bullet had indeed passed all the way through. It still hurt like hell but it didn't keep the SFOD-D operator down. He had taken worse so this was was nothing. He pushed past the bushes, sliding down somewhat to the river and moved northbound from there toward the hatch.

He felt the concusive force expand behind him as the air hardened and flared out. He felt the heat as he was thrown forward, stumbling. Almost uncontrolled but was able to keep his footing. He coughed, crossing his arms over his head as tree branches and chips splintered around at head level. He couldn't help but think of crawling under barbed wires while instructors fire rounds off over your head...heh good times.


TAG Alpha Berge

Nathan Bertoldi - November 9, 2012 08:11 PM (GMT) OOC: Sorry I was on Vaca! Now I'm back!


Nathan was watching as his team made there way across the battlefield towards the hatch. Nathan taking one last shot before reloading his newly aquired assault rifle.

"Lets move lets move!!" Nate shouted trying to put a fire under his team, but even he was suffereing from fatigue and hunger they needed to get inside and out of the crap.

OFF Tags Alpha Berge

Jason Freese - November 11, 2012 02:22 AM (GMT) -ON-

Ghost ran, gripping the empty M9 tightly as he ran through the barrage provided by the brotherhood. He jumped over a crop of bushes, landing with a roll and a hidden grimace on his face as he came back up and damn near dropped down into the service tunnel. He coughed, sucking in a deep breath and moved against the left wall and pulled the skull balaclava off.

"Damn...can we do it again?" He laughed as he rolled his left shoulder against the pain. The blood was seeping through the patch job little Ms. Doctor gave him. He took a knee, poking at the covered wound a bit and sighed. "We don't have a way to keep them from following us do we?" His question seemed so mater as fact. The idea of this mock-up was to gauge their off-world abilities and test them with the SGC's standard gear.

If it wasn't for that last part Jason wouldn't be in this mess. It would be the other way around. Him doing all the shooting while the brotherhood scattered about for their lives. "Should've snuck in that C4. I can think of eighty things to do with it right now."

-OFF- TAG Alpha Berge

Audie Mjolnir - November 14, 2012 08:16 AM (GMT) user posted image ON Down the Hatch!

Harmony had been trying to keep up with Freese, but, despite trainig, actually being shot at had her disoriented, and the blast didn't help that at all. She had been tossed to the ground and had smacked her head against a tree root that was, thankfully, not quite as hard as her skull.

Still, there was blood oozing from somewhere and her ears were ringing, and her gait was unsteady, throwing her off balance. Deciding that it was best to forgo wasting ammo trying to shoot, she just ran, finally tumbling through the hatch behind Freese and Bertoldi.

"Son of a...." She took a breath, blinking rapidly to clear her vision as she looked at the men. "Where are the others?" she asked, collecting herself, then rummaging in her kit for more bandages. Somehow, they had gotten separated from the Sergent and other trainees.

"God, you guys look like hell!" She managed a weak smile as she crawled over to rebandage Freese's arm.

OFF TAGS ALL (Gave us an excuse to be split up for now so we don't have to wait on the others...they can catch up!)

Jason Freese - November 15, 2012 05:45 AM (GMT) -ON-

Jason rolled his shoulders again and jumped in place a few times to make sure he was still all in one piece. "Well we don't exactly have the time to wait for them. Any hopes we had of sneaking back into the base now are gone. Someone got smart and decided to lead these badguys right to our little infil point. We'll just have to hope there's more than one place to come out. Regardless no way in hell this is going to be easy now."

He rubbed the back of his head and looked over at Harmony. "You're still in one piece too," he smirked as he tucked the balaclava away and looked back at Bertoldi and the door. He wasn't all for leaving anyone behind but there wasn't anything he could do at the moment. No weapons, or rather ammo to make them useful. "Man...this is some bullshit," he muttered as he crossed his arms over his chest.


TAG Alpha Team

Aaron Hughes - November 15, 2012 03:39 PM (GMT) OFF:

OOC ((Coming into sim with Audie Mjolnir's approval.))



