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Chapter One: "Sometime in the Morning"

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Jake Denton - November 21, 2010 07:57 PM (GMT)-On- (Two weeks to the day since finding the facility...)

Two had been two solid weeks and two days since the USS Excalibur crashed on this planet and still everyone seemed to be trying to get their footing.
After two days the teams had found a building that would suit their needs and ever since then the engineers who had survived the crash had spent night and day trying to restore power to the facility.

The facility itself, what some were now calling Ecco Base was fairly extensive, appearing to literally go straight through the mountain itself. There were at least 7 sections, each one lower than the other. There were ramps made of a metal type substance that led to each section.
At the back end of the facility was a room that appeared to be a hanger bay but even that hadn't been fully explored.

Currently power had only been partially restored to the first 3 sections which included the Anti-Chamber which was the large area they found first, the two rooms which had been designated as the Main Armory and the Team Locker Rooms, the Gate Room and the Control Room which housed an almost brand new looking DHD, the Briefing Room and a smaller room that Jake had taken for his office.
Everything else was still without power but the engineers had assured Jake that they would keep on it.

So far the USS Excalibur...what was left of it was almost quite literally being gutted. What was salvageable was being carefully removed and sent to Ecco Base. So far there were power components and tools that the engineers were using, furniture including couch's, tables and chairs, as well as what cabinets could be found that hadn't been too badly damaged.

Exiting his office which had three chairs and a desk from what had been the Quartermaster's Office on board the USS Excalibur, Jake watched everyone working.
Reaching up he toggled his radio, =^="Okay listen up...I want EE teams 1 through 3 to meet in the Briefing Room pronto."=^= Jake intended to get a progress report and to assign the teams different jobs. EE-3 was going to be sent to explore section 7 and the Hanger Bay while EE-2 was going to explore the outside perimeter of the base. EE-1 was going to take the middle sections which were 4 through 6 and see what they could find while everyone else who could walk was going to be sent out in search of food.


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Okay guys new mission. Everyone will have the chance to have their own little 'problem' in this mission, but you have to play it out, xD, so have fun with that!

Grant Thomson - November 21, 2010 08:17 PM (GMT)ON

=^="Okay listen up...I want EE teams 1 through 3 to meet in the Briefing Room pronto."=^=

Grant head the message over his radio and left one of the other engineers working on the forth jumper. They were still having problems with it and was grounded till it was fixed. There was alot to do and alot of places to search.

He headed straight to the briefing room. It must have been the room that he had visited the most times as it seemed like everyone had been going back and forth from there.


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James Newman - November 21, 2010 08:55 PM (GMT)ON

James was located just outside the base on a flat area which had a few trees around. He currently had his shirt off and was doing chin ups and leg raises to try and get back into shape after his injury in the crash. He dropped down from the tree branch that he had been using and started to do some push ups. Just then his radio went off; =^="Okay listen up...I want EE teams 1 through 3 to meet in the Briefing Room pronto."=^=

James stood up and put his shirt back on. He walked back to the base and headed straight for the room that was being used as a meeting/briefing room. He saw Jake heading over to it as well so James changed his headed in his direction and started to walk next to him. "Sir, what are we going to do today, something fun I hope?"


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Cira Knight - November 22, 2010 12:09 AM (GMT)<ON>

Travis was in his room listening to music and shining his standard issue boots and dress shoes, while Ryan was in his room, reading a thick book. Both had woken up with in the past 45 minutes in their new respective quarters. Travis yawned before being interrupted by hearing the radio chirp to life over the sound of his rock music. ~"Sweet! A not so typical morning for once!"~ he thought. Intercom's still weren't working, but they had their radios full volume so they didn't miss anything.

In Ryan's quarters, Ryan twitched with the radio went off. Was he hearing things? No he wasn't, it was time to get active. Rubbing his right eye, he dog eared the page he was on and closed the book, and set it on the edge of his bed.

Travis and Ryan met halfway down the hallway as they headed towards the briefing. "Hey Quest, any sign of our CO?"

Travis shook his head. "Nope."

"Think she's sleeping late again?"

"Likely. Should we go bug her?"

"I guess, we don't want to have to brief her ourselves I don't think."

In Cira's quarters: The EE3 CO was indeed fast asleep. She didn't even hear the radio go off. Having a sleep pattern of an insomniac, Cira loved sleeping late, and sleeping a lot when she did fall asleep. She hated early mornings, but being military, she had grown used to getting up ready to go with in half an hour or less no problem. Only set back was she was she needed the half hour or or so to get back into her usual self. Luckily she hadn't fallen asleep THAT late last night, but it was still late to some people.

-A few minutes later-

"Hey Knight wake up!" Travis and Ryan began to knock on Cira's door. "The Colonel demands a briefing! We don't want more than half our team late! Wakey wakey ma'am!" Travis said loudly through the door. Ryan grabbed an air-horn he'd brought, which he usually kept to wake Cira up when there were preparations to do around the new base since they moved in. There had been many days where they'd had to get up early to help out.

Cira had slept through the call but heard the abrupt knock. "Nggh, dun wanna foo..." Cira dragged the pillow over her head as she slept on her stomach. "Don't make me use the air-horn!" Ryan threatened as he got ready to press the button. "Eh the air-horn can go die in a hole." Cira said groggily with a yawn. Travis nodded at Ryan, figuring now was a better time than ever to press it.


Cira winced at the sound, and shoved off the pillow. "Aight aight I'm up!" Cira shouted as she moved to the end of her bed and jumped off it, quickly changing into her fatigues. Unlocking the fail safe mechanism on her door, Cira quickly opened the door barely a minute or so later. "Sorry sorry," she yawned, "Thanks, let's go." A run would help wake her up.

Hair slightly frazzled, Cira tied it in a pony tail as she quickened her steps and then darted ahead of the men and launched herself around the corner.

<Outside/headed towards the briefing room>

"Phew, I thought we'd be late! Morning Major, Colonel." Cira greeted Jake and James she and her team caught up to them and slowed down as they neared the briefing room.

<Tag: Denton/open>

Jonas Eriksson - November 22, 2010 02:21 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Ecco Base Entrance >
< Kapten Eriksson >

Jonas had been up all night. With a large number of the SFs not making it through the crash the security department was still trying to sort itself out. As such Jonas, and a number of others, were lending a hand in the mean time. This had left Jonas in charge of the main entrance security team for the night shift. Hearing the page come in he radioed the security shift leader and told him he'd be leaving and he said it was fine as the shift was over in a few minuets anyway. Jonas handed off his rifle as he passed the armory and headed to the briefing room.

When he arrived he found he had beaten the rest of his team. He wasn't exactly surprised, but he took a seat near the center the briefing room table. It had actually been taken from the Excalibur's messhall, the nice briefing room table had been destroyed in the crash.

< Power Core Room >
< Captain Oliver >

Tom sat up and stopped, blinking several times as he felt a head rush. He got out from under the mark V generator they'd salvaged from the Excalibur, if they could get it running it would provide more then enough power. The problem was interfacing it with the existing power on base network. The page came in for the briefing and the Canadian groaned getting to his feet. "Ok Lieutenant see if you can get it sorted, hopefully I'll be back soon."

< OFF >

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Pierre Laurie - November 22, 2010 02:39 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Make Shift Medical Bay >

Pete snapped awake, he'd fallen asleep at his desk doing paper work. They'd lost another three since the move, all had been in serious condition and despite their best work, he knew they'd been lost causes. Now though, with the exception of a couple of broken bones everyone had been patched up treated and sent on their way. Meaning things were finally slowing down.

It also left Laurie with the task of trying to gobble a stocked infirmary, a relatively balanced medical staff and first aid and triage teams. Pete got to his feet and did a quick round of the ward. They'd managed to piece together a decent enough set up. A 12 bed ward, a small admin and coordination center which doubled as his office, a pharmacy and what would serve as a surgical bay. Sterilization was a major problem, as was the limited amounts of consumables, not just medication but everything from gloves to tongue depressors.