What a way to start a new aspect of your career Aaron... He knelt within the tunnels, checking over his P90 once more. He'd taken live rounds from some of the Brotherhood personnel he'd killed. His M9 was still all Intar rounds though he had the weapon registered for full power. Aaron had no idea why the Brotherhood was there, nor how they had managed to take an entire SGC facility with hardly an effort. His mind raced from lack of sleep or food. Thankfully he still had some water.

Damned training bullshit, I wouldn't ever go on a mission without some modicum of rations at least...powerbars...what the crap is that going to do for you? He had every right to complain, at least in his mind he did. He had come to Alpha for the off-world training exercise yesterday. He'd completed it with his squad, the last squad to go for the day, and they had decided to stay the night after the brief. Yet when he awoke after only an hour of sleep he had to fight his way into these damned tunnels to hide from them until reinforcements could come to help. He had made a few ventures out into the base from the tunnels, collecting a full set of ammunition and a nice assortment of Brotherhood bodies near the base of the tunnels on his side hidden from the base.

He heard noise from the exit into the woods. His senses came alert, someone had come into the tunnels again. Aaron jumped up from his behind and started to make his way to the corner where the tunnels turned to the exit. Stopping just at the bend he peeked out and observed the two conversing.

"State your name, rank and mission or I'll fire." he called out to the two while he readied his P90 into his shoulder, keeping behind cover for the moment.



Freese, Bertoldi and Meghan.

Audie Mjolnir - November 16, 2012 05:00 AM (GMT) user posted image

ON Tunnel

Harmony jumped as the voice called out and dropped behind the men, not as a way of hiding, but as a way of getting out of the way. She was not a natural combatant, and experience told her they would want to protect her, and the wisest thing she could do was to get out of their way!

Even so, she kept her pistol at the ready, just in case...


Jason Freese - November 16, 2012 07:51 PM (GMT) -ON-

Service Tunnel

Jason was pulling his skull balaclava back on, just barely getting it in place when an unknown voice rang through his head. He whirled around, ripping his combat knife from its sheath and crouched low in an aggressive stance. Good thing Harmony had moved behind him. He was out of ammo, and in this state he could become a tad wild.

"Name's Ghost. Rank at the moment is trainee but in the army I'm a Corporal. My mission is staying alive but I'll be more than happy to kill you too if you plan to get in my way." He gave the knife a slight flick, the remaining blood had dried on the blade.

Despite Jason's prowess he was injured. Taking a bullet did little to curb his attitude. And with the Sergeant-Chef still outside he was on edge and not ammused in the slightest. Did they really look like brotherhood personel?


Tag Alpha Team Hughes

Aaron Hughes - November 21, 2012 12:06 AM (GMT) ON


Another team. Things were worse than he thought. How could it be that they would send another team unless the entire base was fully captured. Huey sighed as he considered the thought. He chanced a glance down the tunnels to the group at the end, his SGP cover (hat) showing as he did.

"Trainee Hughes, team delta from last night. Was a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marines before I came here. We were staying the night here and the base got swarmed by brotherhood. If you guys are here, that means they've consolidated control of the base here and have limited communications with home. Where is your training officer?"

Hughes held his arm out, holding the buttstock of the P-90 in his hand to show he wasn't going to fire. Waiting a moment he stepped out. He was dirty, splattered randomly with blood and still in his training uniform. He hoped that he was making the right call in revealing himself.


TAG Alpha

Jason Freese - November 21, 2012 06:44 PM (GMT) -ON-

"Heh, so the Jarheads got captured first...makes sense." He smirked, relaxing his stance as he stood up stright. That didn't mean he was just going to trust this guy, and as a result the blade stayed unsheathed and ready to go. when teh older man asked about the other and their SI Ghost turned his head back toward the exit where Bertoldi was providing cover. "Take a wild guess sweetheart."

He sighed as he turned to Harmony. "You have any more ammo on you? I'm running on 'E' here." he didn't ask Bertoldi because he was preoccupied. And this Marine had been ehre for a while. chances were they were rationing their own gear and ammo.

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