His radio went off and he heard the page for team 1 thought 3 to brief. It didn't matter to the doc, he was needed there or he would have been called. He rubbed his eyes and sat back down at his desk turning to the next file to go through

< OFF >

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Corran Halcyon - November 22, 2010 06:20 AM (GMT)On;
<outside of Ecco Base>

Corran was sitting down leaning against a tree just outside the main entrance to the new base that had moved into. He looked down at the picture of his wife and son that he didn't even relize he had pulled out of his wallet. After kissing the picture and saying I love you both, he put the picture back in to his wallet. =^="Okay listen up...I want EE teams 1 through 3 to meet in the Briefing Room pronto."=^= Corran stood up and said to himself as he walked inside, "Just another day in another galaxy". A few seconds later Corran had walked into the room they had picked to be the briefing room, he stood at the back of the room leaning against the wall. He never like briefings they took to long and the same information was given to them in a folder like a day before, but seeing as they had crash landed here and didn't have said paper and folders he was going to acutally listen for a change.

Tag; open

Jake Denton - November 22, 2010 10:25 PM (GMT)-On-
<Briefing Room>

After sending his message Jake had crossed to the small table that was in the briefing room. The table was obviously from the old mess hall of the Excalibur but really it was the only table big enough that wasn't damaged beyond repair. There were thirteen chairs, six on either side and one at the head of the table.

The chairs, thankfully were the ones on wheels, having been retrieved from the personnel quarters on the ship. Thankfully they were were about the only thing that still looked...more or less...brand new.

Pulling up the chair at the head of the table, Jake sat down.
A few moments later Jake heard a voice say "Sir, what are we going to do today, something fun I hope?"

Jake smiled, glad to see the Major up and about.
"Well...I don't know about fun...unless you call exploring fu..." Jake began before he was interrupted by Major Cira Knight.

"Phew, I thought we'd be late! Morning Major, Colonel." Behind Cira was Ryan and Travis, with the team XO Kapten Eriksson having arrived a few moments before the rest of the team.
Not two minutes later Corran came in to the room and stood leaning against the back wall.

~Okay that's EE-3 accounted for...only two members from EE-1 and still no sign of EE-2...well...give them a few more minutes.~ Jake thought to himself as he leaned back in his chair.

"How has everyone been doing these past two weeks? I want the truth now okay? I know our situation hasn't improved all that much, given that the communication stones are still being looked at by the engineering team, but seeing as how they aren't a top may take awhile to see if they will even work or how much damage they sustained." Jake said.

He wanted an update on the morale of the Expedition. Some he had noticed were getting depressed while others seemed to be hanging in there. However Jake had seen no signs from the three EE teams, however he hadn't been paying that much attention to them for the last week.


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Pierre Laurie - November 23, 2010 12:43 AM (GMT)< ON >
< Engineering Room >

Lieutenant Anne Coleman hunched over the small grey device, willing it to turn on. She gently pressed the power button, and nothing happen. "Anne you can't will the thing to work." Doctor Dilma da Silva said from the other side of the room. She was sipping a cup of weak tea, imagining it was coffee.

"Doesn't mean I can't try." Coleman said getting to her feet and picking up on of the communication stones. They had brought five with them, two were found shattered from the crash, two were relatively intacked and the last one was unaccounted for. The device itself had been smacked around a fair bit but seemed intact.

She set a stone on the center panel and nothing. "Looks like we're not getting it working any time soon." Anne said in a defeated tone. She grabbed her tool kit and began to disassemble the platform for the fourth time.

< OFF >

Lieutenant Anne Coleman, British Army - Corps of Royal Engineers
Engineer, Information Technology Specialist
Excalibur Expedition

As Portrayed By:

James Calmara - November 23, 2010 02:18 PM (GMT)<ON>
<Ecco Base Exterior>

Trekking back to the base tool kit in hand Calmara was heading up from the lake having just given the reverse osmosis generator it’s weekly checked over. Despite the impact and being wrenched from the ship to service a new water supply it had stood up surprisingly well only needing the usual few tweaks to keep it running well.

The base had been a real find making their circumstances a little easier. Had they not found it would have meant constructing one from the ground up. Considering the few weeks had been stuffed full of salvage operations and still only half of this base was now inhabitable. =^="Okay listen up...I want EE teams 1 through 3 to meet in the Briefing Room pronto."=^= On getting receiving this Calmara quickened up his pace, the jog uphill would make for a good work out after all.

Entering the base he made his way first to one of the engineering shops to drop off his tool kit. He grinned at the few techs there trying to do his bit to keep up a positive attitude around the base, then made his way to the briefing room, slipped in, found himself a vacant seat and informed them. “Well you’ll be pleased to hear we’re good for water for at least another week.”


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OOC: Sorry I disappeared for the last few chapters of the last episode. I’ll try not to let it happen to often.

James Newman - November 23, 2010 09:04 PM (GMT)ON

James was sitting by himself and was waiting for the original members of his team to arrive. He was thinking about his team and then he made up his mind.

Meanwhile Jason and Julian where hurrying towards the briefing room. They had been boxing out in the woods and had to run a long way to get back. They jogged up to the briefing room and saluted as they came in they sat down next to James and shook each others hands.

Riley was just finishing up a shift in medical when the radio call had gone out. He took his time and finished what he had to do before the changed his clothes and headed for the briefing room. He walked in as said, "Sorry I'm late." before moving to where James, Jason and Julian where all sitting.

James told the three original members of his team what he was going to do before turning to look at Jake. He waited until there was no one speaking before he said, "Sir, I have a small problem. My team is too big. I've got six people under my command, and for a recon unit I think that we will start to draw too much attention. However if this is they way you want it, I'll accept that."


TAG Jake.

Jake Denton - November 23, 2010 09:25 PM (GMT)-On-
<Briefing Room>

“Well you’ll be pleased to hear we’re good for water for at least another week.”

"Well done Tech Sergeant. That is good news." Jake replied with a nod of his head.
Shortly after the rest of EE-1 showed up which left EE-2. Only Oliver who had somehow managed to sneak in earlier, Tech Sergeant Calamara and Lt. Thomson were there; Angela Etearna was still unaccounted for.

"Sir, I have a small problem. My team is too big. I've got six people under my command, and for a recon unit I think that we will start to draw too much attention. However if this is they way you want it, I'll accept that."

Jake looked at James. He knew the man had a point; a six man team was rather large.
"Okay...and just who exactly do you want booted off the team?" Jake asked. He wanted the Major to seriously think about what he had just said. Just who would James pick to get booted off of EE-1?

While he was waiting for James to speak, Jake looked at Captain Oliver.
"Captain Oliver, have you or Lieutenant Thomson seen Private Etearna?" Jake asked.


TAG: James, Oliver, Grant and Angela

Grant Thomson - November 24, 2010 06:55 PM (GMT)ON

< Briefing Room >

"Captain Oliver, have you or Lieutenant Thomson seen Private Etearna?"

"No sir. I have been working on the forth recovered jumper." Grant said looking around the room. "I have to say I have hardly seen anyone as I have been working on the jumper most of today and yesterday. I can say I hope to have it working mostly by tomorrow."

He was tired and really needed a rest but since they crashed on this planet there was too much to do. Also anytime you got to get sleep it was hard to actually get a good sleep.


Tag: All

Pierre Laurie - November 24, 2010 08:38 PM (GMT)< ON >

"I haven't seen her either," Oliver said, he knew it wasn't the best thing for a CO to say but it was the truth and he'd been busy working on getting full power. "Although on that note, we're still a ways away from integrator our generators with their power system. They're system seems intacked but out of fuel and we're not even entirely sure what the fuel was, it appears to be some sort of naquadah containing slurry, but the rest of the compounds are still undetermined. As well, the communication stones are still down."

He made a mental note to track down Etearna as soon as the meeting was over.

< OFF >

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Portrayed By:

Cira Knight - November 25, 2010 12:12 AM (GMT)<ON>

<Briefing room>

Cira and her team were seated near Oliver.

"Well any of the Jumpers are operational, EE3 can take one and go scan for Naquadah an' more water sources, Colonel. We've just been helping with rations inventory an' getting the base more comfy in certain aspects, would be nice ta take up yer offer on permitting me to fly the Jumper for a bit each day, been curious about it. We're more useful stayin' mobile, so the offer's there.

An' on the subject of Etearna, I've not seen her since the beginning of the trek, not sure where she might be, but she's around I'm sure." she said to them, mainly Jake with a light shrug as she rubbed one of her eyes again. It wasn't THAT early, but Cira and mornings did not work well together. "I can take whatever Jumper is still functioning...after I start moving at full speed." that meant a short Parkour run with her team before she went to the Hangar bay or wherever Jake would send her if he had other ideas.

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